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Use fall-through in a sentence

Definition of fall through:

  • (verb) fail utterly; collapse;

Sentence Examples:

He stood a moment on the very summit, and then, the snow yielding, he began to fall through.

"You know my mother cannot bear the country, so I think the cottage idea will fall through."

Horace, are you going to see this grand scheme fall through for lack of just a single name?

What if our children fall through our fault, because we have set no good pattern before them!

Our feet slipped at the same moment, and the next moment we were both falling through space.

A spark from his flashed deep into hers as a star falls through the heavens on a summer night.

He spread his arms to keep from falling through the hole and knocked over the pile of bread.

These fragments as they are falling through the air continue to be acted on by surface-tension.

She could not get in, but she had something in her bill which she let fall through the window.

I have heard of negotiations going forward for five years, and then falling through, after all.

Fifty feet away, she folded her wings and dived at my head, falling through the air like a stone.

We naturally glided lightly on our ski over places where the dogs would easily fall through.

It commenced with Joe's falling through the trap-door in the ice-house and breaking his leg.

"There is nothing but a light patch where the moonlight falls through the opening in the trees."

I was only trying to look on the bright side of things in case our plans should fall through.

A rainbow is seen when the sun shines through the drops of water as they fall through the air.

In the upper story a dangerous place was found, where a person might fall through the floor.

I do not find myself so strong as usual this year, and my plans for work may all fall through.

"I tell you, it gives you a queer start to fall through space," said Jack with a grim smile.

I shall not allow this expedition to fall through for the want of a little pluck now, I tell you.

Peggy turned her head hastily, just in time to see the Giant falling through the air behind them.

She lay flat in this vacancy, yet she did not fall through it because she also was nothing.

Her eyes were like deep pools, and you seemed to fall through them into depths below depths.

She smiled at my words; it was like a ray of sunlight falling through the foliage on her face.