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Use favoritism in a sentence

Definition of favoritism:

  • (noun) an inclination to favor some person or group
  • (noun) unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice

Sentence Examples:

Military commissions are given by favoritism.

"It was rank favoritism," laughed Eleanor.

Its workings are free from individual favoritism.

"That he's influenced by favoritism, then?"

There is no favoritism in Zone police work.

Did the city editor appreciate this favoritism?

What do you think of favoritism in families?

Does he know that nature shows no favoritism?

"No favoritism has always been my motto."

He says there is favoritism in the matter.

"Don't you think it looks rather like favoritism?"

The accusation of favoritism came with piercing force.

I do not believe in favoritism in military affairs.

How has your dismal castle of favoritism faded!

There was a wretched favoritism in this family.

The unfortunate ones growled, and talked of favoritism.

West, that our regulations permit such a favoritism.

"There's some kind of favoritism about it," he remarked.

I do not so much complain of his favoritism.

Did Jack Ruby ever accuse you of showing favoritism?

We are going to stamp out favoritism if we can.

What, and have the other chemists cry favoritism?

You bribe your comrades for their favoritism too openly.

Or could it be the token of a guilty favoritism?

There was to be no favoritism on account of relationship.

All the same, I do not expect any favoritism.

Watson's talking of favoritism and that sort of rot.

That favoritism and privilege shall be a thing unknown.

Promotion follows exceptional service, and there is no favoritism.

Promotion follows exceptional service, and there is no favoritism.

Representation was more a matter of favoritism than of justice.

The impression was abroad that this was due to favoritism.

In the first place, no favoritism could be legally shown.

We soon noticed that there was favoritism in the family.

In the fist place, no favoritism could be legally shown.

Favoritism, and not fitness for office, dictated the selection.

No sectional favoritism seems to have been exercised in the compilation.

The orchestra was one organization where favoritism was seldom shown.

Favoritism bred corruption, and corruption grew more and more defiant.

Taylor from his position if I caught him indulging in favoritism.

The punishment decreed is strictly carried out without prejudice or favoritism.

And for once there was no favoritism shown to the officers.

Columbia wanted her best sons in front, regardless of any favoritism.

He talked to them all in a mass and showed no favoritism.

He wants to feel that there is no favoritism; that justice prevails.

There is no room here for the favoritism inherent in tax exemption.

I call that showing favoritism; I don't approve of it at all.

From them came the complaint about the favoritism toward the rich.

Concerning Jane, I must be pardoned in advance for a father's favoritism.

Professor Leonard looks to me like a person who wouldn't show favoritism.

It cannot be said that the favoritism showed itself in other directions.

It cannot be said that the favoritism showed itself in other directions.

In what ways did his father show his favoritism towards Joseph?

He will say the prize was give to you on account of favoritism.

She must not show favoritism; therefore the method must be general.

Santa Anna showed marked favoritism toward certain regiments and certain men.

Had there been always in this marked favoritism the germ of love?

Any other child would have been spoiled with the favoritism at school.

Favoritism and consequent indulgence, will produce prejudice against the other children.

The world is not so partial and full of favoritism as we think.

She had a faculty for ruling as remarkable as her exploitation of favoritism.

This success in Germany has not been due to favoritism on the highways.

Promotion, many men believed, had for some years been distributed through favoritism.

I don't believe you two have the remotest conception of his favoritism of you!

Bellamy, favoritism and corruption would be very potent factors in public life.

It is best that it is that way, as it avoids intimacy and favoritism.

And this favoritism of the South has been the policy for years.

And the favoritism of the old people often does harm to the young.

Of course, she was only given the part of Belinda because of favoritism.

And such a favoritism is not only possible, but it absolutely does exist.

I had seen favoritism shown on ranches, and understood his position to be right.

She had long since learned that Marjorie Dean was incapable of showing favoritism.

He was kind and affectionate to all, and showed favoritism or privileges to none.

I have another objection to this policy: the favoritism that is involved in it.

The earth smiled under the favoritism of the radiant heavens in happy recognition.

Why, would be difficult to say on any other hypothesis than that of favoritism.

If to show favor, it will be sure to be ill directed and allied to favoritism.

They will tell you in confidence that it was the rankest favoritism ever known.

There is but one person for whom favoritism on her part is absolutely necessary.

The sort of favoritism which McClellan showed to Porter was notorious in the army.

Mine it should have been by lawful inheritance, save for a rank injustice and favoritism.

Men rise there by talent and by luck, by talent and by favoritism.

For my own part, I plead guilty, within certain limits, of favoritism in classification.

His hesitation was due to the fact that he wished to avoid any appearance of favoritism.

It was an act of favoritism for one thing, in the interest of a great monopoly.

Undoubtedly her display of favoritism in the algebra class had lost her the day.

This cousin of Brenda's hasn't been in school a day yet, and you talk of favoritism.

He found that favoritism was not the factor that he had been led to suppose.

See that you keep him to his duty, and that he is to look for no favoritism.

He found that favoritism was not the factor that he had been led to suppose.

Case of "favoritism," although their record for speed was much below that of the twins.

That's what we have got to do away with, that and favoritism because of money or title.

This will do away with all appearance of favoritism in the choice of the house to be used.

The reason was that favoritism rather than merit had been made the road to court favor.

Each one draws one out, and in that way gets his bunk without any favoritism being shown.