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Use favoritism in a sentence

Definition of favoritism:

  • (noun) an inclination to favor some person or group
  • (noun) unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice

Sentence Examples:

Favoritism in allotment of cargo space.

Democracy abhors all forms of favoritism.

People who decry favoritism always expect favors.

Favoritism is repeatedly shown, and unfairness results.

There is ever disparagement, disagreement and fatal favoritism.

They produce despotism, favoritism, inequality, and universal misery.

He abhors all forms of political favoritism including nepotism.

Favoritism so practiced is the bane of all such institutions.

Local jealousies and shameless favoritism also make the system bad.

And all possibility of favoritism went completely out the porthole.

Favoritism bred corruption and corruption grew more and more flagrant.

Favoritism lurks in every covert, assuming almost every hue and form.

The king should studiously avoid showing favoritism to either of these factions.

Taxation that is variable, shifting, dependent on personal whim and favoritism, is despotism.

In such cases the public ascribes but two causes, politics and favoritism.

This favoritism, though it fascinated me, was not without its embarrassing side.

I'm sorry about the effigy, but I won't stand that kind of favoritism.

And almost always, nepotism rears its head, favoritism of one sort or another.

Some grew ugly and implied favoritism; they were the born strikers and anarchists.

This flagrant injustice and favoritism inspired Louis with envious hatred for his brother.

By this is meant favoritism in freight rates between shippers and between localities.

Indiscriminate patronage being a principle, favoritism and corruption become of necessity a natural consequence.

Is it at all astonishing our men weary of this favoritism, this premium upon traitors?

Lastly, the method of assessing the tax gave scope for much unfairness and favoritism.

It undermines the self-reliance of our people and substitutes in its place dependence upon governmental favoritism.

It undermines the self-reliance of our people and substitutes in its place dependence upon governmental favoritism.

The Americans have now a foretaste of some among the features of monarchy, among others of favoritism.

Taxation that, in its principle, is variable, shifting, or dependent on personal whim and favoritism, is despotism.

It proposes to annul personal influence and political favoritism by making appointment depend upon proved capacity.

In the dealings of nature there can be no favoritism, no special dispensations, no bargaining over the counter.

Willis did not see through her, but it is astonishing to what lengths favoritism will carry one.

These books are very common in English country houses, and the statistics of favoritism have been taken.

If this bill is passed, the era of inefficiency and favoritism, hitherto prevailing, will be at an end.

Not only is there liability to confusion, but the way is paved for all sorts of favoritism.

In brief, the charges declared that McCall showed misconduct in office, favoritism, neglect of duty, and inefficiency.

All this favoritism, however flattering, did not spoil him, as is too frequently the case with precocious youth.

The same question seemed to have occurred to a reporter who observed from a distance this case of flagrant favoritism.

The principle of acknowledged favoritism is ruinous to domestic comfort, let who may be the object thus distinguished.

"Because it may be looked upon as favoritism, and so promote jealously in the ranks, which is a thing to avoid."

Under no system will it be possible to do away with all favoritism and brutality and meanness and malice.

The caprices of love may become favoritism, and the special favor shown to one implies the neglect of another.

The legislative will on this point might be so plainly announced as to avoid all pretext for partiality or favoritism.

The legislative will on this point might be so plainly announced as to avoid all pretext for partiality or favoritism.

Burr needed this means of monopoly and favoritism to make his political machine complete, as well as to amass funds.

That was partiality; father was obstinate, but I am sure he was not a man who would indulge in favoritism.

There were other more adroit ways in which the favoritism could be accomplished; but the general principle was the same.

It is, however, a source of much dissension and rivalry among them and a cause of much favoritism among the children.

This had resulted in favoritism and in a perversion of justice to the private ends of the governor and of his friends.

He keeps grumbling all the time, and saying that Ned shows favoritism to fellows he likes, and a lot of rot like that.

While the convicts were under rigid repressive regulations, the guards were under rules scarcely less strict, no favoritism was allowed, no bribery tolerated, and the successive administrations were thoroughly honorable.

The favoritism with which our hero was everywhere received was something remarkable, even when all the circumstances of his relationship to the chief magistrate, and the popularity of the Oregon question were considered.

Naturally the result was favoritism, not because the railroads desired especially to favor one as against another, but because in the nature of things secret rates could not well be given to everybody.

Such sources of information are frequently unreliable and inaccurate and their use subjects him to the charge of favoritism and to the danger of acting in the interest of special groups or special localities.

His attachments, as they never degenerated into the weakness of favoritism, were as much a source of benefit to his country as of enjoyment to himself; for his friends were those of virtue and the state.

If all promotions in the shop are brought before this committee for approval, it will do away with the charge of favoritism of foremen in advancing relatives or personal friends without regard to their qualifications.

The attitude of Joseph's brothers to him is not dissimilar to the resentment that children display at any indication of favoritism on the part of a teacher, a resentment which is invariably visited on "teacher's pet".

There were no tariffs, no land monopoly, no special privileges, no government favoritism, no railroad discrimination, and no taxes, so those whose fathers had heard of such things in other countries could not advance such arguments.

Justice Harlan declared that it struck "at the very foundation of national authority" and that it gave "to certain kinds of property a position of favoritism and advantage inconsistent with the fundamental principles of our social organization."

Usually the publishers were ready and eager to give the Evening Post these opportunities, though the literary editors of some morning newspapers bitterly complained of what they regarded as favoritism when I was able to anticipate them.

If made more to all readers, there is likely to be sometimes a scarcity of books to be drawn upon; and if a few readers are permitted to draw more than others, the charge of undue favoritism will be justified.

Its distribution was, therefore, controlled by local pressure and political favoritism, not by the needs of the government (for it did not need the money at all) or by the demand and supply of capital.

The granting or withholding of a loan should be determined, so far as concerns the borrower, solely by the interest rate and the risk involved; and not by favoritism or other considerations foreign to the banking function.

In order that in the choice of persons it may be possible to avoid favoritism, it must be fully understood that the good name of the country and the triumph of the revolution require the services of persons truly capable.

Public opinion, unfortunately, encourages in this respect, the weaknesses of officials; it is convinced, and spreads everywhere this conviction, that all is due to favoritism, that it is not the most deserving that succeed, but the best recommended.

He should doubtless admit that the possession of absolute Sovereign power is always liable to abuse; and if he is candid, he can hardly fail to add that democratic favoritism is subject to the same weakness as aristocratic or royal favoritism.

At times, with low cunning, McRae gave the men in the upper tank better food than those confined below, and also tried to show favoritism to certain prisoners, in order to create distrust and suspicion among the men.

It must consciously and resolutely preserve the social benefit, derived from the achievements of its favorite sons; and the most effective means thereto is that of denying to favoritism of all kinds the opportunity of becoming a mere habit.

If public positions are granted on these grounds of sentiment or favoritism, the abuse is to be condemned on the ground of the harm done to the public interest; but I now desire to point out another thing which is constantly forgotten.

After each one a little half-rustling movement through the crowded rows of clergymen passed mute judgment upon the cruel blow this brother had received, the reward justly given to this other, the favoritism by which a third had profited.

To avoid giving the appearance of favoritism, the teacher should not, except for very good reasons, depart from the principle of equal division; but, on the other hand, he should refuse to accord to the pupils a right to these free gifts.

To avoid any delay in paying government expenses, the terms of such payments will be decreed by order of the sovereign; this will eliminate any favoritism of the ministry (of finance) over any other department to the detriment of the others.

Whether this favoritism, so openly expressed, had its influence on the rest of the household, or that really they grew to believe that the boy thus selected for peculiar honor was the heir, it would be very difficult now to say.