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Use fidget in a sentence

Definition of fidget:

  • (noun) a feeling of agitation expressed in continual motion
  • (verb) move restlessly; "The child is always fidgeting in his seat"

Sentence Examples:

Jimmy fidgeted and glanced away bashfully.

The Dutch riflemen began to fidget.

He began fidgeting about me, bowing obsequiously.

The muleteer blushed and his comrade fidgeted.

The nervous juryman, who suffered from fidgets.

That worthy official was perspiring and fidgeting about.

You mustn't mind his fidgets and dawdling ways.

Mr Coventry had recommenced fidgeting about the room.

How I hate the little fidgeting, fingering, dislocating imps!

The mare fidgeted and pranced, but did not rear.

He fidgeted and lolled from one side, to the other.

Under his savage inscrutability the signs of fidgets became perceptible.

She stopped unwillingly, her hand fidgeting ineffectually to be free.

He fidgeted, and at last longed childishly to see them wink.

The kaiser fidgeted impatiently until his chief general had concluded.

Grumble, clasping and unclasping her hands in a fidget of anticipation.

The foreman Peter Anson fidgeted irritably, and settled into a glumness.

She fidgeted, moved the furniture about and felt a little unstrung.

The old man walked to and fro, fidgeting with his tools.

You fidget me very much by standing there in that unmeaning way.

The two guests fidgeted a little and glanced shamefacedly at one another.

He fidgeted, stripping leaves from the arbutus tree under which she sat.

The landlady sat behind the bar fidgeting spasmodically with the newspaper.

Bunny watched him fidgeting to and fro with a slightly puzzled frown.

I fidgeted on the edge of my chair in an agony of mortified embarrassment.

Marcia, who was sitting before the mirror in a lace camisole, fidgeted impatiently.

Kennedy seemed engrossed in it while the rest of us fidgeted at the delay.

Carroll, who had been fidgeting with increasing exasperation, greeted his daughter wrathfully.

He was fidgeting around on an old sandbag with the glass to his eye.

The man clucked into his beard and began to fidget in the saddle.

The man fidgeted as he glanced at the dirty handkerchief containing eatables beside him.

He sidled around, dressing and fidgeting before he arranged to make his next remark.

Bennett fidgeted with impatience, and suggested calling a sentry to evict the fakir.

We don't want to be continuously on the fidget in case the blockhouses are fired.

They sat in dumbness, fidgeted, sprang to their feet, and lighted bedroom candles.

He fidgeted on his cushion, and his Turkish placidity threatened to be seriously disturbed.

"If Granny Simmons were here she'd say you had the fidgets," remarked Joan precociously.

Ptomaine, quite obligingly; but talk of fidgeting, she herself was in a terrible state.

Pierre was fumbling and fidgeting at the top of the long, thin Japanese envelope.

It is a charming company that walks and fidgets through those comedies and imbroglios.

He fidgeted past his wife to the mantel in search of an imaginary mislaid pencil.

She fidgeted, and a blush suffused her many freckles, clothing them from sight.

Then he had an attack of the fidgets, and he tossed restlessly to and fro.

The little man bustled after him, bleating and fidgeting; and the lock clicked.

He felt the sting, fidgeted worse than ever, perspired heavily, and began to blush.

The Commissioner fidgeted, crossed his knees, uncrossed them again, then turned on him suddenly.

Harry rubbed the libeled proboscis, pawed at his mustache and fidgeted in his chair.

She bears it better than most people would, but fidgets about his vacillation, I suspect.

The boy scrambled into a corner, fidgeted to and fro, and stared at his mother.

He was beginning to fidget again and was drumming on the sandbags with his feet.

Reluctantly Ann desisted from fidgeting with the bowl of snowdrops, and Brett nodded approval.

Archibald smiled, but Mark fidgeted and frowned, as carefully culled platitudes fell upon his ear.

The patriarch sniffed pathetically, and fidgeted as he stood with limp humbleness beside the bed.

Roger, after the first surprise, flushed wrathfully and fidgeted ominously with his napkin ring.

And so he fidgeted till Roy, who was in a restful mood, retired to the hearthrug.

The Major fidgeted, reached for his hat and stepped to the door, a bit shamefaced.

He twiddled his hat between his fingers, fidgeted first on one leg, then on the other.

Instead, he hung around, fidgeting so obtrusively that Riley finally turned to him in sheer exasperation.

Three cogitating girls left off fidgeting and drumming on the table and faced her expectantly.

"About the middle of October," he replied, fidgeting restlessly with the papers that strewed his desk.

While the marquis and his affinity were fidgeting over experiments, he read impassioned strophes to the marquise.

Marjorie and Eileen, however, fidgeted, rumpled up their short locks, and glanced impatiently one at the other.

She approached the table, where the mummy's foot was fidgeting and tossing about with redoubled energy.

Or somebody's house has been broken into, and a constant fidget is kept up for a time about "thieves!"

"The air runs low, which makes us fidget, which pumps more air through the compressors," Lloyd explained.

Eight o'clock came, with Charles fidgeting like a lamprey eel on a hook, and no word from Henrietta.

Do not whistle, loll about, scratch your head, or fidget with any portion of your dress while speaking.

Then the arteries disgorged their content while the body fidgeted a few times on the holy marble.

He fidgets, blushes, stammers, trembles; in a word, displays all the symptoms indicated by the term bashfulness.

He jumped up, fidgeted about for a while, and then disappeared in the darkness of the unlighted bedroom.

Little George blubbered a good deal; fidgeted and flustered a good deal: much put about, poor foolish little soul.

In spite of being told not to do so, she bewailed her condition, and fidgeted about in her bed.

Then he jabbers and mows and trembles and fidgets among the dishes, and you repent of your irritation.

If you were not swinging your legs, you were fidgeting in a fashion which you very well know to be unmannerly.

Fidgeting bees and flies were excavating the decayed spots in this wasting fruit, from which emanated a vinous odor.

One day they are laughing and fidgeting about like wild things, the next day they are poor, woebegone creatures.

Tired, hungry and sleepy, Warble fidgeted in her little gilt chair, but the music went inexorably on.

During a long pause the secretary fidgeted inwardly but had the wisdom to refrain from showing further inquisitiveness.

My old servitor moved noiselessly in and out as I ate, fidgeting as though he wished to speak with me.

She found a certain satisfaction in adding to the mystification, to the disquietude he betrayed by fidgeting more than usual.

Without taking her eyes from mine, she stood on one leg bashfully, and fidgeted with the other foot.

Cried the little doctor, fidgeting about, and knocking down a little table in his prancing across the room.

You never saw sea anemones fidgeting about, and as for turning head over heels, they do not even think of it.

Meantime the prisoners at the base of the Statue shuffled, posed, and fidgeted, with the shamelessness of quite little children.

Carson reading as usual, and Lorna trying to amuse herself with Italian magazines and fidgeting as much as she dared.

Ernest refuses the proffered codfish balls, scowls, brings out cigar case, lights cigar, looks at watch, and fidgets.

Hardwick said nothing, but fidgeted a little, as though he considered that valuable time was being wasted over irrelevant trivialities.

The little lawyer in the owl glasses kicked rather disconsolately at a bunch of turf, the other lads fidgeted.

Cease lifting the shoulders, fidgeting the hands, painfully raising the eyebrows, and contorting the face into a meaningless smile.

We shall fidget and fume while waiting our turn in the barber's chair; we shall argue and muddle and mope.

Holman ceased fidgeting with the pen and clenched his hand on the blotter and sat quite still, smiling faintly.

To her surprise, she found him in a perturbed and nervous state, fidgeting about the room as he awaited her appearance.

A rustling murmur was audible in the room as uneasy courtiers and supplicants fidgeted, waiting for the appearance of the Owner.

Murchison was questioning her sister, watching her face keenly, while Parker Steel fidgeted to and fro before the fire.

Allen Heywood fidgeted under the unusual expansiveness of his patron, allowing a tinge of color to stain his cold pallor.

Terrence had no faculty for story telling, and therefore rather fidgeted under the sallies and jokes of his messmates.

Hungry as he was, the abashed Shorty fidgeted in his chair, and watched Si begin before he ventured to make an attack.

Under the challenge of that domineering and unscrupulous glance the major fidgeted, cleared his throat nervously, but finally spoke.

My father looks as if he had been getting into trouble with the rajah, and the ladies are all on the fidget.

Suddenly, however, Sister Margaret seemed uneasy, and began to fidget with her silver watch, twice unhooking it from her waistband.