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Use giddy in a sentence

Definition of giddy:

  • (adjective) having or causing a whirling sensation; liable to falling;
  • (adjective) lacking seriousness; given to frivolity;

Sentence Examples:

He could rise to giddy heights of mirth and fall from them into unplumbed depths of depression.

Somnambulists must be wakened before they reach those giddy heights where awakening will cause their destruction.

It was a fire, a languor, a sparkling limpidity which might have made even the dog-headed Anubis giddy.

He was completely drenched, because submerged except for his head and shoulders, chilled, numb, and giddy.

One giddy carrot teetered on the edge as though about to entertain the onlookers by an acrobatic performance.

This giddy frontispiece seemed, even in my childish eyes, profanely gay for the subject it presented.

It is for them the sportive fly, the jocund fly, or, at worst, the giddy fly.

It intoxicates the Brain, and makes one giddy, without any other operation either by Stool or Vomit.

Lights flashed from the bushes near at hand, whirling about them in giddy circles like great pinwheels.

Certainly, he appears to become giddy at times, but that might be biliousness from his sedentary life.

There was Opinion, her sister, light of foot, hoodwinked, and headstrong, yet giddy and perpetually turning.

Rioting amid the luxuries of affluence, and giddy with its bewildering joys, these may be unpleasant thoughts.

Stunned, giddy, bewildered, Ray dropped into his seat, feeling as if the room was whirling round him.

How can he be honored when he is a sycophant ducking to the giddy opinion of a reckless public?

The blow made him giddy, but the rain dashing in his face steadied him, and he plodded on.

Giddy and dazed, with one agonizing thought she turned, saw Rossi, and uttered a cry of relief.

Giddy and faint, he laid his head against the bush, and inhaled the invigorating odor of the turpentine.

"I am very giddy and faint," Arthur said, when Charles came back to him after his ventilating operation.

They ran from house to house, and grouped in galaxies, or singly fell apart, swinging and giddy orbs.

And again with the movement came excruciating pain, and now a weakness, a giddy swirling of his senses.

She put her hand to her head to steady herself; she felt giddy, and sickeningly unable to comprehend.

He did not know how his giddy badinage had clashed in upon the last words of the sermon.

And yet the light and giddy souls of cavaliers Harbor no love so fervent as their words bespeak.

She was giddy with the intoxicating, heady air, with the brilliant sunset light, with Babe's loud cordiality.

The building bewildered him with the giddy flight of its vault, the dazzling splendor of its windows.

The girl felt light-headed and giddy as though the rush above had rarefied the air under the cliffs.

Nobody hears anything but Italian now, and I have been so giddy as to leave my Italian music behind me.

Nobody hears anything but Italian now, and I have been so giddy as to leave my Italian music behind me.

Stopped at the last moment, tottering, giddy, the startled woman sought to find a firm footing once more.

She resolved to seclude herself from the giddy world, and brood over her own sorrows in a nunnery.

There an uxorious old man watches, with jealous eyes, the words and smiles of his giddy young bride.

He did it, and, staggering to my feet, I stood there swaying for a moment, giddy and bewildered.

He made some giddy, frolicsome turns on his heel, and was off again to try and get another victim.

He felt a palpitation in what he called his stomach; and was so giddy, that he could hardly stand.

The silent parterre would be gay with a giddy, chattering mob of Society people before long, Vera hurriedly explained.

While the giddy whirl of current events whirls even more giddily, let us remember that virtue in his favor.

He was vain and luxurious, and to gratify his giddy desires he must resort to meanness, dishonesty, and extortion.

The din of a bibulous song rang in his ears, the reek of alcohol turned him giddy and sick.

"They have no portrait of her," went on Rose, not in her mercilessness, but in her giddy, gossiping lightness.

Turning into the room he felt giddy, and scarlet spots and other phantasmagoria waved in the air before him.

John's (thirty-five feet each side at the top) amidst the elderberries and grass which flourish at that giddy height.

I well remember a girl's tearful appeal to me when she was stigmatized and reproved for her "giddy youth!"

He was giddy and retching from weariness, and something inside him was cold as ice, though his head burned.

There I stopped, utterly bewildered by the tangle of streets, the roar of traffic, the giddy swarm of pedestrians.

Giddy and Bertie took me once to a box at the Empire; she reminded me of the strong lady in spangles.

Outside the village the sun's rays beat down pitilessly on his head, and made him feel sick and giddy.

Again my feelings almost overcame me, my brain was giddy, and my feet seemed insecurely planted on the ground.

To the phase of violent and savage hunger succeeded, with hours, a giddy dreaminess, the result of growing exhaustion.

Yet the boys were often willful and giddy at a certain age, the girls being sooner tamed and domesticated.

The fish continued their giddy pirouette and small Archie pressed his button of a nose against the cold glass.

Sixty gray, and giddy twenty, Flirts that court, and prudes that slight, Stale coquettes and spinsters plenty.

His wishes are whirlwinds, which breathed forth return into himself, and make him a most giddy and tottering vessel.

Both my head and my footing were steady, for I had grown accustomed to giddy heights and venturesome climbing.

Gregory retired to the castle of San Angelo, and the giddy populace greeted the anti-pope with shouts of joy.

For an instant she stopped at the door, swaying to and fro; giddy under the broad stare of daylight.

Rosemary felt giddy and ill; even the sweet woodland air seemed to have turned to poisonous fumes of intrigue and venality.

The avarice of the penurious father then, in this print, is contrasted by the giddy profusion of his prodigal son.

"Then play a merry jig," answered Puss, catching up a small pig and waltzing him around at a giddy rate.

I appeared in public with some forlorn brooch or dilapidated earring; the giddy laughed outright, and the polite gazed quietly.

Even now, with the room full of the fresh morning air, I feel as if I were getting giddy and bemused again.

Giddy, sick, and faint have I furled with my mate the flying jib, pinched with the cold and wet.

The thoughtful, earnest, and somewhat pensive Milanese was more to the Senator's taste than the brilliant and giddy Florentine.

The smell of peaches and cantaloupes filled the air, and made Lemuel giddy as he stood and looked at the abundance.

The light titter, the giddy whisper, had already in some measure relieved my mind of that fond and oppressive fancy.

First, there is the Indian ayah, striking so bizarre a note of contrast to begin with, that it makes one quite giddy.

The moment was come; I soared skywards, giddy at first with that great void below, but soon conquering this difficulty.

These were the last words spoken by the whelp, before a giddy drowsiness came upon him, followed by complete oblivion.

The newly rich lost their balance and their stolidity, becoming as giddy and frivolous and aggressive as the worst.

The relief was immense, and they showed it by giddy laughter, by gripping hands, and by shouting and gesticulating.

He was giddy, flurried, exasperated, by the prying and irritating mode of the examination, which scarcely gave him time to breathe.

You must be careful, for the high honor of dancing with you alone is almost sufficient to unhinge my giddy brain.

And now the snow was falling thickly, driven by the wind in giddy circles, and swirling around him bewilderingly.

He is naturally giddy, and according to entomologists, always sees more than double, while his head was never made to be turned.

An example are you getting to be to the young and giddy, and a warning will you yet prove to the unthoughtful!

She felt dazed and giddy, sick with fear, and yet glowing with admiration in the midst of her agonized anxiety.

At the second tree, now thirty feet from the magnetized tree, he found himself giddy, attended with headache, as before.

Unless it be a delusion born of my giddy flight, the grown-up people and the children seem to change places in France.

We shall see how long a giddy child like you can keep her mocking-bird tone in the uproar that is coming upon us!

For all the boy's giddy jollity, his blue eyes had a kind of stricken look when they rested on her face.

He is still holding me jauntily over the platform steps, and it was only my giddy fancy that fell so far.

No great matter, it might be said, to compass the change of a fickle woman's mind, to disconcert a giddy young man.

Then come more somersaults, more rollings on the back, until the giddy swarm are all discomfited and leave the Spider in peace.

The Popes used their families to strengthen their position; and the upstart families, giddy with sudden wealth and power, misbehaved.

At the first outbreak of hostilities a few Americans had still kept giddy state among the ruins of the tottering empire.

The pretender will no doubt bring us good medicines, and cure us of all our hypochondriac vapors that now make us so giddy.

Why should he not descend, mix with the giddy throng, and make purchases of red cloth, of curios, and of beads.

It was the spider's little parlor into which many a giddy buzzing fly had fluttered unwarily, to emerge with clipped wings.

Waltzing made him giddy, and he detested dancing of all kinds; so that after a formal quadrille they sat and talked.

In its giddy elation over this Spanish triumph the court entirely neglected the man to whom the success was originally due.

He said, and he took her hand, which he dropped after a moment, and walked away, giddy with his insensate joy.

For them the fascination of the mountain peaks of giddy chance has no allurement, the swift turbulent waters of intrigue no charm.

Then he tried again, but turned giddy, and at last tottered down from the mound, while people began to jeer at him.

The giddy embarrass and overawe the contemplative; and the being who calls himself happy appears wiser than he who suffers.

If she dances, it is but a plain cotillion; and she is shocked when the lively Maria dashes out in a giddy polka.

She flung her hands before her face and swayed to and fro as if she were half dazed, half giddy with passion.

He drew back instinctively, giddy and unnerved, as from a chasm yawning suddenly among the flowers, one step in front of him.

You exclaim, "are we not foremost in all discovery, and is not the whole world giddy by reason, or unreason, of our inventions?"

Now she recalled Joseph scattering nuts among the children, addressing kind words to old crones, giving wholesome advice to giddy youths.

The forms of the Skimmer and his assistants were visible, in the midst of the gallant gear, perched on the giddy yards.

"That's the man who wrote about 'gilded subalterns loafing luxuriously in cushioned cars in a giddy round of useless and pampered ease'?"