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Use hog in a sentence

Definition of hog:

  • (noun) a person regarded as greedy and pig-like
  • (noun) a sheep up to the age of one year; one yet to be sheared
  • (noun) domestic swine
  • (verb) take greedily; take more than one's share

Sentence Examples:

Even the omnivorous hog has teeth so much larger as to be totally dissimilar to those of man.

The bloated creature was rolling about in the water with all the abandonment of a mud-wallowing hog.

I pasture my orchard with calves and hogs, and think it advisable; it pays in some orchards.

I pasture my orchard with calves and hogs, but it is not advisable; it does not pay.

I pasture my orchard carefully with hogs and calves at any time when it is not wet.

Among domesticated animals, no species afford more striking specimens of modification in structure than the hog tribe.

Hogs, armadillos, mice, and shrews are reported as being of significant value in regulating the sawfly population.

To every one hundred pounds of hog weight, give one tablespoonful in feed or swill once or twice daily.

One wounded man was set at liberty, but the Dutch exacted ten hogs for the others.

Under the cover of night they smuggled cattle and sheep and hogs to the famishing garrison.

Lay the chine aside and with the knife finish separating the two divisions of the hog.

The razorback hog recalled early memories to me of the country I knew when I was a boy.

They look loathsome but are said to be excellent for fattening hogs which would feed on them voraciously.

The buffalo is hopelessly wild, and the peccary, or American hog, is irreclaimable in its love of freedom.

A number of hogs of the razorback variety leaped up in front of him and scurried out of sight.

To prevent the spread of trichinosis and other diseases, it should be cooked before it is fed to hogs.

Human ordure and urine, externally; the excreta of sheep, cows, bulls, chickens, hogs, pigeons, or horses, externally.

The excreta of dogs, hogs, sheep, pigeons, chickens, goats, mice, or of cows, gathered in May, externally.

In young animals and hogs, the inhalation of dust, and bronchial and lung worms commonly cause it.

It is much larger than the "Mexican hog," and, too thick-headed to understand danger, is a formidable antagonist.

Said he was a pretty free spender, and would hold his end up, but he hated a hog.

Mycelium evades hog manure; besides it is impure and malodorous, and a propagating bed for noxious insect vermin.

Awl with equal diligence employed his sword, sticking hogs and sucking pigs beneath the shoulder blades.

In the spring of the year, I have many calves and some hogs killed and eaten by coyotes.

I blessed the hog that furnished the ham and the swain who salted and smoked it.

Some of them have been reared in France, and they will intermix and produce with the common hogs.

A large element whose highest ambition is hog, hominy, a horse race and whiskey enough for the present.

He is a sniveling scoundrel, who loves liberty, as a hog loves corn for the sake of good living.

"I'm no hog, if I do take a little swill now and then: I know when I've got enough."

I then climbed up on the fence and took a seat to watch the hogs root and crush artichokes.

Then some must let out the major's hogs, and they came rooting and tumbling with unwieldy gambols.

I will not say that all partisans of Illumination are hogs of the sty of Epicurus like this wretch.

We needed leather so badly that the hogs were flayed as soon as dead, and their hides were tanned.

As a result, whatever grain the enemy found proved spoiled and moldy, hardly fit to feed to hogs.

One afternoon, while they were riding through a dense mesquite flat, they came upon a patch of open hog-wallow prairie.

Lying hogging there, lolling and loafing in bed, as if he had all day to finish nothing in!

A fine yoke of oxen, two cows, an American bull, and the beginning of a stock of hogs were thereabout.

The photographs shown here are of a wooden building in which a feed cooker for hogs and poultry is installed.

In many parts of the country sweet clover has proved to be an excellent pasturage crop for hogs.

Their cooking was fairly good, but excessively dirty, and their persons and houses "filthy as hogs' sties."

There were thousands of soldiers who became lions to fight, hyenas to snarl, beasts to debase, hogs to wallow.

Leek ointment, again, made of pounded leeks and hog's lard, was used as a liniment for burns and scalds.

Their hogs, their sheep, and the few milch cows they possessed, had been taken away from them.

Several persons missed hogs and calves, which were surmised to have gone into the capacious maw of the serpent.

When taken young, they are soon rendered familiar, but they will not intermix with the domestic hogs.

Still, a couple of hundred hogs were on the prairie, as were no less than eight horned cattle, including calves.

If tradition may be credited, they had also the hog and the domestic fowl before the Spanish invasion.

Then I noticed one fat hog, feeding at a heavily gilded trough, who could not find his waiter.

Hog and hominy are not only inartistic to my stomach, but they give indigestion to my moral sentiments.

Wild hogs are easily domesticated, and as easily resume their uncivilized habits; but they seem then to keep in packs.

By some remissness of vigilance under the stringent orders, cattle, sheep, and hogs were slaughtered on all sides.

Hogs and other animals, even the opossum, have been found on low trees, where they had sought protection.

Fritz had lost his zeal for pursuing the thieves, took up his hog and disappeared into the darkness.

The writer has himself seen seven hogs die within a few days while being fed on moldy corn.

A pan full of hog's blood, which unluckily stood on the dresser, presented itself first to her hands.

Another peculiarity of his nature is his great ferociousness; perhaps the hog is more valiant than any animal known.

It is to be noted that cattle will not browse persimmon, and that hogs greedily eat the ripe fruit.

A docile looking hog of mastodon dimensions was conveying the contents of a corn crib to its inner self.

Every hog raiser should aim to have his sows produce two litters a year, farrowing in April and October.

He is weary when he gets home, and asks only the dull peace of a hog in a comfortable sty.

The biggest thing we had was buttermilk, some sweet milk, and plenty of cornbread, hog meat, and peas.

Never lay a hog on his back to drench him, as in so doing there is great danger of strangling.

In the Valley the boys found plenty of hogs, chickens, honey, and other luxuries, which were unsparingly appropriated.

Never lay a hog on his back to drench him, as in so doing there is great danger of strangling.

The "hog and hominy," the general diet of the Southwest, is plainly perceptible in the physique of the women.

The scrub and "razorback" hogs are very unprofitable, and require an undue amount of food to produce a pound of gain.

"He has read that thing you wrote about the German sea hog, and he thinks it's awfully well done."

Nevertheless, the hog, cat, horse, and ass, whose bones are found in the alluvial deposits, may have been domesticated.

Upon my soul, I wish the Normans would swoop down upon them, and cut the vile hogs into mincemeat.

Of course, a fat hog for slaughter and a sow heavy with young, have not much sprightliness of deportment.

While we lay, as it were, becalmed, several of the islanders came off with hogs, fowls, fruit, and roots.

Skim milk or refuse from a public creamery should not be fed to hogs until it has been thoroughly sterilized.

The horse, the ox, the hog, and the sheep comprise the four great classes of domesticated farm animals.

He told the tale so well that the swineherd believed him, and even killed a fat hog in his honor.

We own sixteen mules and horses, fourteen head of cattle, thirty hogs, and have absolutely no indebtedness of any character.

Pastures his orchard with calves and hogs, and thinks it advisable, and that with the hogs it pays.

The Indian who had it said that he had killed a number of wild hogs with it and two tapirs.

When meat was wanted, a party ran down a hog or heifer, butchered it, and took it to the fort.

The porpoise, or sea hog, has a very useful hide which, when dressed, makes a tough leather suitable for laces.

The list of other benefactions is endless: mills and fisheries, churches and markets, woods and hogs and herds.

If put into a cold barrel it will be about the right temperature when the hog is ready for scalding.

The troughs should be disinfected and turned bottom side up as soon as the hogs have finished feeding and drinking.

Take hogs; mean, unsociable animals, each hog going off by himself, cursing and swearing every step of the way.

They were led in at once to supper, an appalling meal of soggy cornbread and molasses, with hog-meat swimming in grease.

I pasture my orchard with hogs and calves; I think it advisable under certain conditions, and find it pays.

The country was bare of provisions, except now and then a hog that had so far escaped the foragers.

In one corner was a depression that looked like a dry hog wallow, and a porker grunted about outside the building.

He devoured at one meal a whole hog; and after it, being accommodated with fruit, he ate three pecks of damsons.

Its anatomy is much like that of the rhinoceros, while in general form the tapir reminds us of the hog.

He has to work harder than other hogs, and is kept hungry so that he may perform with more sprightliness.

However, my mind was made up, and I went in "for the whole hog," as our vulgar Yankee cousins say.

Hogs may not like green apples, but there is something specially delectable to a hog in a green, wormy plum.

To get swill into a pig trough is no easy matter if the hogs cannot be kept out until it is filled.

The Leicesters are a large, white hog, generally coarse in the bone and hair, great eaters, and slow in maturing.

Some twenty or more fat hogs were killed, the hams and shoulders sugar-cured and smoked in a large stone smokehouse.

Close against the floor, through the frail lath and plaster, a hog had thrust his fat, pink snout.

Wild hogs, peccaries, and deer in their native haunts, and doubtless an immense number of snake-eating birds, devour young rattlesnakes.

While scalding, the hog should occasionally be drawn out of the water for air, when the hair may be tried.

The intelligent hog raiser will provide a concrete wallow and keep it filled with eight or ten inches of water.

Load him with bangle, armlet, ear-ring and head-dress to any extent, and he never looks like a hog in armor.