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Use hog in a sentence

Definition of hog:

  • (noun) a person regarded as greedy and pig-like
  • (noun) a sheep up to the age of one year; one yet to be sheared
  • (noun) domestic swine
  • (verb) take greedily; take more than one's share

Sentence Examples:

You've played with me as long as you will, you hulking American hog!

These two chiefs became suitors to me for some goats and hogs.

A new crop of Lice appears on the hog from this source.

David likened it to an immense gray hog shorn of its bristles.

This applies especially to meat from hogs fattened on mast or peanuts.

There they were, scampering about, or lying like hogs, all in liquor.

It's not exactly a stock ranch, but they raise fine pedigree hogs.

The hogs fatten on the foam at the top of the boiling.

The hog likewise eats the acorn the first time he finds it.

Great care should always be exercised when hogs are hoisted before sticking.

Rape furnishes good pasture for hogs, almost equal to clover and alfalfa.

We condense it into hogs, and ship them just as they run.

These two chiefs became suitors to me for some goats, and hogs.

These hogs weighed from two to three or four hundred pounds apiece.

It was the first of the hog species we owned in Michigan.

The drowning hogs the headlines in the mainstream newspapers and tabloids.

"Not quite as well as hogs," returned the other in an impassive voice.

Thence we passed through a wicket and came to the abode of hogs.

Slop-fed hogs, on the other hand, get very hungry between meals.

They were hog-shaped, with small, dark bodies, and long pointed snouts.

He gleefully held it out, while we rushed for it like hungry hogs.

I make some cider, and feed the balance of the culls to hogs.

Hogs and sheep, great and small, ran through our camps unmolested.

Hogs are fond of it, and it is said to fatten them well.

Crude oil may be applied to the bodies of hogs with a swab.

"Hustle and get that oil drum on the wharf, you drunken hog!"

Bears' oil, hogs' lard, and tallow answered the place of fish oil.

The blocking for the leather was made of soot and hogs' lard.

There is no such an animal as a hog and no lard is used.

I thought some of you were spending the ammunition foolishly on hogs or gulls.

What is the difference between an attempted homicide, and a hog butchery?

Elephants, buffaloes, and hogs are equally fond of wallowing in the mud.

Besides man, hogs and other imported animals seem to have exterminated it.

It contained rags, rocks, gourd seed, a hog tusk and a tack.

"There, he is hog-tied and silenced, with neatness and dispatch," he said.

The best bristles come from the wild hog of Russia and Poland.

Do not allow hogs to pile up, as it is very injurious to them.

Hogs eat it and will live upon it alone until put up to fatten.

"Dismount and come up on him, Doug, and hog tie him," he panted.

My hogs, young or old, have never been permitted to wallow in mud.

My lion has as good a right to roar as your hogs have to squeal.

There were here plenty of hogs, goats, buffaloes, and bullocks to be seen.

Hogs root up the ground and thereby provide a rude kind of tillage.

I sell apples in the orchard at retail; feed the culls to hogs.

He exclaimed, with an aspirate that resembled the snort of a startled hog.

Our hombre grew fat on a diet we thought fit only for hogs.

The ship's structure thus suffered severely from hogging and sagging stresses.

Another monument, of a hog-backed type, lies to the north of the nave.

Is it fitting to cut up so noble a beast like any farm-yard hog?

Allen sat grimly eating, his chin pushed down like a hog's snout.

"Three hogs and a kick," muttered Coates; "the knave says true enough."

"I'd rather blow up hog bladders with a quill and bust 'em!"

Hog's lard is the inner fat of the bacon hog, melted down.

In this way, domestication has told with considerable disadvantage on the hog.

The condition of the hog constantly enlisted the sympathy of the mother.

Long before man came with his modern appliances, the hog was here.

This makes the hogs fatten quickly, but it also makes them diseased.

Wild hogs and porcupines are caught in traps and hunted by dogs.

What are the chief differences between the bacon-type and lard-type of hog?

In such cases the hog staggers and falls when forced to walk.

Put on a hog's ear as a mitten, and rub each piece of meat thoroughly.

Look upon this hog covered with slime strutting about in that lion's skin!

I am going to pasture those oats all winter with hogs and cattle.

Keep the second and third-grade apples at home; feed the culls to hogs.

I make my beds early, and I use the scrap from hog's lard.

Now at this very time the Ground Hog was awake in his burrow.

She calls him hog in allusion to his cognizance, which was a boar.

The same render account of skins, sausages, and offal of the said hogs.

He also saw hog bristles and hoofs on the ground near the cabin.

The hog seems to approach the nearest to our species in that privilege.

All these hogs were weighed singly on scales in the course of eleven hours.

He gave them some trinkets, and they gave rice and hogs, and were satisfied.

The wild hogs came and inspected the trench and the palisades beyond.

She wondered how the wild hogs knew that the truffles were there.

The wild hogs came and inspected the trench and the palisades beyond.

Much more could be done were the farmers more careful of their hogs' bristles.

The white inhabitants objected, as they wanted the roots for their hogs.

I inquired of the overseer with regard to your horses, cattle, hogs and sheep.

They dropped the smugglers now, and talked about nothing but wild hogs.

Spray or paint all branches with manure water, using hog or human offal.

Finally, I smeared hog lard on her, and that cleared it right up.

If you have clover keep the sick ones on it, it is healthy for hogs.

Under this roof skulls of dogs and hogs are generally found tucked away.

Of all the hogs in evening clothes, the stage-supper hog is the worst.

They laughed when the sizzling hog meat spat hot grease into their faces.

The above brief description is general for all breeds of the lard hog.

It proved to be a vulture flying in a direct line towards the dead Hog.

When, however, the hog is small, the loin is simply scored and roasted.

The boat was taking on board a dozen red hogs that snorted mightily.

The hog eats a white grub that is host for the larval form.

The hogs should be cleaned by dipping or washing them with a disinfectant.

On her wrists she wore bracelets made of the tusks of the largest hogs.

"Guy Johnson is mean enough to steal acorns from a blind hog," Solomon answered.

The wild boar, and his relative, the domestic hog, inhabited the morasses.

A link between the elephant and hog, its true home is in the lowlands.

There is nothing that these people appreciate so much as elk and hog's flesh.

And all this and more that I gathered, I focussed on the sea hog.

There was I, snoring like a hog, while you were spooning under the stars.

This nice morsel is between the maw and ruffle piece inside of the hog.

They are more easily cared for than one hog and much more cheaply kept.