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Use immunize in a sentence

Definition of immunize:

  • (verb) To make someone or something immune to something.

Sentence Examples:

The immunizing of the cattle by inoculating them when they were young with infected blood has been practiced.

He carried out a series of experiments on rabbits, immunizing against and infecting with the virus of hydrophobia, tetanus and anthrax.

The landing was a routine bump and the voyagers were issued tablets to swallow to immunize them against any minor ailments.

The problem of immunizing or desensitizing persons who are allergic to insect bites and stings is one of considerable importance, as such unfortunate persons will testify.

The serum of an animal thus actively immunized has powerful protective properties towards another animal, the amount necessary for protection being sometimes almost inconceivably small.

Did that mean that the flipper was immunized to the stuff, like the lining of the stomach, which is unharmed by acids powerful enough to decompose other organic master?

It has been claimed, on the other hand, that the best criterion of the degree of immunity in an immunized animal is the measurement of the bactericidal power of its blood.

It was found that the substances contained in the microbes preserved to a great extent their immunizing properties even when the microbes were killed by some delicate processes not affecting considerably their chemical constitution.

While diphtheria antitoxin is harmless to the diphtheria patient, the serum of the pollen-immunized horse nearly killed the first patient Dunbar tried it on, who happened to be his assistant, a sufferer from hay fever.

By this course of treatment the young man became so thoroughly immunized that neither unpleasant results nor swelling followed the attacks of the insects, and he is able to handle bees with the same freedom that any experienced bee-keeper does.

If the unknown organism is agglutinated by the blood of one of the animals in high dilution, and not by the others, evidently the bacterium is the same as that with which the animal has been inoculated, or immunized, as is usually stated.

I might say that I am no longer interested in any chestnut, no matter how resistant it may be, unless the nut is of large size and fine quality, because I can immunize a plant bearing a good size, fine quality chestnut much easier and in a shorter time than one can be developed through hybridization from an inferior nut.