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Use jugular in a sentence

Definition of jugular:

  • (noun) veins in the neck that return blood from the head
  • (noun) a vital part that is vulnerable to attack; "he always goes for the jugular"
  • (adjective) relating to or located in the region of the neck or throat; "jugular vein"

Sentence Examples:

With his hunting knife he quieted the frightened animal, severing its jugular; then he dragged it, bleeding, along the trail down to the drinking hole, the half smile persisting upon his ordinarily grave face.

It is not surprising, therefore, to learn that jugular phlebotomy was at once resorted to as the readiest means of relieving the overcharged vessels of their blood.

As a matter of course, jugular phlebotomy was utterly impracticable; so, to relieve the pressure in the feet, I had him (after, with extreme difficulty, removing the shoes) bled, or rather opened, at all four toes, and hot poultices applied.

Almeida, hoping to be able to close the severed jugular from which welled an appalling stream of blood.

I then thought of severing my jugular vein, even going so far as to test against my throat the edge of a razor which, after the deadly impulse first asserted itself, I had secreted in a convenient place.

He pressed his thumb against the throttle, his second finger hard against the jugular, and the tongue rolled over the teeth, the congested eyes bulged.

In the large veins, such as the internal jugular, the femoral, or the axillary, it is usually possible to suture the opening in the wall.

When the bleeding is more copious, it is usually due to a ligature having slipped from a large vessel such as the external jugular vein after operations in the neck, and the wound must be opened up and the vessel again secured.

The superficial cervical (external jugular) glands, when present, lie along the external jugular vein, and receives lymph from the occipital and auricular glands and from the auricle.

The book, called, as you may remember, "The Shadow and the Substance," was a tour de force in vapid writing, and it almost severed his literary jugular vein.

It connects with, and empties its contents into, the right subclavian vein at the place where it is joined by the right jugular vein.

Connection is made with the subclavian vein on the upper side at the place where it is joined by the left jugular vein.

Warm compresses, venesection from the sublingual veins, and from the jugular, and purgatives in severe cases, are the further remedies.

The chieftain snicks the knife from his armpit, and sticks him in the jugular as neat as be damned.

No dilatation of the jugular was noticeable, and when a silk ligature was applied to the artery all pulsation was controlled, and the thrill in the vein disappeared completely.

With regard to locality, experience appears to have shown clearly that communications between the carotid arteries and jugular veins usually give rise to so little serious trouble that, in view of the grave nature of the operation and its possible after consequences on the brain, interference is as a rule better avoided.

Pike, the malingerer, leaped upon the crippled animal, breaking its neck with a quick flash of teeth and a jerk, Buck got a frothing adversary by the throat, and was sprayed with blood when his teeth sank through the jugular.

In the next turn Rose's hatpin passed within a quarter-inch of Grace's jugular.

The huge gray leader leaped at the fallen boy, and as his body paused a fleeting moment in midair before it began the descent, a rifle cracked, a bullet struck him in the throat, cutting the jugular vein and coming out behind.

It comprehended one of the parotid glands, and I had to divide the trunk of the carotid artery and jugular vein.

The examination of the pharynx and of the esophagus is made chiefly by pressing upon the skin covering these organs in the region of the throat and along the left side of the neck in the jugular gutter.

He should be fed from a manger high enough to favor the return of blood from the head, and should be kept from work, especially in a tight collar which would prevent the descent of blood by the jugular veins.

The internal jugular vein, possibly much distended, may overlap the artery on its outer side, and will require to be pressed, emptied, and held out of the way.

The jugular vein and vagus are both at the outer side, and must be avoided, while the inferior thyroid artery and sympathetic nerve both lie behind the vessel, and may be included in the ligature if care be not taken.

The internal jugular vein lies in the interval, and must be drawn to the outside before the artery can be seen at all, and it is this that makes this operation very difficult and dangerous, especially on the left side, where the vein is close to the artery, and probably even crossing it from left to right.

On bathing in the evening we generally found half a dozen or a dozen on each of us, most frequently on our legs, but sometimes on our bodies, and I had one who sucked his fill from the side of my neck, but who luckily missed the jugular vein.

The blood rushed forth in a thick stream, as the jugular vein had been cut by the keen blade; and the huge brute was seen to totter in its steps, and then fall with a dull heavy sound to the earth.

Open the temporal artery or jugular vein, or bleed from the arm; employ electricity, if at hand, and proceed as for drowning, taking the additional precaution to apply eight or ten leeches to the temples.

Jack drove after as fast as he could, in order to prevent mortal mischief when Lion should bring down his game; for the dog, when too much in earnest with a foe, had an overmastering instinct for searching out the windpipe and jugular vein.

He saw at once that a small artery had been severed, and its adjacency to the jugular made it a matter of extreme danger.

There is a jugular pulse, the legs may become dropsical, and there is a tendency to faint if the head is elevated suddenly.

Finn growled fiercely as he felt the weight of the man's arm pressed across his shoulders, and sprang clear at the same moment that the kangaroo toppled over dead, Bill's practiced hand having severed its jugular vein.

The King, Premier and Judd, had broad red ribbons thrown baldric fashion over breast and shoulders, of such extreme breadth as to give the idea of the wearers having burst their jugular arteries.

The latter has a bony posterior margin and is widely separated from the bony jugular foramen.

Charley Peace, who murdered and "burgled" once too often, could darken his complexion and even change it by arresting jugular circulation.

A horn had entered the man's thigh, tearing the whole of the muscles from the bone; there was also a wound from the center of the throat to the ear, thus completely torn open, severing the jugular vein.

While the condition is best diagnosed by tracings taken simultaneously of the apex beat, jugular and radial, still the jugular tracing is almost conclusive in the absence of the auricular systolic wave.

He injected tuberculous matter into the jugular vein of a rabbit, and six months later found tuberculosis of the liver and lungs.

She merely wrapped a blanket round her shoulders and settled herself against the head of the bed, anxiously contemplating the progress of a sanguinary campaign in the region surrounding Ally's jugular vein.

By a professional killer; the larynx has been cut above the glottis, and with the same stroke the two carotid arteries, with the jugular veins.

And in the side of his throat, just above the jugular vein, was a deep wound, horribly lacerated, from which the blood flowed in a heavy stream.

This runs up the posterior wall of the thorax close to the aorta, and finally opens into the junction of the internal jugular and left subclavian veins.

Doctors are often afraid to administer morphia in the case of a patient propped up in bed, with livid ears, nose and nails, with distended jugulars and dropsical extremities, with weak, frequent and irregular pulse.

Jugular gates tetragonal.

Jugular gates ovate, two-thirds as broad as the triangular cardinal gates.

Jugular and cervical gates nearly equal, ovate, half as broad as the triangular cardinal gates between them.

Jugular pores ovate, about half as broad as the ovate cardinal pores and twice as broad as the small cervical pores.

Jugular pores ovate, smaller than the triangular cervical pores.

The four basal pores are ovate, and form a quadrangular plate, armed with marginal thorns; the two jugular pores are somewhat smaller than the two cardinal pores.

Basal ring smaller than the sagittal ring, with four triangular gates; the two anterior (jugular pores) a little smaller than the two posterior (cardinal pores).

Basal ring smaller than the sagittal ring, with four elliptical or nearly triangular gates; the two anterior (jugular pores) about half as large as the two posterior (cardinal pores).

Basal ring with six roundish or nearly triangular gates; the two jugular pores are smaller than the two cardinal and larger than the two cervical pores.

Basal ring smaller than the sagittal ring, thorny, kidney-shaped, with four different gates; the two cardinal pores much larger than the two jugular pores.

Basal plate with four large collar pores (two smaller ovate jugular, and two larger pentagonal cardinal pores).

Basal plate with four large ovate collar pores (the two cardinal twice as large as the two jugular pores).

Injecting a ferric salt into the jugular vein of an animal, he found it excreted, deprived of a part of its oxygen, as a ferrous salt.

The first lighted on a stoat in a ditch and could not strike it with the sharp talons before the angry little beast had jumped at its throat and bitten through the external jugular vein.

If brought to a point in front of the pectoral fins, a feature of specialized degradation, they become jugular as in the codfish.

His jugular arteries enlarged to the size of a thumb, looked like the aorta itself, or they were as large as the descending aorta: they had pulsated violently and appeared like two long aneurysms.

It passes thence into the Thoracic duct, meeting there with an albuminous lymph, and is discharged at length into the general circulation at the junction of the left jugular and subclavian veins.

The horse has only one jugular vein upon each side; and, although in the usual operation of bleeding, its channel is not obstructed, yet if the wound do not readily heal, its contents will coagulate.

About two ounces of highly offensive pus, obtained from the frontal sinus of a horse, were injected into the left jugular vein; the pus had unintentionally been mixed with water previous to its being injected.

The right jugular vein having been opened, two fluid ounces of pure healthy pus were injected, and propelled in the course of the circulation, by pressure upon the vein externally.

The preceding experiment was repeated, by injecting into the jugular vein of a moderately large dog, an ounce of fluid, derived from the maceration of putrid beef in water.

In these cases, so sudden was the effect, that the mixture of blood and pus coagulated before it could traverse the jugular vein, as indicated by the induration and cord-like feeling of the vessel.

When the fraud is very apparent the Armenian often pays for his greed with all the blood that can be extracted from his jugular vein.

By means of a small sterilized cannula, five, or eight, or even ten liters of blood are drawn from the jugular vein of the horse into sterilized flasks or jars.

If blood is to be removed it is best to raise one of the larger blood vessels, such as the carotid artery and the internal jugular vein, or the femoral artery and femoral vein, or the axillary artery and axillary vein.

These veins should be used on the left side of the body owing to the fact that the angle at the junction of the subclavian and internal jugular veins is not so acute as on the right side.

Raise the femoral artery and inject slowly a diluted fluid and massage the face gently toward the jugular vein, using some recognized face bleacher.

We paid a visit to the dispensary, where we happened to see the boy wounded in the neck by the bullet, half an inch deep the English doctor said, and within very little of the jugular artery.

Just as we crossed a little opening, Johnnie fired, the ball cutting Bear's jugular vein and also his windpipe, but the bear still seemed to have a "hankering" after me and kept coming for several yards.

The first step to be taken in this disease is to relieve the overloaded organs of the brain, which should be done by opening the neck or jugular vein with a large lancet, that the blood may flow freely.

Now I have always observed, that by not opening a vein, to empty the blood as fast as the external jugular receives it (for I always choose this vein for the experiment) by thus producing consequently an artificial plethora, I have, I say, always observed that the motion of the heart was accelerated.

The lungs were as usual; but an opening of half an inch in extent was discovered in the external jugular vein, at the place where this vein opens into the subclavian.

If we lay bare the jugular vein of a dog, we perceive that the blood does not move in its cavity from the sole influence of the right auricle, but in an evident manner from the influence of the motions of respiration also.

For the purpose of satisfying myself, I made the following experiment, I tied the jugular vein of a dog; the vessel became empty below the ligature, and swelled much above, as uniformly happens.

After this experiment, I opened the carotid, and the jugular vein of another dog, and after tying the extremity of the carotid next the heart, received the blood of the jugular into a warm syringe, and injected it into the brain.

Again the Russian with the knife closed and got home a deep cut which completely severed the animal's jugular vein.

Origin by fleshy fibers from the outer surface of the jugular process of the occipital bone, and by a thin tendon from the tip of the mastoid process and from the ridge between the mastoid and the jugular processes.

These sinuses communicate with the venous plexus about the orbital fissure, coming from the posterior facial vein; with the internal jugular through the jugular foramen, and with the vertebral veins, in the vertebral canal.

It passes along with the tenth and eleventh nerves through the jugular foramen.

It passes through the jugular foramen along with the glossopharyngeal and accessory nerves.

After receiving the rootlets from the medulla, it leaves the cranial cavity along with the vagus and glossopharyngeal by the jugular foramen.

They indicate the portion of the bone which bounds the jugular foramen, and are possibly impressions of the ninth, tenth, and eleventh nerves.

Neither are there valves in the jugular veins for the purpose of guarding against apoplexy, as some have said; because in sleep the head is more apt to be influenced by the contents of the carotid arteries.

The vagus has two ganglia, an upper and a lower; the former, or jugular, ganglion is involved in the sense of taste.

The taste fibers of the vagus seem to have their cells of origin in the jugular ganglion of that nerve.

Now, many surgeons say that if the jugular vein be severed it cannot be healed, because it is always throbbing and throbbing with each pulse beat, just as it is said that a shot through the heart is fatal.

Something heavy dropped on him from the top of the rock, knocking him sideways, away from the gun, pinning him to the ground; hands, big and strong as brass, took him round the throat, drove cruel thumbs into his jugular, strangling him.

Starting again from a similar point on the opposite side of the foramen, the fracture passes outwards to the jugular foramen.

When the force is more oblique in direction (as is usually the case) the fracture traverses the thin cerebellar fossa to the outer margin of the jugular foramen, and then follows one of the two courses indicated in the previous case.

A basic fracture was found, practically dividing the skull into two parts and involving the jugular foramen.

When the thrombus spreads downwards along the course of the internal jugular vein, there is swelling and tenderness along the line of the vein.

The anterior and external jugular veins may become engorged from the extra strain thrown upon them.

At the termination of these procedures, an attempt may be made, by irrigation between the open sinus above and jugular vein below, to wash away all thrombus contained in the intervening portion of the vessel.

After wrestling on the ground, and struggling through the deserted fire of our sable cook, I at length secured the runaway, tied him up to a post, and to prevent further mischief, ended his career by dividing the jugular.

Usually my strange, newly acquired telepathic power warned me in ample time, but once I was down with vicious fangs at my jugular and a hairy face pressed close to mine before I knew that I was even threatened.

Respiration became more difficult and stertorous, tongue and buccal membranes livid, jugular standing out.

Open both jugulars: allow the blood to flow from both veins till the water rushes forth or the animal falls, when, insensibility being produced, everything like spasm disappears, and the bladder will mechanically empty itself.