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Use liable in a sentence

Definition of liable:

  • (adjective) subject to legal action; "liable to criminal charges"
  • (adjective) (often followed by `to') likely to be affected with; "liable to diabetes"
  • (adjective) held legally responsible;
  • (adjective) at risk of or subject to experiencing something usually unpleasant;

Sentence Examples:

Indians, perhaps on account of their living so much in the woods, are not so liable to get bewildered and lost as white people.

From this day onward he was to live in holes in the ground, to be necessarily unclean, inevitably verminous, and liable to loathsome diseases.

The cargo underwriters were held liable to pay a contribution to damage done to the ship by cutting away masts for the general safety.

This formation was distinctly weaker and more liable to straggling, but nothing could be so bad as backing, collision, or stoppage at the obstructions.

Unless the men remove their puttees, boots and socks once a day they are liable to have "frost bite" "cobble feet" or varicose veins.

If the child is brought for advice when there is fluid in the joint, the condition is liable to be mistaken for tuberculous synovitis.

Either the names and order of the successive emperors, or the length of time during which they reigned would be liable to be misstated.

Crown officials such as treasurers, receivers, accountants, and revenue collectors shall not embezzle Crown funds and shall be personally liable for arrears.

His whole route lay through dangers from hostile tribes who, if not on the warpath one day, were liable to be on the next.

Remarks of that kind seem to mean that these rent-paying plots, liberated from servile duties, were especially liable to the interference of manorial officers.

Whatever may be the origin of the cheesy condition, the material presenting this appearance is liable to further changes, known as softening and calcification.

They were not liable to excommunication while in discharge of their duties, nor could they be suspended by any delegate of the Holy See.

Owing to the caravan's being liable to be pounced upon by marauders at any minute, it is quite necessary to keep the real route a secret.

Every year he had come forward to furnish the crew and munitions of a ship-of-war, a charge to which citizens only were properly liable.

Having become an incumbent, he was liable to expulsion by a local body of Ejectors for immorality or for holding blasphemous or atheistical opinions.

The shareholders having legal title to the stock at the time of insolvency of the bank are the ones liable for the additional liability.

During the cold months, especially in shops where freezing is liable to occur, it is advisable to add a little glycerine to the water.

For a long time its creation of sparks kept electrical machinery out of mines liable to fire-damp, which might be exploded by these sparks.

Salt is frequently adulterated with sulfate of lime, for the purpose of making it weigh heavier, appear lighter, and less liable to become moist.

To mistake indirectness of response for enfeeblement of impulse is a fundamental error to which all inquiry into the psychology of instinct is liable.

Like all artists, he possessed an irritable temperament, and was liable to passionate outbreaks, but in the main his demeanor was grave and dignified.

For although shallow-planted seed vegetates sooner, they are more liable to be winter-killed, or to perish by drought than those which are deeply covered.

This "greatly extended the column, made it liable to an enfilading fire, and put it out of support, in a measure, of the division in advance."

He remembered reading that propinquity often led people into mistakes, that constant companionship was liable to awaken a feeling that might masquerade as love.

In our day, this provincialism, which impregnates all our culture, is liable to have disastrous consequences politically, as well as for the civilization of mankind.

The former kind of these inebriates have been observed to be more liable to diabetes and dropsy; and the latter to gout, gravel, and leprosy.

Her husband, however, is not liable for such contracts, and they do not render him or his property in any way liable therefor.

These internal organs should be avoided, as they contain even more than the rest of the animal certain extracts liable to produce uric acid (see).

Homologous structures are particularly liable to change together, as we see on the opposite sides of the body, and in the upper and lower extremities.

A pecan carried through winter in a dry condition at normal room temperatures would be liable to develop quite a bit of rancidity by spring.

In those domesticated animals which are little liable to vary in other respects, as the cat and duck, the color very readily changes.

With a population thus constantly increasing and liable to great local fluctuations, redistribution may soon become a vexed question and a source of political chicanery.

Tissues which may become calcified are, in the first instance, the connective tissues, and of these fibrous tissue and cartilage are especially liable.

Among the manifold wretchedness to which the poor Irish tenant is liable, we must not pass over the practice of driving for rent.

He might be compared to an assignee under our law, with this difference, that the latter is only liable as far as he has assets.

Ersatz divisions were formed of the balance of reservists after the Reserve divisions had been organized, and of untrained men liable for service.

They have no heart to work, when they are liable, at any moment, to be involved in ruin by the rashness of some insurrectionary party.

They have, nevertheless, their interest, as symptoms of the powerful emotionalism which seemed equally liable to produce a fierce animalism or an intense religious asceticism.

I mention these facts in order to emphasize the desirability of disinfecting all articles liable to carry the infection coming from infected places.

Incautious recourse to the rules and definitions of classic Greek is liable to deceive and mislead us in the critical study of the New Testament.

Thus, in the hot season they believe we are more liable to fevers, and during the wet season too much water is absorbed, causing dropsy.

Of course, after such a revelation of untruthfulness, her whole testimony became liable to suspicion, the more violent that the falsehood was plainly intentional.

Here we trace the presence of a feeling which recalls the phenomena of the ancient and world-wide phallic worship, still liable to reappear sporadically.

Gentlemen are more liable to baldness than ladies, owing, no doubt, to the use of the close hat, which confines and overheats the head.

The Catholics of King George's time were to be mulcted indiscriminately because the Catholics of Queen Elizabeth's time had been declared liable to such a penalty.

The stragglers who, hearing only a sentence or two now and then, were liable to miss points, took up the cheers which were started.

For two or three centuries after the Conquest, there is no doubt that the peasantry were liable to be bought and sold as slaves.

Not only are they liable to seasickness, but at every bit of rough water they will get scared and make no end of trouble.

In the secondary roots we can frequently observe that one of the consonants, in the Aryan languages, generally the final, is liable to modification.

As a beverage, when constantly used, it is liable to cause obesity, gastric indigestion, arteriosclerosis, myocardial degeneration, chronic nephritis and cirrhosis of the liver.

Children who have been kept too hot in such Respects, are very often liable to Colds; they are weakly, pale, languishing, bloated and melancholy.

He expatiated on the host of ills and woes to which every living creature is liable, selecting by preference the most disgusting and terrible.

You are very liable to inflammatory attacks and were close to a severe attack of inflammation of the bowels; the predisposition is still in your body.

In like manner, the occurrence of erysipelas, or other complications to which these wounds of the scalp are liable, will be found treated elsewhere.

This latter is most liable to convey infection when the butcher smears it with the knife which he has used to remove tubercular organs.

He was a smuggler and an outlaw, liable at any time to be gibbeted; and she would suffer me no longer to remain in her service.

To ritual uncleanness, he was as liable as any man, and became thereby subject to the same obligation of ritual purifying, by which others were bound.

These are, as I have already observed, perfectly round; very pulpy, or fleshy, so liable to be excoriated or hurt, and of a soft fleshy substance.

By so doing the image would be rendered intense, and the high lights liable to solarization, id est, a dark appearance by reflected light.

I have a solemn duty to discharge, and however painful the task, however invidious, however liable to misconstruction, I must not shrink from it.

And he will, perhaps, permit us to hold to our own views, since we know that our dates are neither conjectural nor liable to modifications.

An orrery of this description is, however, liable to the objection that if handed around among the audience for examination, it is seldom returned uninjured.

This tincture has proved beneficial in cases of bilious diarrhea, with eructations, and mental depression, when a chronic cough is also liable to be present.

Now he was himself in the enemy lines, liable at any moment to be discovered and dragged out roughly, to be questioned by German captors.

The bravest army, under such circumstances, is liable, like a strong man in his sleep, to be pounced upon and discomfited by an inferior foe.

Wives in feeble health, and those liable to attacks of flooding, should therefore have a particular regard to the quantity of clothing on their beds.

As all the organs of plants are homologous and spring from a common axis, it is natural that they should be eminently liable to transposition.

This protection, it was submitted, could only be vouchsafed by making offending people understand that they would render themselves liable to heavy punishment.

Juveniles under fourteen years of age and mentally deficient persons unable to understand the nature or significance of a criminal act are not criminally liable.

Chronic cystitis is the condition left when the acute symptoms have passed away, but it is liable at any moment to resume the acute condition.

Besides, this system of wholesale confiscations might reduce a family to beggary in a single day, so that all transactions were liable to extraordinary risks.

For Royalty, like common flesh, is liable to get bothered with being run after and accosted as if it were Jack or Tom or Harry.

He is not liable as a carrier if he receives the goods, but is ordered not to ship them pending further instructions from the consignor.

This arrangement is calculated to facilitate the circulation, which the anastomoses favor in places, where the motion of the blood is liable to experience obstacles.

Should the peat become too dry, it is liable to take fire and smolder indefinitely, though this can be controlled by flooding from the river.

Only one-third part of the top and bottom plates of the rotary retort being exposed to the action of heat, are alone liable to deterioration.

Let us see to it that we do not intervene between two such ghostly potentates, remembering that we are but puny creatures, liable to err.

Style is liable to be antiquated by time, corrupted by innovation, debased by ignorance, perverted by conceit, impaired by negligence, and vitiated by caprice.

A man who objected to be put on a "schedule" of members liable to be deputed for such a mission would not necessarily be a coward.

When his power ceases to avail, that is when a stronger than he appears upon the scene, he is himself liable to be despoiled and killed.

Thus, stone cutters, knife grinders and polishers, on account of inhaling the irritating dust, are more liable to the disease than any other class.

I take it as the highest encomium on this country, that the acts of the legislature, if unconstitutional, are liable to be opposed by the judiciary

Abscess formation is an early and prominent feature, whether the disease is of osseous or synovial origin, and sinuses are liable to form around the joint.

For example, in some states he is not liable for slanderous words spoken by her in his absence; in other states his liability continues.

It may be that, like him, we are sometimes crotchety, sometimes too fond of oratorical blandishment, sometimes hasty in our judgments, and occasionally liable to panics.

If the consignee fails to remove them with reasonable promptness the carrier then becomes liable, merely as a warehouseman may, for its own neglect.

One of the worst things to run on is a reef of small boulders, as you are liable to get one on either side just under the bilge.

These men were always awkward persons to treat; their flesh healed badly, and they were liable to many complications which abstemious persons would escape.

Those of the lower class are liable to curious contagious excitements, which often make them behave as if they were intoxicated when they are not so.

Death, however, in the case of plague is very common on the second or third day, and is less liable to occur in more protracted cases.

At the same time, it is liable to undue stress in each direction; it may become a mere theological speculation, mere mysticism, or resolve itself into exterior formalism.

Providentially the castaways had been driven ashore on the larger island and the only one not liable to be completely swept by the breakers.

Forced as we are to accept it, it controls the fickleness to which our affections are liable, and acts as a direct stimulus to social sympathy.

It will invigorate the constitution, the mother will pass the time with little danger, and will be less liable to take cold after confinement.

Most of the Japanese servants were, like Tom, extremely quick and capable, but liable at times to take the domestic bit between their teeth.

The nerves are unsettled; they are habituated to a morbid craving, and, at a later period, that craving is liable to return in a changed manifestation.

The use of salt is objectionable, as it forms a white efflorescence on exterior surfaces and is liable to corrode the steel in reinforced concrete work.

In the latter case it is liable to be taken en passant, with a pawn that could have taken it had it been played only one square.

They are liable to be corroded by rust, to be clogged with leaves and dust, to be choked with ice, or to become loosened from their fastenings.

This delicate and complex mechanism is liable to be aborted or deranged by the withdrawal of force that is needed for its construction and maintenance.