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Definition of litigation:

  • (noun) a legal proceeding in a court; a judicial contest to determine and enforce legal rights

Sentence Examples:

As further litigation on each part they decline, no other observation is requisite on mine.

Complaints respecting "preferential rates" have been an especially fertile source of controversy and litigation.

Unfortunately, this is not always easily determined, as much expensive litigation is continually demonstrating.

This resolution also authorized the appointment of special counsel to have charge of such litigation.

Litigation in our Federal tribunals became greatly expanded after the close of the late war.

Indeed, throughout this litigation the Chief Justice may almost be said to have leaned backward.

Most of the lawsuits are estate-inheritance cases; some of them have been in litigation for generations.

Practically all this litigation concerned property rights, and much of it was exceedingly intricate.

It is possible, I will admit, that litigation might arise in regard to this delicate point.

It comprises history, description, law, discussions of suits and cases, litigation and legal citations.

As the courts are separate and independent, litigation may be commenced in any one of them.

His chief functions involved issuing licenses, warrants, writs, and orders connected with litigation.

His ability as a lawyer made him in constant demand in important litigation before that court.

Litigation and poor management seem to be the chief factors in stopping work in this district.

This consisted chiefly of litigation about debts contracted between the retail dealers and the settlers.

The long litigation, however, exhausted his fortune, and he again found himself a ruined man.

The expenses of the litigation and the various elections were enormous, both directly and indirectly.

Later, Mason, Gray's friend, attempted to regain possession of the copyright by means of litigation.

We have had fewer accidents, less injury to rolling stock, less litigation and bigger dividends.

This litigation involved about fifty thousand dollars, and had been in court for several years.

Its portfolio of litigation and public education on the subject is now nothing short of remarkable.

Did you ever hear of a congress of lawyers for simplifying the law and discouraging litigation?

I wanted to secure possession of the book, but without litigation, and, if possible, in secret.

Of course, until the missing witness is found out, it would be madness to commence litigation.

Finally, I say from long experience that it is a mistaken kindness to make copyright litigation easy.

It is a record of transactions that actually occurred in America, which were the subject of litigation.

Now, Brodie was Boone's counsel, and had been identified with him in some very difficult litigation.

He was interested in various enterprises and his death brought on legal complications and some litigation.

There is no need to anticipate the lively narrative of Bartholomew's experiences in this home of litigation long-drawn-out.

These claims sometimes give rise to a good deal of litigation, and are not always easy to determine.

This course if pursued often saves lengthy litigation, and a great waste of time and money.

Litigation was then pending, but she expected to lose everything, and become dependent on her nephews.

Such accounts are of great value in defending subsequent litigation and their existence sometimes prevents litigation.

His practice has been confined to no specialty, but has extended to all branches of litigation.

A promise made in business,' said he, 'is a contract contingent on circumstances and subject to litigation.

Unjust wars, as well as unjust litigation, are immoral in their effects and also in their cause.

Litigation followed, as a matter of course; and the house was offered for sale under a judgment.

The business would succeed, but not without trouble, and possibly litigation on my friend's part.

Use as little capital as you can for manufacturing, and save the most of it for litigation.

The reaction from a condition like this, entailing endless litigation and crash on crash, is easily seen.

It would be, in effect, litigation made easy and cheap, whether the complaint was good or bad.

Lansing, and it is of his fate that I desire to know, because a large estate is in litigation.

Before the arrangements under this Act were effected, much quarrelling and litigation were continually taking place.

This matter has been in litigation a long time, and I have been unable to learn the conclusion.

Endless trouble, litigation and uncertainty arise from an unnecessary variety of laws on such subjects as these.

It granted patents to the manufacturer, but the patents were a source of perpetual worry and litigation.

One of the greatest evils of modern litigation is the frequency with which new trials are granted.

Here as elsewhere, litigation is an expensive luxury, in which only those with full purses can indulge.

Of course such a rich prize provoked litigation, but Morgan's claim was too strong to be overthrown.

While these appeals and this litigation were in progress, the Indians were being subjected to repeated hardships.

It was finally decided in litigation that the Princess Alice was alone to blame for the disaster.

Instead of this, the course pursued is that of endless changes and experiments like a perpetual litigation.

After a good deal of tedious litigation Grey was able to settle nearly all the outstanding land claims.

In other words, war is not like a litigation which ends in the settlement of a particular dispute.

His third partner was frightened back into the employ of the oil combination by threatening litigation.

I was very soon talked into this proposal, and very soon embarked in the luxurious ocean of litigation.

Apart from this litigation with his guardians, we know little of Demosthenes' youth and early manhood.

The litigation which chiefly occupied them and gave the largest remuneration related to mines and mining claims.

To be sure, a tendency to excessive litigation is occasionally met with in what appear to be normal people.

There may still be litigation; your husband has other creditors than these people you have talked with.

As a consequence, litigation and sometimes civil war over this unlucky mistake lasted for a hundred years.

Again, the other two expressions "arising out of," and "during the course of" have caused much litigation.

The question that particularly engages the attention of representatives is whether settlement shall be made without litigation.

The simple assertion of a purpose to continue the litigation was enough to defeat the sale of the bonds.

And how it is with ordinary civil litigation, in which the poor seek justice against the rich?

The Civil War was the occasion of many important business enterprises, and gave rise to much litigation.

Bassett's name did not appear in the office records to Dan's knowledge nor was he engaged in litigation.

This clause, declaring a policy void in case the assured commits suicide, has given rise to much litigation.

From the point of view of everyone concerned, except the lawyer, there is no health in this litigation.

The verdict gives the plaintiffs the costs of this heavy litigation, except on two unimportant issues.

The country continued for a considerable time in a state of litigation, which is never favorable to industry.

Common law is a system of rules and usages, which have been applied in particular cases of litigation.

For all his courtesy, however, Aaron never fails to defeat son-in-law Hamilton in whatever litigation they are about.

Quintilian mentions several cases where litigation arose from this kind of ambiguity in the wording of a will.

We shall not close the courts of litigation and replace them by courts of reconciliation in a day.

Their chamber practice is profitable to them, and beneficial to the community, as it prevents much tedious litigation.

There are likewise many subjects of litigation, in which an acquaintance with other sciences is of the highest use.

Most of the wars, contentions, litigation, and bloodshed, from the beginning of time, have been its fruits.

His interest was to promote litigation and to fill his pockets by what is called sharp practice.

After that followed years of litigation, Joshua Sterne had left no one who could fight his battles.

I foresee the greatest danger from this extension of litigation, under the pretence of providing cheap law.

There was a big fight on between Gould's company and the Western Union, and this caused litigation.

Frequently the result is disastrous litigation, the breaking of domestic ties, and the exposure of family skeletons.

About half-a-dozen cases were temporarily decided Wednesday, but it is supposed the widows will renew the litigation.

He smiles with those who hint that a lawyer is always lavish of advice that leads to litigation.

He was glad that, at any rate, the law put a stop to further litigation over Clark's Field.

For this reason he would take the liberty of detailing to the Court the history of the litigation.

There was some litigation, was there not, between you and your former wife with respect to some trust?

In other words, would you not be doing away with the prevention of this tremendous waste in litigation?

Divorce suits are sometimes too hastily disposed of by the judges because of the pressure of other litigation.

He had less pleasure in advising that actions should be brought, than in removing all cause for litigation.

Whether the 'muscular sense' directly yields us knowledge of space is still a matter of litigation among psychologists.

Breasting the tide of litigation in the United States and State courts, popular and ardent, the Louisianian thrives.

It was obvious that the conventional litigation procedures could not, without some modification, be adapted to this task.

Lords maintained, supported, or promoted litigation with money or aid supplied to one party to the detriment of justice.

Joseph, the father of Charles, had wasted many years and most of his fortune in weary litigation.

There is a perfect system of political representation, and while justice is open to all, litigation is earnestly discouraged.

One day a violent litigation happened in his absence, and both parties agreed to refer it to his decision.

Ever since there have been laws, man, for his sins, has condemned himself to litigation half his lifetime.

He had had much to do with business of that kind, and found it beset with endless litigation.