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Use livestock in a sentence

Definition of livestock:

  • (noun) not used technically; any animals kept for use or profit

Sentence Examples:

"To have you hauled away to a stockyard, ill-odored foreign livestock."

Incidentally there was a good deal of unauthorized and undomesticated livestock.

The herds of livestock are perplexed, because they have no pasture.

We have no livestock, but we have a bottle in the haymow.

Beechnuts make excellent food for poultry and certain kinds of livestock.

Purebred livestock is raised on many of the farms in this vicinity.

The exploiters are not always concerned with livestock, minerals, or timber.

Other culprits in the saguaro problem are man himself and his livestock.

Three sows, two barrows and four shoats completed the list of livestock.

There was a miscellany of livestock, to serve wherever extra animals were needed.

Today computerized systems sell slaughter and feeder livestock, cotton, and shell eggs.

The major losses caused by them were through thievery of horses and other livestock.

The seeds of a few species contain alkaloids which are poisonous to livestock, especially sheep.

The horse, being the most important of all the livestock, she christened George Washington.

Livestock fed the best hay supplemented with grain and silage make fairly rich manure.

Goats do not in any way interfere with the pasturage of cattle or other livestock.

Items missing from the pre-Spanish Indian culture include metals, livestock, wheeled vehicles, and writing.

Overcrowding by men or livestock, on the other hand, puts a strain upon the social bond.

Had she ever thought her matriculation would land her up here, amid livestock and Saturday cleaning?

In spite of watchfulness and in defiance of all law, livestock thieves had not yet been stamped out.

Where are the horses, mares, dogs, pigs, ponies, oxen, cows, cats, colts, calves, and livestock generally?

For livestock there was a mare, three cows, two steers, two heifers, four calves, and four pigs.

The reported increase in meat production cannot be correlated with available data on changes in the size of livestock herds.

Horses, livestock, provisions, munitions, and the varied merchandise were the center of a lively scene about their encampment.

The peasants slaughtered their livestock because once collectivized, the livestock passed completely out of control of the peasants.

In this local market he could buy foodstuffs, livestock, household goods, fuels, skins, and certain varieties of cloth.

Historical circumstances were favorable, and the government offered all manner of facilities to the livestock and farm impresarios.

Large waves, high velocities, crosscurrents, and eddies swept away trees, houses, bridges, automobiles, heavy construction equipment, and livestock.

Farms inevitably included livestock, and animal manure or compost made with manure or green manures were the main sustainers of soil fertility.

There are certain bulky commodities like coal, livestock, lumber, grain, and cement, which are almost always handled in carload lots.

Livestock and rodents together, during dry periods, have in many places almost entirely denuded the surface soil of its vegetation.

Moreover, all livestock in the industrial regions was to be seized for use by the Wehrmacht and the German civilian population.

There are at least four species of whorled milkweeds, but two of them are particularly important from the standpoint of people handling livestock.

It studies methods of dairying and dairy manufacturing, of breeding and feeding livestock, of producing wool and other animal fibers, of poultry raising.

They came for days in an endless stream of plodding humanity, clutching personal possessions, carrying precious bags of seeds, driving livestock before them.

Took out of our prize some gunpowder, rum, porter, livestock and various small articles, supplying her with water and sundries for her voyage.

Our hearts sickened at the thought of those thirteen awful days spent in crossing the ocean, when we were packed like livestock in those horrible quarters.

The owner of livestock raised more grain and more hay and had more pasturage than he had animals to consume or than he had a market for.

Books, harps, swords, and implements of livelihood were exempted from distraint, while among livestock horses were placed in the same category, as being necessary for defense.

Farming received an impetus at the hands of Spaniards, and the small farms and livestock ranches, which dated from the sixteenth century, expanded their landholdings.

He sent a man with the cars who personally attended to icing the cars, just as we used to travel in the caboose to look after the livestock.

To improve the county's stock, farmers were urged to breed their livestock with purebred animals whenever possible, and keep accurate records of milk and egg production.

He rode one of Lennox's cattle ponies, the only piece of horse-flesh that Bill had not taken to the valleys when he had driven down the livestock.

She is believed to protect its inhabitants and its livestock from disease, disaster and famine, to promote the fecundity of cattle and goats, and to give children.

From the hinterlands came tales of murder done at midnight, of men and women horribly mangled, of livestock slaughtered, of buildings crushed as if by some titanic force.

Sheridan, whose forces had been savagely attacked by some Confederate guerilla bands, now retaliated by destroying houses, barns and foodstuffs and by capturing or killing livestock.

And while freight rates were extortionately high on corn and wheat in proportion to their cash value, railroads were racing with each other to get the livestock trade.

Agricultural land has been inefficiently used for centuries because people having large landholdings preferred to maintain more profitable livestock herds rather than cultivate the earth for foodstuff production.

A few of the English had chairs but Grant and I wandered between crates of ducks, chickens, and livestock, and hundreds of Japanese squatting stolidly on the deck.

They include cooperative grain elevators and warehouses, creameries and cheese factories, cooperative stores, fruit and grain growers' associations, livestock associations, cotton and tobacco associations, and many others.

There were no depredations upon the livestock, and when the peace of the settlements was disturbed it was by the white man and not by the red brother.

This unexpected supply came very opportunely; for none of our livestock remained except hogs, the sheep and poultry not being hardy enough to stand the severity of the weather.

Many thousands of square miles were inundated a great many lives were lost, much livestock was drowned, and a very heavy destruction of property was inflicted upon the inhabitants.

In a sparsely settled grain and livestock region it would be quite inadvisable to grow strawberries or other crops which require a maximum of hand labor during a very brief period.

They were all of them sooty dilapidated shanties, which might easily have been taken for stables, consisting of a single room in which the whole family lived, livestock and all.

Available data are inadequate to reconcile the reported growth in the value of livestock production with a seemingly inconsistent rise in the physical output of livestock products and changes in livestock herds.

Thus, there are dairy commissioners, horticultural boards, livestock sanitary boards, foresters, entomologists (specialists in insect life in its relation to agriculture), and others, to look after every aspect of farming.

Luckily, as it was still warm weather, the livestock had all been out in the fields, so there had been no panic even when one end of the cowshed caught fire.

The pocket gophers had honeycombed the surface of the ground, and sheep had trampled out most of the grass, while livestock grazing had been reduced to a negligible figure.

It is however impossible to prevent the weary and wretched soldiers who have received no issue of rations from commandeering the bread and the livestock which they need for their survival.

Farmers and ranchers with large feedlot or other livestock operations might find that a feed formulation program could cut costs enough to pay for the computer system within a few months.

In the pond development program, a farmer is assisted in impounding a small body of water, from which livestock is fenced, if he will agree to permit hunting on a portion of his farm.

In 1948, when livestock grazed on the area, and the ground cover of herbaceous vegetation was relatively sparse, cottontails were much less abundant than they were later when the vegetation was protected.

Without it the great packing interests could not exist, and livestock husbandry would revert to the primitive and unprofitable conditions prevailing fifty years ago and described in the preceding chapter.

The settlers, always looking to France to supply their needs and protect them against their own improvidence, were in the habit of butchering for food the livestock sent them for propagation.

They had been horse and cattle raisers before a mine was ever dreamed of, and it was the rearing of the livestock for which Jim and Jack cared intensely to this day.

By pounding the soil with their hooves, livestock compact the substrate, increase the proportion of fine material, and reduce the percolation rate of the soil, thus encouraging erosion by wind and water.

They passed cargoes of green vegetables bound for the city, and houseboats which carried not only the family and their household furniture, but also the livestock, dogs, chickens and parrots.

Sheep husbandry is considerably followed, and the climate appears admirably adapted to the profitable raising of all kinds of livestock, while all the fruits and vegetables of the temperate zone yield remarkably.

Farm related buildings, those necessary for agriculture and caring for livestock, included barns (single crib, double crib, transverse crib), storage buildings and often the potato house, blacksmith shop and syrup mill.

For the country dweller, who feels that life is not complete without livestock of some sort and follows that by acquiring a barnyard menagerie, we would recommend that he enter upon his course cautiously.

The high price is not due to manipulations of the market, but to natural causes, the chief of which is the limitation of pasturage and is the consequence of a decrease in the number of livestock.

Small amounts of stone are used for making alkalies and glass, for railroad ballast, for building stone, for dusting coal mines to prevent coal dust explosions, and for ingredients in mineral feeds for livestock.

Remember, that it was only a century ago when Americans received their first rudimentary lessons in exercising a little common sense in the exploitation of resources, whether for crops, lumber, mineral, livestock, or recreational opportunities.

Detailed instructions on crop and livestock production and on the volume of farm products to be delivered to the state have been handed down to farms by higher authorities insufficiently familiar with their natural and economic conditions.

Much land that had been devoted to the raising of livestock was turned over to cultivation, and the stock were gradually displaced until livestock haciendas came to be located mainly in the north of the country.

The extreme drought throughout the west had forced rodents from the open lands into adjacent irrigated valleys and mountain meadows, where they became especially objectionable in their competition with livestock for the available forage.

Fear that the Federal government might confiscate the goods of the Order forced the final dissolution of most of the property, and farming lands, livestock, ranches, tannery and sawmill, were all sold to members.

In fact, the complete absence of stocks, the insufficiency of the means of production and of transport, the reduction of livestock and the economic disorganization, do not permit the allotting of sufficient rations at this time.

My job is with field crops and livestock but my golf, fishing, hunting and bridge are mostly played with a spade and pruning shears or wandering around in the brush somewhere looking for something new.

There were twenty-three cars of Texas livestock and California fruit waiting for a train out, and the drovers were becoming impatient, because they wanted to get up to Chicago to take advantage of a big bulge in the market.

Those who see in the mosquito-infested tundra of "The Land of Little Sticks," with its months of winter darkness, a future populous area of agricultural and livestock industry are destined to wait long for the realization of their dream.

I am sure that in these later years we do not have the sudden blizzards, such as swept howling from the north in those early days, which is fortunate, as they would cause untold suffering to people and livestock.

For a long time no shout of any kind was heard, though there was considerable noise when the searching party came upon the lairs of members of the livestock that had taken up their quarters in the bush.

In order to think more intelligently about our use of food, let us find out, if we can, which parts of the food stored up by the plant for its sustenance are used by us both for ourselves and our livestock.

Within the next decade, we should be able to determine how the nuts from these seedling trees compare with the parent tree and there should be adequate shade for all classes of livestock on either side of the fence.

Not only were seeds and fruits being eaten by the livestock, but game also was getting scarce and hard to find, due largely to encroachment of cattle and sheep which were taking the place of deer upon the range.

In a few favored communities having access to large natural resources, such as abundant pasturage for livestock, either dairy or range, the produce was more than sufficient to pay the wages assigned and to build up a surplus capital.

He remembered now that during the holidays he had discovered that Dick was maintaining a sort of amateur menagerie in his bedroom, and that he had ordered the whole of the livestock to be got rid of or summarily destroyed.

The Apaches, at a word from Iron Shirt, had descended the hill towards the hacienda, rallying their own comrades preparatory to a prudent drawing off with all the livestock which might be added to their previously collected droves.

Could the commission man sell, and the packer buy the livestock if it were not for another salesman and another buyer out at the farthest end of the market system transacting business with each other in the retail market?

His fellow travelers were anxious to point out the various places of interest, the fine corn crops, livestock and farm buildings, but the Englishman was so anxious to get to the wilds that this interlude only filled him with impatience.

He also put in force a rule that every man with a family who arrived in the colony should be provided with a house free of rent, tools, and livestock, and with subsistence for himself and family for the first year.

Farmers may be reluctant to set aside acreage for this purpose, but they could be planted along fence rows around the entire farm and would produce shade for livestock, an abundance of marketable nuts, and later a fortune in saw logs.

The livestock corporations thereupon sent in their swarms of dummies to the "desert" lands (many of which, in reality, were not desert but excellent grazing lands), had their dummies get patents from the Government and then transfer the lands.

The villagers and farmers had been obliged to keep their livestock locked up, and even then, in a few cases, the daring brutes had broken in, taken what they wanted, killed a few animals besides, just to show they had been there, and then made off.

Ninety per cent of the profits of the Company have been re-invested in the business and are represented today by great packing plants at sixteen market centers, and many branch houses throughout the country, together with refrigerator car lines connecting the livestock markets with the consuming centers of the nation.

Since the fairs have been held at the present grounds south of the city, the exhibition of livestock and the horse racing features, and in the three prior years to the date of this work, the "Pioneer Days," have become leading events and have drawn thousands of visitors from all parts of the country.

Thus, with a few established facts in mind, one can easily determine how to maintain or even to increase the supply of nitrogen in the soil, and without the purchase of nitrogen in any form; and it is just as possible and just as necessary thus to provide the nitrogen needed in grain farming as in livestock farming.