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Use livestock in a sentence

Definition of livestock:

  • (noun) not used technically; any animals kept for use or profit

Sentence Examples:

Substantial funds were also invested in the expansion of orchards, vineyards, and livestock.

Nevertheless, the National Forests play an important part in the western livestock industry.

Livestock was appropriated, until almost every available thing was carried away or destroyed.

This policy ignored the demonstrated superiority of livestock production on small farm plots.

Severe livestock damage resulting in poor growth and eventual death of trees was encountered frequently.

There are two distinct divisions of the process of turning livestock into available meat supplies.

Strayed livestock and found property shall be exhibited in three parts of the neighborhood.

Do you suppose all your mother's tenants will feel called upon to supply us with livestock?

There is no mention, either, of the reduction in livestock and damage caused by soil exhaustion.

Topics for investigation: Difficulties experienced by farmers in your locality in marketing produce or livestock.

The imports consist chiefly of timber, provisions, livestock, poultry, flour, fruit, vegetables and eggs.

You could do quite a sob story on the poor, poverty-stricken Tuareg having their livestock destroyed.

It supplies shelter for the livestock during stormy weather and protects the soil against erosion.

The model includes crop rotation, annual budget and a schedule of livestock feeding and purchase.

Practically every plantation, both large and small, had livestock and produced milk and butter.

Such woodlands provide little food for livestock, and are often fenced off from adjacent pastures.

Fruits, in common with those of Honey Mesquite, are used by Indians and livestock for food.

Bet you Mike Murphy could take that cargo of livestock across and bring another cargo back.

Taking place as it does in the bowels of the earth, there is no danger to valuable livestock.

The storekeeper willingly waited until some livestock were sold, or even until the next crop came in.

Since Bradley prohibits our taking revenge on the enemy, we'll take it out on the local livestock.

America and the world will continue to demand more and more meat and other products from livestock.

He had supervised the purchase of livestock for the improvement of the tribal flocks and herds.

And when Papa finished building, there were shelters for tools, livestock, poultry, and a blacksmith shop.

"Tell me about the livestock," said Anna, remembering Uncle Joachim's frequent and affectionate allusions to his swine.

It resembled many craft of its class used by farmers to carry grain and livestock to market.

Although agriculture is no longer the leading occupation, Virginia has a variety of important crops and livestock.

On the property were several buildings, a good orchard, a number of livestock, plus the usual corn fields.

The livestock is of the finest breeds; the products of the fields and orchards are the choicest.

Livestock Greater success came from their attempts to raise animals than attended their efforts to grow crops.

Special advice for rural families on emergency actions related to crops and livestock is available from the U.S.

They are a part of our economics and are bred, fed, and managed according to sound livestock principles.

The lag in the growth rate of feed production has contributed to the difficulties in the livestock sector.

The produce, whether crops or livestock, was divided between the government, the priesthood, and the communes.

I saw livestock kept alive only because water had been brought to them long distances in tank cars.

Are you going to make household pets of all my livestock when you come to the ranch next summer?

One should respect all property, especially livestock and fences, and leave the area cleaner than when entered.

He used the ordinary farm implements and his livestock consisted of only a horse and a few hens.

After the old gentleman left the two sons came in and said: "Senator, are you fond of livestock?"

A small fraction of the loans after 1960 was granted to individual peasants for the purchase of livestock.

In rural areas they might have been attending the family's private agricultural plot or the privately owned livestock.

Since the solution is somewhat poisonous it should not be left exposed where it might be drunk by livestock.

The slightest sign of injury or illness in an animal caused the Mayor's livestock committee to call for help.

Would he have gone away like that, of his own accord, and let all his livestock starve to death?

I consider his mode of exploring with livestock consisting of camels, cattle, sheep, and horses, nearly the best.

We used to think him the best judge of livestock in the county, and he is a good all-round farmer.

The town is an important market for grain, fruit and livestock, but its staple trade is in wine.

Fire is often a total disaster to the rural poor, wrecking their homes and frequently killing their livestock.

Ida Mary and I led our livestock to a water hole three miles away, filling water cans for ourselves.

This has made their use so uncertain that it has contributed greatly to the instability of the livestock industry.

"Our farms and our livestock will be our only means of salvation after present food stocks are gone," he said.

Livestock raising is the most important agricultural activity; poor soils limit the islands' ability to meet domestic food requirements.

There was also a certain amount of grain to be raised each year for livestock feed, and a large vegetable garden.

George, and General Snow ordered the livestock along the Virgin gathered together and herded under armed guard.

As the answer was "no" the soldiers marched on after taking all the livestock that they could find.

Here they also bred and raised horses and cattle, and the care of livestock was a part of the curriculum.

Then, too, for the sake of our economic stability, the livestock interest of the country must be preserved and encouraged.

He turned the car into the basement of the apartment, his latest venture in livestock on the seat beside him.

Trees set in fertile soil with an adequate moisture supply and kept free of livestock and other damage make rapid growth.

The only danger is neglect, and especially when the livestock is removed to the pasture fields in the spring.

Let the poor people answer whom they have deprived of every mouthful of meat and of their livestock to make any!

Kansas City is primarily a commercial center, and its trade in livestock, grain and agricultural implements is especially large.

This service does independent forecasts of production, prices, and demand for livestock, and has a separate program for fertilizer.

A dozen years ago, in one season, he had sold eighty thousand dollars worth of livestock from these two ranches.

They were ordered not only to live upon them, but also to secure whatever livestock they owned, or whatever food of value.

He was sorry the soldiers had helped themselves so freely to the livestock; but everything had now settled down.

From the way they scattered, and got their livestock into the woods, they probably expect us to bomb them.

Later he moved to Rockwell City and established the Joselyn Stock Food Company and began manufacturing feeds for livestock.

Livestock was acquired, agriculture was begun, the use of whiskey was prohibited, and every indication was afforded of peaceful intent.

The contents of the barn, which included all of his livestock and much of the farm equipment, were also lost.

Yet he was not included in the list of land, buildings and livestock set forth in the bill of sale.

The goats grew more numerous, a cow was added, they bought more virgin land, and they acquired still more livestock.

And this we have found to be the case in the past years' experiment with the livestock on the Rainbow ranch.

Wheat, tobacco and livestock were sold, and manure was applied for tobacco and so far as possible for corn also.

There was a demand for the handling of livestock shipments, and soon it was necessary to establish a special Livestock Department.

Major problems in the expansion of cattle herds and livestock production are also posed by poor management and inadequate veterinary services.

We are inclined to believe that livestock accounted for a much higher percent of tree mortality than that reported in this survey.

He had friends up in one of the Missouri towns in the livestock commission business, and they had all kinds of cattle.

Optimum habitat requirements are perhaps best met around buildings where waste grain from poultry and livestock feeding can be found.

Livestock and minerals, then, are woven through the historical pattern and are never far from any part of the story.

Agricultural sector use includes water used for irrigation and livestock watering, and does not account for agriculture directly dependent on rainfall.

The breeding of livestock, fishing, and some domestic trades, chiefly carried on by the women, are the principal sources of maintenance.

Some of this limestone is used to polish rice grains, and it is added to livestock feeds to provide calcium for the animals.

Some of this waste grain taken should be counted as a loss because the farmer would normally let his livestock utilize it.

This situation has resulted also in a greater variety of crops, improved breeds of livestock, and better control of insects and pests.

Trained advisers are employed by the Union to travel among the farmers and suggest improved methods of raising crops and livestock.

The city or town owner of horses or livestock bought his feed stuffs mostly direct from the farmer who grew them.

With little, if any, livestock left and with farm tools missing, the serious problem of reconstruction and rehabilitation can be easily understood.

Asked little Walter, pricking up his ears, while Violet asked with an amused look, "Have you been making an investment in livestock, Max?"

Own a fine little ranch, a decent run of livestock and poultry, raise plenty of feed, and have something to sell right along.

Causes of mortality, as reported, were classified in five categories; losses prior to establishment, livestock and destruction, drought, insects and disease, and unknown.

Those who have attended Southern fairs will know at once from the livestock entries that this was truly a good county fair.

They have learned to keep livestock, they cultivate many fruits and vegetables unknown to their ancestors, they use metal tools and machinery.

Includes views of the agricultural and livestock exhibits, and of the colorful parades, folk dances, art exhibits, races, and midway attractions.

When the boys came in (sons of the entertainer) they said: 'Senator, we hear that you are an expert on livestock, horses, cattle, etc.

Chuck had stumbled on the hiding place where they held the stolen livestock until time to ship them out from the railroad.

They really do have jobs at stock pens, helping the men load other sheep into the livestock cars that carry them to market.

The citizen farmer who lives in the same community with the miner ... must invest in land and buildings, tools and livestock.

The substantial increase in the country's population, as well as the strengthening international economy, created a great demand for farm and livestock products.

It has a beautiful location, commands the trade of a large farming county, ships grain and livestock, and is a prosperous and growing town.