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Use livestock in a sentence

Definition of livestock:

  • (noun) not used technically; any animals kept for use or profit

Sentence Examples:

I bred small livestock.

Livestock had virtually disappeared.

Other livestock also is abundant.

The livestock industry is increasing.

Great attention is paid to livestock.

Livestock was reduced by two-thirds.

Even the livestock had become restless.

Johns and Snowflake were cooperative livestock herds.

The principal livestock activity is sheep raising.

Livestock is plentiful, and the prices are moderate.

Livestock and proper land use are natural companions.

Diseases of livestock prevalent in your locality and state.

Practically all the livestock had been carried away.

Livestock raising is the most significant agricultural activity.

Livestock raids on ranches sometimes left entire families murdered.

Probably even more pervasive was the influence of livestock.

There is a marked increase in the number of livestock.

His livestock economy was incidental, yet very important.

Outsiders wagered money and livestock to a large amount.

I know nothing about managing farms and raising livestock.

Co-operative sale of livestock, cheese, etc., may develop in time.

Best ton of livestock that ever stood on four legs.

We were all supposed to meet by the livestock gate.

They arose heavily and strolled forth to view the livestock.

"You remember how much we got for our livestock, Edna?"

If not, we'll use our holdings to raise wheat and livestock.

Goats, like other livestock, should have a small amount of salt.

Your mules, your harness, your wagon, your livestock, your household goods.

I should need livestock, of course, to make use of the grass.

Most of the plots are fenced against livestock and deer.

His livestock consists of four breeding sows and thirty fowls.

The number of his cows and other livestock is secondary.

When I heard it I decided to make an investment in livestock.

"Your men are shooting the livestock of those poverty-stricken people."

In the beginning Salinas was a center for livestock raising.

Only one which he always read, the daily quotation on livestock.

I left the Lobby because I didn't believe colonials were mere livestock.

Vessels stood by to carry them and their livestock off.

The same someone who supplied the livestock also supplied Czech weapons.

The livestock and sheep industries, have made many wealthy or well-to-do.

The leaves are sweet and eagerly sought for food by livestock.

Point three was an extreme concentration of livestock near the town.

Most of the houses are full of them, and also other livestock.

Because he cannot do this he cannot control the prices of livestock.

Never again will I lighter a cargo of livestock of this kind!

The advent of the farmer forced drastic changes in livestock operations.

Each share carried with it a certain portion of land and livestock.

Papa did what he could to feed his family and his livestock.

The plant is suspected to be toxic to livestock, but is rarely eaten.

They were now in a position to buy land and a little livestock.

In other parts are grassy plains suitable for cattle and other livestock.

His establishment was the largest enterprise in the livestock line in Virginia.

And I am left to milk the cows and tend the livestock.

The manufacture of fertilizer was a prime reason for stabling his livestock.

He initiated ranching on this frontier by introducing cattle and other livestock.

The last of the animals were being led into the livestock hold.

We are billed like so much livestock; he must account for every head.

Livestock and freight came down on one elevator and passengers came down another.

As the owners of livestock, they became persons of consequence in their villages.

These variations are not wide enough to have great importance to the livestock farmer.

Agriculture is carried to perfection on a number of estates, as also livestock breeding.

Kendal was found sitting on the floor at play with the livestock.

They learned to isolate it and to put it into diet supplements for livestock.

"Oh, we'll show some livestock at the County Fair that can't be beat."

Nine children, and the farm and livestock to it, keep us pretty busy.

This is especially true if one permits livestock to keep down weeds and brush.

Livestock had been imported, and were allowed to roam at large in the woods.

The settlement, in 1625, seemed well stocked with arms but had no livestock.

They also told of farms heavy with crops and of livestock wandering wild.

Settlement has brought roads, ditches, cultivated fields and a large amount of livestock.

She had landed her guns, and was filling her deck with livestock.

The Prioress also kept a most meticulous account of the livestock on her farm.

His lands, his tools, his teams and other livestock, constitute his capital.

I'd just like to see that man's face when all his livestock leaves him.

Someone supplied those Tuareg with the livestock and paid them to trek up here.

The livestock always excited their special interest and brought the liveliest bidding.

An increase in all categories of livestock other than sheep, however, took place in 1971.

The barn houses livestock such as horses, pigs, sheep, goats, and dairy cows.

All they want is good healthy human livestock when they're ready for it.

However, if there was any livestock about, he would avoid argument by circling around.

Livestock increased in numbers, and naturally a brisk trade sprang up in many commodities.

When it came to loans, his judgment on land and livestock was never disputed.

When you men once get with the livestock, that's the last we see of you.

In the meantime, gathering the livestock from the exposed range was proceeding slowly.

In the spring when hay becomes scarce fish are often fed to the livestock.

By this time livestock shipments had amounted to a value in excess of two million dollars.

You know we did not bother you when you were trying to get your livestock in.

The livestock as we have seen was allowed to run at large in the fenced ranges.

"Well, this happens to be my farm and my livestock," replied her husband cruelly.

She could run the farm, look after the livestock, and dispose of her products.

To carry away silver and gold, to take away livestock and goods, to take great spoil?

He gives livestock their food and feeds the young ravens that call out to Him.

Ralph, you and Sparks drive the livestock into the small cave, so they'll be hidden.

This plant is of value as forage for livestock, and deer feed upon it to a limited extent.

The livestock had been removed, but every house in the valley was stocked with supplies.

In some ways, all had changed and in some, nothing had; camels still panicked livestock.

No need to sell their slaves and livestock; they would need both in the new location.

The slits in livestock cars let in plenty of fresh air and keep the animals cool.

The best mine that I know of, is one of corn and wine with nourishment for livestock.