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Use maverick in a sentence

Definition of maverick:

  • (noun) someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action
  • (noun) an unbranded range animal (especially a stray calf)
  • (adjective) independent in behavior or thought;

Sentence Examples:

"More maverick railroading," he said disgustedly.

Therefore, a maverick was a cow or steer unbranded.

"Some of you maverick psis scream like a gelded porker," he said.

A maverick is an unbranded calf that has been weaned and shifts for itself.

Most of my punchers are off on the Bone Mound Range, rounding up mavericks.

Calves which are motherless and are unbranded are known as mavericks, and belong to whoever finds them.

Well, if any misguided maverick gets it into his fool head to stick us up, you see what happens.

Riding broncos, roping wild cattle, running races, and branding mavericks were his principal business and amusement.

Nor need a maverick worry very long because he belongs to no one, so long as cowmen ride the range.

The cowman who finds a maverick promptly puts his own brand on it, and it belongs to him.

They'll cut one out of the herd, or appropriate a maverick, or an unbranded calf, and feast up on it.

That winter the cattle in the foothills roamed the range like mavericks, rustling for their water and feed.

He stuck one willow wand into his bootleg for emergency, and then used the other to prod the maverick.

Stray unbranded cattle over a year old are known as "mavericks," and become the property of any person branding them.

A brand originated by a dishonest cattleman, who, without owning any stock, gradually accumulates a herd by finding mavericks.

Luck and thrift, a cool head, and a telescopic eye for mavericks had raised him from cowboy to be a cowman.

He was an underbred maverick, with sharp eyes of watery blue, a thin mustache, large teeth, and no chin worth noticing.

The rustlers grew more daring as their numbers increased, and, instead of confining their operations to the mavericks, began altering brands.

"It was about some shorthorn that jumped the home corral to maverick around loose in the alfalfa with a bunch of wild ones."

I had an early taste of maverick money, and the taste was so sweet that I never have lost my hankering for more.

If on the round-up an animal was passed by, the following year it would appear as an unbranded yearling, and was then called a maverick.

Every cow, calf or steer that didn't have a brand on was called one of Maverick's, and so we call, now, any unbranded animal a 'maverick.'

"You've done pretty well since you've been here, and if we can get that bunch of mavericks of Harkness's, we'll all have a pocketful of money."

The Pacer shuddered as the hot iron seared his flesh, but it was quickly done, and the famous Mustang Stallion was a maverick no more.

If a calf remains unbranded until after it is weaned and quits its mother, it becomes a maverick and is liable to be lost to its owner.

Each man separates into a bunch the cattle with his brands, and also the little calves, or the mavericks, and hazes them toward his corrals.

He was riding over the range one day with one of his ablest cowpunchers, when they came upon a "maverick," a two-year-old steer, which had never been branded.

Later such as were not shipped away, and many of the calves and mavericks would be returned to fatten up and grow in readiness for the spring tallying.

He was tossed over and over again clear over the head of the wild maverick, and over and over again he remounted, to be thrown again by the wildly kicking bronco.

Suddenly a maverick that had been lying down on the outskirts of the herd lumbered heavily to its feet, and raising its head, sniffed the air for a moment.

One year a maverick yearling, strayed or overlooked by the vaqueros, kept on until the season's end, and so betrayed another visitor to the spring that else I might have missed.

My deputies reported to me that on the last round-up calves were found bearing a different iron from their mothers and that mavericks were branded on sight, anywhere on the open range.

The Gold Dust maverick was suddenly flooded with a glare of light as the moonbeams poured over the top of the shed and streamed through the bars of the circular corral.

A wooden toggle was fastened with rawhide to its neck, so it would trail between its forelegs, to prevent running, when the wild maverick was freed and allowed to enter the herd.

Occasionally you would be lucky enough to find a maverick, a calf or a yearling so old as to have left its mother and be still running loose without a brand and therefore without an owner.

"We'll get that fellow now, because before the next rodeo he'll be big enough to leave his mother, and then; if he isn't branded, he'll be a maverick, and will belong to anybody that puts an iron on him."

The ownership of the cattle was determined by the brand the animal bore, and the herds were "rounded up" twice a year to be sorted; at the round-up the "mavericks," or unmarked calves and yearlings, were branded.

Good saddle animal as Pawnee was, Jack thought too much of him to be willing to use him in the long rough work of riding circle or branding calves, or throwing big cows, if any old mavericks should be found.

Unbranded calves who had partly attained their growth, were termed "mavericks," and when the herds of different owners mingled, there was, usually, a division of the mavericks, since it could not be accurately told who owned them.

The crunching sound made by the Gold Dust maverick, munching at the pile of hay on the ground in the corral, blended with and seemed a queer accompaniment to the melody that came from the scene of revelry up at the house.

This consisted of each man in succession being sent into the herd, usually with a companion, to cut out the cows of his brand or brands which were followed by unbranded calves, and also to cut out any mavericks or unbranded yearlings.

He threw his rope, and threw again, with the skill which long practice in roping mavericks had given him; and gently, gently, with a success which seemed miraculous even to "Snow-shoe" Brown, he had drawn the bobbing cradle gradually to shore.