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Use maverick in a sentence

Definition of maverick:

  • (noun) someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action
  • (noun) an unbranded range animal (especially a stray calf)
  • (adjective) independent in behavior or thought;

Sentence Examples:

To take a maverick.

That's maverick age.'

"The Gold Dust maverick?"

That was maverick treasure.

Went away with a maverick?

This calf was a maverick.

"It's a maverick we come across."

The maverick stood perfectly still.

Up the ravine the maverick headed.

"What do you mean by a maverick?"

I reckon you're a maverick for certain.

The Gold Dust maverick was "pocketed!"

Then the Gold Dust maverick ran!

The Gold Dust maverick became quieter still.

I'm a maverick, an' aim to stay so.

Again she glanced at the Gold Dust maverick.

Nobody else but him can ride the maverick!

"You pore little maverick," the man commented silently.

"Not a maverick in the bunch," commented Pete.

Guess you must a thought it was a maverick.

Her thoughts turned to the Gold Dust maverick.

"Did he name her as the Gold Dust maverick?"

"I suppose you haven't an idea what a maverick is?"

By his side he led the Gold Dust maverick.

We try to divide up the mavericks as near as possible.

Wolf Forbes chase you away from his pet mavericks?

"When are you going to ride the Gold Dust maverick?"

I'm getting Dick fixed as a bit of a maverick.

An' there ain't that many mavericks on this ranch.

You see, I thought the ol' maverick was my father.

She treated me like any other maverick in the herd.

Did you think I'd give you a chance, you short-horned maverick!

Carlson got an early start in his career as a maverick.

I tried to look as sad and innocent as a stray maverick.

"I'd like to ride the Gold Dust maverick with this outfit!"

The maverick wheeled quickly and dashed away to the south alone.

An occasional maverick came across their range, and they branded it.

"I think he went after that Gold Dust maverick," Charley said.

At that the Queen sat up and stared at me like a maverick.

They also gathered in all the mavericks, and no one dared interfere.

"What was your idea in riding the Gold Dust maverick last night?"

The Gold Dust maverick seemed to reflect the girl's own uneasy mood.

I'll not have a maverick heading the armed forces of this nation.

The maverick was still trailing the rope he had stolen from me.

Anyway, the little maverick was now making head alone in a private school.

And I don't stand up for burning men alive because they brand mavericks.

"I am going to get one; and then I'll ride the Gold Dust maverick!"

With the maverick to take care of he had to be cautious as to his movements.

From that moment, the maverick was called Red Thunderbolt throughout the range.

The maverick then belongs to the man who finds it and brands it.

He stood a few moments looking at Captain Jack and the Gold Dust maverick.

He gave Captain Jack's ear a loving twitch, then turned to the Gold Dust maverick.

To rope the mavericks and place upon them the McIntyre brand is then quite easy.

"Singer's forty miles the other side of them, but he's tied up chasing some mavericks."

It was as easy to you as picking out a maverick in a bunch of steers to me.

Fine weather favored us, and we held the mavericks under herd until late in December.

The Gold Dust maverick came to her, as if eager, herself, to get out into the night.

As long as the mavericks were not openly branded there was no means of stopping them.

She's a wonder at inducing little mavericks like this fellow to drink milk from a bucket.

He was studying the moods and working to win the confidence of the Gold Dust maverick.

One day I was riding the range with a newly hired cowboy, and we came upon a maverick.

Carolyn June's words, spoken of the Gold Dust maverick: "It would be fun to see her run!"

They've roped him out from the rest of these mavericks and given him a hut all by himself.