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Use maverick in a sentence

Definition of maverick:

  • (noun) someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action
  • (noun) an unbranded range animal (especially a stray calf)
  • (adjective) independent in behavior or thought;

Sentence Examples:

Simultaneously, almost, with the maverick's cry had come marked restlessness among its mates.

They branded mavericks, and the natural increase of their original find belonged to them also.

Here I've been riding circle on myself all day and haven't rounded in even a sick maverick.

The maverick, from accounts, was able to appear in two widely separated places at the same time.

To settle the question the pursuit was forced, and they overtook a couple of mavericks or stray cattle.

"McIntyre says to bring that maverick over to the camp, and we'll kill her there," he reported.

One day while waiting for a gravel train going west, we all got to talking about catching mavericks.

"We'll have plenty of time to rope and brand these young mavericks," he said, as they left the room.

The Gold Dust maverick answered by running another fifty yards and then herself settling into the slower stride.

How could she, the maverick that she might be, add more purpose to the state of mankind than this?

The third time the maverick tested the rope and the third time Captain Jack threw her in a helpless heap.

Don't make that face, Dick, one maverick isn't a whole herd, and you can't afford to quarrel with the commissioner.

All Friday night he laid, in a semi-conscious condition, in the stall with Captain Jack and the Gold Dust maverick.

Each tried to make me think that I should always be an outsider and a maverick if I didn't stand with his crowd.

On the other hand, he would see to it that they did not catch him branding mavericks on his own range.

The Gold Dust maverick heard the voice and with a friendly little nicker rubbed her head against the outstretched hand.

He called the other maverick schools he'd given grants, and the penny ante commercial organizations he'd set on their feet.

"For it would be very queer if one of my father's cows should be following a stray maverick up to old Peter's place."

Chuck pulled Silver Tip to a stop in front of the stall where Captain Jack and the Gold Dust maverick were standing.

By the custom of the country these mavericks were branded with the brand of the man on whose range they were found.

And look what a snap the pioneers will have with all the mavericks; probably not a single whale in the ocean yet branded!

During the performance the Gold Dust maverick stood perfectly still, save for a constant chewing at the iron bit between her teeth.

Friday forenoon Old Heck drove the car down to the stall in which Captain Jack and the Gold Dust maverick were confined.

Anxiety to learn soon made me an expert, and before the month ended I had caught and branded for myself over one hundred mavericks.

The maverick was fortunately charging the strange horse from the off side, and he was coming like a shot from a cannon.

Anybody who finds it can brand it and claim it as his, though; in some places all the mavericks are bunched together and divided.

We must cut for the Lucky Strike and get our share of that red maverick that came so near proving the death of Blake.

"Their advice, I suppose, was that you cast in your fortunes with them, and take up the business of branding mavericks and altering other brands."

If it survives the ordeal and lives it bears the same relation to the herd as the maverick and has no lawful owner until it is branded.

They served to bring down a maverick, or one of our own cattle, when we were nearly starving, and sometimes they helped drive off the Indians.

A dishonest foreman or outfit, or a couple of dishonest men in it, can get rich with mavericks, if they know their business, an' don't work too hard.

Theoretically, a maverick belongs to the owner of the range on which it runs, but, practically, it becomes the property of the man who first finds and brands it.

They can find a maverick in the wildest country you ever saw, and it would be a pity if they couldn't locate a cabin, with all you know about where it is.

He had ridden range long enough to acquire the habit of branding his property, and in that land of breeze and sunshine he knew the dangers that beset a maverick hat.

Its purpose was to restore order, not to fan prejudice, and therein lies the difference between the old Klan and the present Klan which makes the latter a maverick.

After you and your lawyers and land office tools have stolen thousands of acres from the government, you talk as if you were an angel out of heaven about the men that brand your mavericks.

I told them that I thought it was a bad practice to hunt mavericks all the time, but whenever a maverick came around hunting me up, I generally built a fire and put a branding iron in to heat.

Instantly he spurred his horse into a run and chased after the cattle at full speed, at the same time looking back and shouting that he saw two mavericks and for us to hurry up and help catch them.