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Use normative in a sentence

Definition of normative:

  • (adjective) relating to or dealing with norms; "normative discipline"; "normative samples"
  • (adjective) pertaining to giving directives or rules

Sentence Examples:

Expressed in language, this rule has a normative quality.

It is in thinking that the normative principles of thought emerge.

The answer is, the normative element contained in the sacred books.

The normal is the original, and the original is the normative.

This is what we could call the normative influence of myth on custom.

For our purposes, all sciences may be divided into two kinds: positive and normative.

A normative science is one which studies things as they ought to be.

The science of thinking, then, if such a science there be, is normative.

The normative science with which the science of thinking may become confused is logic.

Even a generic or a normative concept was for him fatal to the idea of pure beauty.