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Use normative in a sentence

Definition of normative:

  • (adjective) relating to or dealing with norms; "normative discipline"; "normative samples"
  • (adjective) pertaining to giving directives or rules

Sentence Examples:

And it is profoundly significant that the doctrine of innate ideas, of the objective and normative value of ideas, of what Scholasticism afterwards knew as Realism, should have formulated itself in dialogues.

As to the subdivision of philosophy, it is most essential for us to point to the negative fact that of course psychology cannot have a place in the philosophical department, as part of the Normative Division.

Now it is not hard to see that this search for some sort of ideal truth is indeed characteristic of every one of the investigations which have been grouped together in our division of the normative sciences.

For this inner life there is a norm which imposes itself on the consciousness with an imperative necessity, and, consequently, there may be religious symbols which are normal and normative in relation to others.

The distinction then is not in the strictest sense psychological: for it has an aesthetic or normative character; it is logical or ethical: it denotes that the idea or the act is an approach to truth or goodness.

The structure of alleged normative a priori mathematics is in truth the crowned result of ages of toilsome experience.

The historical point of view describes the sequence; the normative follows the history to its conclusion, and then turns back and judges each historical step by viewing it in reference to its own outcome.

Thus even in Ethics there is now perceptible in some quarters a tendency to repudiate the normative standpoint.

To point this out clearly, it is enough to mention that each relation is subject to the normative influences of the society in the midst of which it exists, and these norms and their sanction vary with the general social structure.

Were there normative structures for encoding humanist texts?

The normative way of viewing language is fraught with some great dangers which can only be avoided through a comprehensive knowledge of the historic development of languages and of the general conditions of linguistic psychology.

It is to be observed, finally, that the erroneous concept of a form of science called the practical or normative has its roots in the concept of the end, of the good, of concepts and judgments of value as original facts.

These are the norms, or normative knowledge and science, maxims, rules, and precepts.

Both of these normative ethical principles are widely, but by no means universally, accepted among hackers.