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Use nostalgia in a sentence

Definition of nostalgia:

  • (noun) longing for something past

Sentence Examples:

When homesickness reaches the stage where a physician is or might be called in, it becomes nostalgia.

They are either symptoms of acute nostalgia, or proofs of a cheerfulness that lifts their author above a mortal pitch.

My health benefits by my taking up the old Romany wandering, and I gratify my nostalgia for the tent and the wild.

He fretted, seized with nostalgia that flight only could cure.

A strange unhappiness, a vague misery, a burden of unutterable nostalgia, troubles the loneliness of our soul.

It's all right to remember bygone days with a grain or two of nostalgia, but there's no need living in the past.

This, then, was their encouragement; but not a few at first, however, though carefully treated in hospital, died from "nostalgia," or "love of country," before they could complete their term of probation.

Like other maladies, nostalgia, when once set up, must run its course, I suppose.

Braddock rarely gave early intimation of his urban nostalgia.

Millions of visitors whose ancestors had once emigrated from the mother planet, streamed back in racial nostalgia.

Homesickness assailed them at times with a deadly nostalgia.

Bonaparte was sorry to part with him; but he could not endure to see an old friend, and one who had served him well in all his campaigns, dying before his eyes, the victim of nostalgia and romantic love.

My mother died of typhoid fever in a hospital and father, from despair and nostalgia, declined rapidly in health.

It fascinated her with the fascination of pure beauty, cast a spell on her, like nostalgia, an ache.

This unwholesome nourishment, acting on the brain, induced nostalgia and suicide.

A nostalgia which was half at least revulsion affected him.

Or is it only an expression of the eternal nostalgia that drives them restlessly from place to place?

Most of these emigrants, moreover, suffered from the nostalgia which is characteristic of the Swiss.

They seem haunted by a nostalgia for remote delights, unearthly music, secret and dimly remembered gardens.

Homesickness was often very prevalent, and the awful nostalgia came near crippling us.

This is the nostalgia for the strange, for the unaccustomed, that all born wanderers know.

Like a vein of milk in a poisoned flood, nostalgia for her distant home mingled with Regina's sorrow.

Historiography entered into close relations and exchange of ideas with the new literary form of historical romance, which expressed the same nostalgia, first with Walter Scott and then with his innumerable followers in all countries.

A nostalgia for foreign parts seemed to afflict them all.

It was not until the spring was far advanced that the nostalgia of the boulevards began to creep into her life.

An impotent nostalgia grips him.

And then a sudden nostalgia seized him, a sick sense of the purposeless horror of life.

The soft deep shimmering note had a sad quality of nostalgia.

"Nostalgia; and I suppose that is one of the worst things a poor mortal can be afflicted with," replied the steward.

I felt a little nostalgia as I rubbed the sensitive nose of a roan mare.

The little quiver of his nostrils was eloquent of nostalgia, of the rude necessity of adjustment.

It may be that no outward agency is required to cause the periodical appearance of men who are driven from the common road by the nostalgia of a state in which the human creature had not learned to shed blood.

A great nostalgia, an almost overwhelming yearning, took possession of Earl.

Plainly a wave of nostalgia flooded his mind, and a wistful smile flitted across his face.

Homeless from birth he never knew the nostalgia which grips even the most deliberately vagrant of men.

Yet deep down in his heart there was some such regret, a gnawing nostalgia.

It was a combination of conveniences for different purposes, but the kind of scenery was so far from giving entire satisfaction to his artistic tastes that he began to suffer seriously from mountain nostalgia.

He was fretful and beside himself like a child, he had almost a childish nostalgia to be included in the life circle.

And the nostalgia, the doom of homecoming went through her veins like a drug.

A wave of oppressive nostalgia, of confusion and dread, submerged her in a faintly thunderous darkness.

That portion of his complex personality in which resided desire and longing, matured during these many years of poignant nostalgia, was now slowly and deliberately loosening out from the parent center.