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Definition of obesity:

  • (noun) more than average fatness

Sentence Examples:

Persons threatened with obesity should take bouillon alone.

They are secretly preoccupied by the burning question of obesity.

He was decidedly inclined to stoutness, though not to obesity.

The gibe at his obesity had caught him on the raw.

Amongst the many predisposing causes of obesity we may rank emasculation.

For the development of obesity, there must exist a certain predisposition.

However, their ungraceful obesity displeased him, and they were immediately dismissed.

He has special chapters with regard to obesity, emaciation, and general constitutional conditions.

There was no niceness of feeling about this mountain of obesity in matters of business.

If obesity has been the subject of ungenerous jokes, leanness has not passed unnoticed.

Another cause of obesity is found in the prolongation of sleep, and want of exercise.

Strange as it may seem, the fast is a cure for both emaciation and obesity.

She was waddling out of the room as fast as her age and obesity would permit.

"It is my last desperate effort as a wife to save you from baldness, obesity, and nonentity."

Malformation of parts from birth or accident, self-abuse, obesity and the use of opium are other causes.

There is little tendency toward obesity; they have no apoplexy, no distended veins as we have in civilization.

In obesity, stimulants to the appetite, such as spices, condiments, and even sometimes salt, must be prohibited.

Little do the faculty imagine the misery and bitterness to life through the parasite of corpulence or obesity.

Their nostrils were wide and the beginnings of obesity already threatened to submerge their youthful slenderness in corpulence.

In some cases of accidental fatuity, a considerable disposition to obesity manifests itself, and the subject becomes lethargic.

Indiscriminate eating and overeating are prolific causes of rheumatism, kidney disease, heart disease, liver troubles, obesity, arteriosclerosis, and apoplexy.

Her complexion, however, was still good, and I could attribute her obesity only to her extreme intemperance.

He was nearly six feet tall, and perfectly straight; well proportioned, with no tendency either to leanness or obesity.

The systemic causes include obesity, marriages of consanguinity, pregnancies in rapid succession, etc., and the toxemia of kidney insufficiency.

The obesity which is characteristic of nomad races, who are always on horseback or driving, added to his Asiatic look.

And as if for the first time, they noticed the frightful blueness of his face and his repulsive obesity.

Then there are beyond doubt persons predestined to obesity, the digestive powers of whom elaborate a great quantity of grease.

You're only thirty-seven or eight; you've a reasonable chance yet to exchange obesity for perspicacity before it smothers what intellect remains.

In calculating the length of the incision, allowance must be made for the size, obesity, and muscularity of the patient.

The obesity, which is characteristic of the nomad races, who are always on horseback or driving, added to his Asiatic look.

The woman of the inn, corpulent to obesity, carried in her arms a child which she rocked heavily to and fro.

Age and obesity had made her inapt for love, but she took a keen interest in the amatory affairs of the young.

An old man, of monstrous obesity, seated on a wooden chair, devoured his pittance with animal voracity, casting on either side oblique angry glances.

Among a vast number of general causes, giving rise to disease, I purpose to treat of one, and that is excessive corpulence, termed obesity.

In women, the onset of an obesity, and coincidently, of a lazy and dull morale, coincides with this declension of the pituitary powers.

As a beverage, when constantly used, it is liable to cause obesity, gastric indigestion, arteriosclerosis, myocardial degeneration, chronic nephritis and cirrhosis of the liver.

His wife laughed and pouted and scoffed and defied and calmly and obstinately lolled, ate sweetmeats, and smoked herself to obesity and death.

He was, like his father, short and fat, but his figure lacked the latter's brutal obesity, and showed, instead, an almost ridiculous debility.

He was of middle stature, strongly built and already inclining to that corpulence which in his last years made him a prodigy of obesity.

Henry, enfeebled as he was by disease and obesity, was determined to turn to his personal glory the victory he anticipated for his arms.

Excess of fat is a cause, not merely of obesity, but also of boils and pimples and "pasty" complexion, and other signs of a clogged blood-stream.

A large, fat, round-faced, smiling man, this; with an unctuous, creeping voice that seemed to gurgle up like a slow oil-bubble from inner recesses of obesity.

I am not speaking now, understand me, of those unfortunates with whom obesity is a disease, but of those who owe their grossness of outline to gluttony.

All these conditions may have the effect of producing obesity, which can be explained by an exhaustion of the thyroid and ovaries following a pre-existing hyperactivity.

At one time, he was tall, and thin, and melancholy, and after passing behind a screen, he came out bloated with obesity and staggering with fullness.

From the preceding, it appears that if obesity be not a disease, it is at least a very troublesome predisposition, into which we fall from our own fault.

Soup we knew was said to be fattening, but he who would drink such a concoction as this dried skin would promise, must be deeply enamored of obesity.

Warm baths, Turkish baths, electric light baths or body baking may be advisable, and certainly obesity must always be combated by a regulation of the diet.

On the other hand persons suffering from endogenous obesity generally look pale, always complain of cold and dry skin, and perspire very seldom, if at all.

There is the greater demand, therefore, on the part of those who incline to obesity, to exercise with determined persistency and regularity, in order to reduce their weight.

A woman who has given birth to and nursed an infant begins to lay on fat, and this tendency to obesity becomes more pronounced as the climacteric period approaches.

In a sort of deep coffin carried by four men lay a paralytic, suffocating from obesity, with dangling hands, twisted and knotted like roots by a frightful case of gout.

We should observe with what humor they interpreted the extremes of obesity and emaciation in man and beast, in the two tombs called the fat and the lean.

Bathing-machines were trundled down the beach by superlatively obese horses, the very obesity of the animals enlisting the sympathies of the old ladies with the virtuous and kind-hearted proprietor.

They have both cured and greatly relieved rheumatism, gout, eczema, obesity, under-weight, bleeding-piles, blotches and pimples, catarrh, "that tired feeling," muddy complexion, indigestion, and yellow-tongue, within four months.

She certainly must have been good-looking in former times, but now her scanty gray locks, her skin blotched with erysipelas, together with her great obesity, rendered her abominable.

All kinds of drink, when taken in excess, act rather as depressants than stimulants of the nervous centers, and a want of physical and mental activity, alike predisposes to obesity.

Many were plump, even to corpulence, and these were the closest veiled, being considered the greatest beauties I presume, since with the Turk obesity is the chief element of comeliness.

Sir Martin is a heavy plodding fool; and the mistakes we sympathize with, even while we laugh, when originating in mere youthful levity, excite our contempt when occasioned by dull obesity.

He was not all over the place, but a well set-up youngster of a rather melting style of beauty, which promised obesity later perhaps, but in youth was not unpleasing.

For instance, after pregnancies, after infectious diseases in old age, etc., it is often accompanied and preceded by obesity, which is also a consequence of inactivity of the thyroid and sexual glands.

With some difficulty he regained his chair, after stumbling over a footstool, and crushing the tail of a King Charles cocker, that was snorting on the hearthrug in all the offensiveness of canine obesity.

If your daily occupation does not afford sufficient exercise, and, in consequence, your blood is thin, you are weak and nervous, or troubled with gout or obesity, he offers a series of exercises, simple and effective.

The integument of the lower part of the face is capable of great distension, and here, in obesity, fat accumulates, and forms on both sides an unsightly mass, sometimes reaching to the chest.

She was a woman of mingled severity of features and bodily obesity, uniting in one temper and frame the Scandinavian and the Low Dutch traits, ignorant good-humor, grim commerce, and stolid appetite.

The Syrian and Egyptian monuments furnish us everywhere, under different ethnical names, with representations of a broad-shouldered people of high stature, slender-figured in youth, but with a fatal tendency to obesity in old age.

The public schools are certainly the seats of this obesity, if, indeed, they have not degenerated into the abodes of that elegant barbarism which is boasted of as being 'German culture of the present!'

He was a large, heavy-looking man, with good features and expressive eyes, but sallow in complexion, and though somewhat corpulent, having that look of loose, flabby obesity, which is generally an indication of bad health.

The active occupations of war and hunting, together perhaps with the occasional privations, to which they are subjected, prevents that unsightly obesity, so often a concomitant of civilization, indolence, and serenity of mental temperament.

This general view of the outward appearance of the body of a person laboring under obesity, may give some idea of the disturbance which an excessive amount of fat can produce when situated within the body.

His obesity made him an object of derision to the army, and, joined to his natural incapacity and ignorance, rendered him the most unfit man to conduct an expedition against the subtle and active barbarian.

The viceroy thinks that hard study should produce a corresponding decrease in weight, which is not always the case, for those more or less inclined to obesity make flesh in virtue of their sitting too much.

In advanced years the cock robin sometimes seems to develop obesity or at least great abdominal extension, which may quite naturally be due to gradual indisposition to labor but with no compensating tendency to reduce rations.

She felt as if she were witnessing a ghastly inversion of things, as if Love, instead of being in his proper panoply of wings and roses, was invested with a medicine-case, an obsolete frock-coat, and elderly obesity.

It will be seen, on reading the remarks upon the cure of obesity, that in those cases where there has been a reduction in the amount of fat, this tendency to apoplexy and cerebral disturbance has disappeared.

Obesity, due in great measure to over-eating and lack of exercise, was the nightmare of the well-to-do, and, if proof be required of the statement, one need only refer to the success of the movement initiated by Banting.

If a supply of fat, equal in combining proportion with the alkali ingested, be supplied by means of food to the body, the action of the alkali upon the previously deposited fat constituting the obesity, must be null.

The prelate, a man of shapeless obesity and with his eyes still half closed with sleep, was hastily donning a long and warmly furred morning robe that one of his servants was helping him into.

The principal object was usually a sitting figure in stone, wood, or metal, gilded, and more remarkable for contortion of features, multiplicity of arms, and obesity of body, than for any other characteristic, visible or symbolical.

Towards the middle period of his life, he became so enormously fat, that four life-guardsmen could not, without difficulty, lift him on horseback; but, as he advanced in years, although still corpulent, his inconvenient obesity gradually diminished.

The most common type was that of mild obesity which men call "plumpness," a quality so prized since the world began that the women of all races by natural selection become relatively fatter than men.

He was a large man of fifty years, and of enormous obesity; his fat, bloated cheeks mingled with his quadruple chin, his dingy skin was rough and flabby, and revealed the weakness of the inert mass.

As we have shown in our previous researches, there is an abundant formation of fat in the early cases of degeneration of the thyroid gland, which sometimes progresses to a colossal obesity, which obesity has nothing to do with overfeeding.

We went to several which have large monasteries attached to them, with great untidy gardens, with ponds for sacred fish and sacred tortoises, and houses for sacred pigs, whose sacredness is shown by their monstrous obesity.

They have no equality of beauty nor ugliness, leanness nor obesity, vice nor virtue, but varying differences, such as the spontaneous growth of uncultured nature in different climes exhibits in the vegetable and lower orders of the animal creation.

Under such circumstances no organic lesion either of the lungs, the bronchi, or of the heart could be suspected: and I was satisfied that the great disturbance of health in the case of this lady arose from excessive obesity.

The men are athletic with little spare flesh, but the women are frequently very fat and corpulent: indeed their ideal of beauty is obesity, and their milk diet together with their careful avoidance of exercise tends to increase their size.

Those who believe as I do, that an excessive development of fat may induce and sustain a generally diseased condition of body, will readily admit that the diminution of excessive obesity is the only rational means of cure in such a case.

This excess of flesh we usually associate in idea with slothfulness, but English women exercise more than ours, and live in a land where few days forbid it, so that probably such a tendency to obesity is due chiefly to climatic causes.

With but trifling menstrual flow, and great pallor, she was gradually progressing to a state of obesity, which would have proved entirely destructive to health, which would have ended in a total suppression of the menses, and ultimately in death.

He was spare still: life had not made him the unwilling recipient of the most voluminous and ironic of its burdens, obesity, but his movements were rather slow and deliberate, as if he was tired of the senseless repetition of the days.

Such children, as is brought out in the discussion of the subject in the chapter on obesity, are not healthy in the true sense of the word, are well known to be of lower resistive vitality than thinner infants, and easily succumb to diseases.

While it is generally true that the bigger the cheese the better, (much the same as a magnum bottle of champagne is better than a pint), there is a limit to the obesity of a block, ball or brick of almost any kinds of cheese.

The chief of these, the artless delusion that, in spite of her obesity, her wig and her rouge, she still had power to charm the masculine eye, offered to her lively nature a more effective support than any virtuous principle could have supplied.

The object I have in view impels me to enter into minute particulars as well as general observations, and to revert to bygone years, in order to show that I have spared no pains nor expense to accomplish the great end of stopping and curing obesity.

Health cannot be long maintained under excessive obesity, for the increase in bulk of the body, rendering exercise more difficult, leads to relaxation and defective nutrition of muscle, while the accumulations of fat in the chest and abdomen occasion serious embarrassment to the functions of the various organs in those cavities.

Margaret was a little surprised that he should call her teacher 'my darling,' and that the good lady should seem to think it quite natural, but her reflections on obesity and the manners of theatrical people were interrupted, though not by any means arrested for the night, by the clattering sound of high-heeled shoes in the corridor.