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Use rebuttal in a sentence

Definition of rebuttal:

  • (noun) the speech act of refuting by offering a contrary contention or argument
  • (noun) (law) a pleading by the defendant in reply to a plaintiff's surrejoinder

Sentence Examples:

The debater must have an effective conclusion for his rebuttal speech.

Sentimentalists always bring up the case of Schumann and his Clara in rebuttal.

A rebuttal speech usually furnishes an excellent test of a debater's mastery of his subject.

We heard Addison expostulating and arguing in rebuttal for some minutes, but he lost the case.

This requisite demands the same systematized classification that was employed in the arranging of rebuttal cards.

Those workingmen were without doubt waiting for the rebuttal of his answer from their venerable spokesman.

A debater should begin on the classification of rebuttal material almost as soon as he begins to read on his subject.

On this subject employers have generally remained silent, offering few rebuttals to these charges of cruelty, extortion, and robbery.

The debaters on either side may or may not speak in rebuttal in the same order as in the main argument.

These are often asked in the main argument, but it is in the rebuttal that the answers are usually threshed out.

The interrogatories which are intended to be discussed in the rebuttal are not rhetorical questions, but questions calling for definite answers.

The old revolutionist arose to make a short rebuttal, repeating the contentions of his original speech, of which no denial had been attempted.

In important intercollegiate debates there are usually three speakers, each of whom has ten minutes for his main speech and five minutes for rebuttal.

This instantaneous commandeering of material is likely to be most usual in rebuttal, but a good debater must be able to resort to it at a second's notice.

The suffragists had two hours in the morning and the "antis" the same amount of time in the afternoon, with thirty minutes each for rebuttal.

The next inevitable stage of instinctive fanaticism, was the inauguration of sectarian persecution, in direct rebuttal of their own claims for sympathy, and freedom of privilege.

No debater should consider himself thoroughly prepared for rebuttal until he has worked out carefully a list of questions framed in accordance with the principles here suggested.

The main points of the opposition can then be assigned for rebuttal to the various members of the team, and each debater can give thorough treatment to his assignment.

In formal debate rebuttal refers to the final speech made by each debater after he has presented his constructive argument and his opponents have had a chance to reply.

This careful division of the material will make the debater so familiar with all his rebuttal evidence that he can without hesitation lay his hands upon just what is wanted.

If there be only one debater on each side, it is undoubtedly best for the affirmative to offer the first rebuttal; if there be several debaters, the order is usually reversed.

He was an able and eloquent lawyer, but his clients had already established an unenviable reputation for themselves, and the weight of the evidence against them was too strong for rebuttal.

If she had assaulted him with the reproaches of an unfed passion, there would have been some savage response of rebuttal in him, to save them both from this meager sort of shame.

Since such conflicts of authority are likely to arise it is important that the debater have at hand the original sources of the information which forms the basis of his argument or rebuttal.

Forty-nine minutes of the time were occupied before it was even referred to; forty-nine minutes passed away in a flourish of oratory, without having the proofs in rebuttal and the evidence examined which I had adduced.

And so, after discontentedly hunting through the dust-covered pages awhile in hopes of stumbling on some codicil or rebuttal, the colonel shut it with a disgusted snap and tossed the offending tome on the farthest table.

Noddy Pierce showed him how to grab the weak point in the other fellow's debate and hang on to it through the rebuttal, while the enemy floundered and struggled and splattered disjointed premises all over the hall.

By the boy's own argument I could give the rebuttal that if a billion years have passed then Venus may have had time to finally develop an ionosphere and thus be able to support the higher forms of life.

Goodwin when her audacious and gleeful abandon in light opera captured the mature president's fancy, or to her share in that statesman's downfall and malfeasance, the Latin shrug of the shoulder would be your only answer and rebuttal.

Furthermore, much can be done to widen the field by means of ingeniously arranging the order of rebuttal arguments in such a way that certain arguments may be met by referring them to contentions which have already been answered.

After specific rebuttals of the various arguments urged in the report in favor of the patent, Swift suddenly turns from the comparatively petty and insignificant consideration as to the weight and quality of the coins, and deals with the broad principle of justice which the granting of the patent had ignored.

The contents of the closing brief which my defense counsel submitted, and the contents of his rebuttal to the closing brief submitted by the prosecutor against me have obviously not been considered in the findings of the Court, although the Court described the closing brief which it demanded as the most important part of the defense.