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Use scarce in a sentence

Definition of scarce:

  • (adjective) deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand;
  • (adjective) not enough; hard to find;
  • (adverb) by a small margin;

Sentence Examples:

I scarce see what you can have found.

I scarce know what to think of you.

"Why do you make yourself so scarce, Johannes?"

The country is beautiful, but game is scarce.

That were a pain he scarce dared contemplate.

Even now the feudal usages are scarce extinct.

Failures are too common and brains too scarce.

Adam could scarce have missed it in Paradise.

Is scarce strong enough to capture a village.

I can scarce have a moment to myself.

He could scarce keep his head above water.

That's the reason why he is so scarce.

You can scarce ask me to pursue him.'

One egg will do if eggs are scarce.

They seem to be scarce in these parts.

Of its immense value we need scarce speak.

You are scarce in the spring of life.

An extra nice copy of this scarce edition.

A fire was started, though fuel seemed scarce.

I have no money, and beans are scarce.

They will scarce look at a heroic picture.

Why, a body scarce dare look at her.

We were scarce able to withstand their fury.

May I trouble you to make yourself scarce?

I thought you would scarce come round again.

Adam could scarce have missed it in Paradise.

At times this oil is scarce in commerce.

Then a team came into the scarce light.

Men are scarce; and so are good books.

Copies of this valuable work are very scarce.

You see, women are scarce on the desert.

On rubber-shod feet they made scarce a sound.

Wouldn't it be wiser to make ourselves scarce?

"The evidence is scarce enough to establish succession."

Is land so scarce in the United States?

I could scarce trust myself with myself.

They can scarce move but for us.

Those things would scarce be proper now.

"They'll scarce remember me after two years."

This poor lad has scarce known kindness.

It seemed to me that I was scarce awake.

You both look as if food had been scarce.

They said that money was very scarce.

Winter was approaching and provisions were scarce.

And he could not "make himself scarce."

The distance was scarce a hundred yards.

"You have been here scarce more than a week."

I started forward, scarce believing my eyes.

These roads are scarce pleasant after night-fall.

Flour was at all times painfully scarce.

"We can scarce see twenty yards away."

I could scarce trust myself with myself.

"Men are scarce right now," she answered.

Religion is a remarkably scarce article at our house.

I have scarce looked at Original or Translation since.

Such subjects are scarce fitted for Catgut.

Indeed, there was scarce time for reply.

He could scarce learn his own name.

They are scarce, and worth their money.

The lad could scarce believe his eyes.

"Which I scarce approve of," declared Marjorie.

Feed for the animals was very scarce.

Why is the milk scarce and thin?

Newspapers are scarce and long past date.

He asked at length, in a scarce audible voice.

He scarce can bear anyone to look at me.

He asked, in a voice scarce above a whisper.

The note of Brittany is scarce a joyous one.

The combat had lasted scarce an hour.

Sighed Nell, scarce mindful of the embrace.

Seven thousand dollar ledges are scarce, though.

Here, acres were plenty and men scarce.

The scarce dates are worth much more.

And I can scarce Express my thoughts.

Scarce wonder Briggs is nervous, she thought.

Girls like you are too scarce to be wasted.

Provisions became scarce, and commanded high prices.

The town's people will scarce resist us!

"An obscure rumor scarce is hither come."

And all this in scarce ten seconds!

Flour was scarce and getting more scarce.

His wife can talk scarce any English.

Mostly raw recruits, here scarce three months.

He scarce appears among the Golfing band.

Bread was dear and employment was scarce.

The crew could scarce believe their ears.

Even the Master was speaking scarce louder.

The work has thus become exceedingly scarce.

A word that scarce expresses it, madam.

You'd scarce know the place again, Sir.

Solomon to remark that money was scarce.

Bread was scarce, and famine prices prevailed.

Official news was scarce and "far between."

Water being scarce makes them a necessity.

Metal of all kinds was very scarce.

Money was scarce, and growing more so.

Their feet scarce touch the smooth-trodden earth.

Splint Vessels are scarce and firmly held.

Rabbits are scarce throughout the country explored.

They scarce could stand on their feet.