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Use scrupulously in a sentence

Definition of scrupulously:

  • (adverb) with extreme conscientiousness

Sentence Examples:

If I had a misgiving of ten lines I should have scrupulously mentioned it.

The French translator had retrenched the ornaments, but scrupulously retained the facts.

The handwriting to which she schooled herself was in like manner scrupulously truthful.

Thieving was quite unknown among the boys, all of whom were scrupulously honest.

Though not free from mannerisms, it is easy, harmonious, scholarly and scrupulously pure.

Every one of these ladies observed these customs scrupulously, as appertaining to her rank.

In your attitude towards the debaters on the other side be scrupulously fair and friendly.

It was scrupulously clean, and its bareness suggested deliberate asceticism rather than poverty.

These houses were, according to early Spanish testimony, kept scrupulously clean and neat.

Its external forms and traditional rites were sedulously kept up and scrupulously maintained.

It was abundant and nut-brown, and artfully and scrupulously interwoven and twisted together.

He was scrupulously conscientious, devout, inclined to theological disquisitions, and withal mighty in Scripture.

These means must be scrupulously guarded, this great prerogative of popular sovereignty sacredly respected.

"In contradistinction to the Asiatic and the Australian, who are scrupulously honest," I observed pleasantly.

We went into several, and found them scrupulously neat and clean, as Dutch houses usually are.

He was as dignified and scrupulously neat as ever, and his eyeglasses twinkled as of old.

For a fireman he was scrupulously clean, always washing up in the roundhouse before he came home.

And if the prearranged program is not scrupulously carried out, we feel that we have been defrauded.

Each such space bore evidence that it was as tenderly and scrupulously tended as a Japanese garden.

Mexican gentlemen remove their hats as scrupulously on entering a business office as in a private residence.

Ordinary misprints abound, and these have been scrupulously retained, a list of irregularities being added below.

The furniture, though old, threadbare, and dilapidated, was kept scrupulously clean, and arranged symmetrically.

He next performed his ablutions in an amateurish and perfunctory fashion, scrupulously observing a well-defined waterline.

Odd and fantastic as the notion appears, however, it is a hallowed custom and scrupulously observed.

Peggy, the reserved and dignified; Peggy, who was so scrupulously reticent about her own feelings!

A metallic surface which it is intended to electroplate must, as has been mentioned, be scrupulously clean.

It was part of the game which he played as scrupulously and as callously as the others.

Was there a formal, hieratic prescription for its composition, faithfully followed, scrupulously administered, uniformly conclusive?

In a word, he was as scrupulously whited as any sepulcher in the whole bills of mortality.

He is scrupulously objective, and, in an age of expansive lyric expression, he is most chary of comment.

Everything was scrupulously clean, even to the strip of unbleached muslin hung at the small windows.

The housewife also was a picture of tidiness, her cotton gown carefully patched and scrupulously clean.

Next, he took up the larger loans, inquiring scrupulously into the condition of their endorsers or securities.

The common opinion is, that to place a ligature on a vein is dangerous, and to be scrupulously avoided.

Every true Russian scrupulously observes this ceremony before starting on a journey, whether by land or water.

They hid it scrupulously under the thick mantles of variegated religions, suited to every taste and class.

A daily paper was published separately for her, from which every war detail was scrupulously expunged.

The cows, stables, milkers, containers, in fact, all things connected with the dairy are scrupulously clean.

All is made scrupulously clean, for at this season, every housewife loves to display her order and carefulness.

The liberties of each marcher were defined and circumscribed, and, while scrupulously respected, were incapable of further extension.

All boxes, jars and shelves in which food is kept, must be kept scrupulously clean and well aired.

We took lunch, more than once, at a sweet little Swiss restaurant, everything was scrupulously clean and sweet.

His face was decidedly rubicund, and, kept scrupulously free from hairy excrescence, displayed a pair of pendent cheeks.

The wagons of the breweries, the one institution that the Germans have scrupulously respected, are hauled by oxen.

In the old days French opera was based on declamation, and it was scrupulously respected even in the arias.

A hemispherical copper basin, not tinned, but well polished, and kept scrupulously clean, is the apparatus employed.

To sum up, mannerism would disappear from drawing and from color, if people would only scrupulously imitate nature.

Sure enough, in a few moments another tall boy entered, looking preternaturally grave, with his hair scrupulously smooth.

Socially, however, he scrupulously avoided intercourse with women, with a curious, undeviating persistency which almost suggested ascetic withdrawal.

Anciently music was not written as scrupulously as it is to-day, and a certain liberty was permitted to interpretation.

This boy's education was so scrupulously supervised and so sedulously recorded that he had little time for original projects.

Never, in a civilized country, were the vaunted rites of hospitality more scrupulously observed, than by this uncultivated savage.

In one respect she was the very reverse of those pharisees who were scrupulously exact about their petty observances.

Their children have regular schooling, the women are scrupulously neat in their dress, while profanity and intemperance are unknown.

The German authorities, though scrupulously polite, were adamantine in their refusal to permit us to pass through the German lines.

They did not scrupulously confine themselves to a single sort of theft, as I hear is common among modern thieves.

As usual, though always scrupulously clean, he wore his poor clothes, no stockings, and his wristbands tied together with twine.

He is scrupulously, exaggeratedly, polite towards every one; and his excessive ceremony with me puts a certain restraint upon me.

They did not scrupulously confine themselves to a single sort of theft, as I hear is common among modern thieves.

All classes of Germans are scrupulously polite to one another; but this is the result of mutual respect, not of snobbery.

We are scrupulously careful to avoid what we call false quantities, we are quite utterly and ignorantly unscrupulous about false sounds.

One Spanish gentleman who had promised one hundred and fifty head of cattle as his ransom, scrupulously redeemed his word.

The native coolies are neither scrupulously truthful nor honest, indolent to a degree, rather sullen, but to all appearances submissive.

Some sweep the paths scrupulously neat, and then stand to see the next breath strew them with new trophies.

Immediately after death corpses are laid with the head to the north, a position scrupulously avoided by many Japanese for sleep.

He taught himself to read and write, studied the Koran, became scrupulously abstemious, assiduous in affairs, no longer truculent but courteous.

He got up at six, and performed his ablutions scrupulously, for he cared for his appearance and respected his person.

The natives take great pride in their hair, and always dress it carefully, are scrupulously clean personally, and are beardless!

Among the well-to-do the foot is encased in a short sock made of white cotton cloth, which is kept scrupulously clean.

The captain blustered and swore in high and low Dutch; but the officer, though scrupulously polite, was quite firm.

Each individual coup must be kept scrupulously clean and disinfected and the air in the room kept perfectly fresh and sweet.

In this I think we succeeded, but it will behoove subsequent governments to scrupulously respect the national feeling of our Southern neighbors.

At luncheon the Chief had scrupulously avoided making, the slightest allusion to the thoughts with which Desmond's mind was seething.

Vessels used by the dairyman and by those who furnish us with food products and liquids are kept scrupulously clean.

Between the neckerchief and the lowering brim of the hat appeared part of a face, unshaven, and not scrupulously clean.

Although large and comfortable, and scrupulously clean, it is scantily and plainly furnished, and is not very inviting in itself.

The "house side" of traps always ventilates into the rooms, and hence it is important that they be kept scrupulously clean.

Every man, of every rank, saluted him, and he was scrupulously careful to return the salute even of the bugler boys.

They should be ventilated at the top, and be kept bare of furniture and rubbish of all kinds, and scrupulously clean.

The tastes of the latter should be as scrupulously considered and his or her likes and dislikes be as considerately met.

It would be the height of impoliteness to leave them; and each visitor scrupulously takes away every remaining bit of his share.

Ranged about the room were a dozen or more rawhide-seated chairs, each standing stiffly at "attention" against the wall scrupulously equidistant order.

They scrupulously adhere to the admonition to "come out from among them" and not to be unequally yoked together in any way.

The surfaces of contact must be kept scrupulously free from dust, and lubricated with equal parts of olive oil and castor oil.

He taught himself to read and write, studied the Koran, became scrupulously abstemious, assiduous in affairs, no longer truculent, but courteous. ...

It passed all its leisure time in preening its fur, and after eating always most scrupulously cleaned its hands and face.

It was a summery and flowery and holiday world, and it impressed me as being solely and scrupulously organized for pleasure.

Gillman, "in manhood he was scrupulously clean in his person, and especially took great care of his hands by frequent ablutions."

Then she opened her eyes again, and, scrupulously avoiding Noel's embarrassed gaze, saw him diligently polishing his pince-nez before replacing them.

There were nine in the family: husband, wife, an aged grandmother, and six children; honest, hard-working Germans, scrupulously neat, but poor.

Hundreds of children, ranging from babyhood to twelve years, were seen in the various departments, where everything was scrupulously neat and clean.

To my amazement (for I knew something of Turkish prisons from a previous experience, not here recorded) these cells were scrupulously clean.

He had a fine understanding of the uses of irony; but it is his praise that he was also scrupulously, persistently, and invincibly courteous.

The German officers enjoyed these days immensely and made themselves at home in the principal hotels, paying scrupulously for their accommodations.

The use of proverbs is equally vulgar in conversation; and puns, unless they rise to the rank of witticisms, are to be scrupulously avoided.

A conscientious Japanese chef would no more think of serving a vegetable not scrupulously fresh than he would drown it in a heavy sauce.

An English commissariat, scrupulously exact in all its dealings, relieved the farmers in great measure from the oppression of their own government.

Different attendants should take care of the sound calves and the infected ones, and all utensils, litter, etc., kept scrupulously apart.

And there exists a dear person, sacredly beloved, who complains that the correspondence languishes, although I answer scrupulously all her letters.

The farm buildings are kept most scrupulously clean, for the slightest neglect would probably occasion an epidemic of trichinosis among the pigs.