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Use scrupulously in a sentence

Definition of scrupulously:

  • (adverb) with extreme conscientiousness

Sentence Examples:

They became scrupulously careful in touching their hats, and always came to attention when spoken to.

Dan felt that he should scrupulously avoid touching upon the visit to Montgomery otherwise than casually.

This reflection was sufficient to make me examine most scrupulously if I was authorized to give them publicity.

No, my darling; for your sake, everything must be most scrupulously conventional, if a little hurried.

Men, women and children are in their Sunday best, and to all outward appearance scrupulously clean.

Everything was as scrupulously neat as her first impression from without had led her to expect.

Most employees scrupulously refrain from doing more than the duties for which they are paid expressly.

Every detail may be scrupulously attended to, but let the whole effect be quiet and modest.

Let us take care, then, scrupulously, of our duties, but suffer our amusements to take care of themselves.

These and a fragment of chocolate we scrupulously shared, and then began the attack in earnest.

Lovelace's apartment was, perhaps, not so scrupulously clean as mine, but it commanded a finer prospect.

She felt utterly degraded, like a scrupulously clean person who has been rolled in the dirt.

She thought of the indignation of Dwight and Ina that Di had not been more scrupulously guarded.

He used to bestow honors scrupulously upon his friends and delighted exceedingly to have them speak frankly.

Toward my older brothers and sisters I show every respect, and observe all forms scrupulously.

It is kept scrupulously free from pollution, and worship is offered on fixed days to the ancestors.

If he has time and opportunity he will keep himself scrupulously clean in his person and dress.

For unless a house is scrupulously clean and the rooms regularly turned out, it cannot be healthy.

Indeed, popular opinion is far more likely to be directed against the boy who is scrupulously honest.

Think how much better you can criticize conventional customs if you yourself live up to them, scrupulously.

The aspect of the room which he occupied was forlorn, but everything in it was scrupulously clean.

I was scrupulously careful not to do so, for I did imagine something like what has happened.

Since the night of their last interview, she, too, had been scrupulously watched by her relations.

Believe it or not, there is no one of my friends whom I write so scrupulously to as to you.

Although scrupulously neat, it was quite apparent that the apartment was far too crowded for comfort.

The stone passage out of which the cells opened was light, and bare, and scrupulously clean.

The bed linen was scrupulously white, and the room itself bare of furniture, but exceedingly tidy.

Its face was scrupulously plain, and its doorway was modelled on those of the Adams period.

He is habitually sober, scrupulously honest, and has worked at Belton Pit for nearly forty years.

This custom prevails in the larger stores and is scrupulously observed at public buildings and colleges.

His words had cut her bitterly, though through it all he had scrupulously avoided addressing her.

It has ever been a source of consolation to me, that I performed my duty scrupulously towards her.

The very canes which both of them scrupulously carried were exactly the right kind of cane.

Despite the example set by the Arabs themselves, Colonel Lawrence scrupulously avoided free talk about women.

The evidence must be gone over again and yet again, each link in its chain being scrupulously tested.

He is a poet whose flame has been so scrupulously tended as to flicker with the slightest breath.

The room was bare but for a few pieces of necessary furniture, but all was scrupulously clean.

Sylvester picked up the open brief which lay before him on the table, and folded it scrupulously.

What a sight it was to see them all grouped together, for they had scrupulously obeyed orders!

He was paying his debt scrupulously, and because of it the story had risen to confront him.

The grandest results were obtained by simple means, and all confusion, uncertainty, or complication were scrupulously avoided.

Gibson's report is scrupulously restrained in language, but his indignation may easily be read between the lines.

He always went to them most scrupulously to get their advice, and afterward did as he pleased.

Though the dining room was simply a spacious, scrupulously neat apartment, the waiters were numerous and well-trained.

The author tells us in his preface he has "very scrupulously followed the sense of the original."

He possessed an immense treasury; he was in the prime of life, admired, feared, and scrupulously obeyed.

She was in a graceful walking costume of pale blue, scrupulously neat, perfect to the smallest detail.

He was scrupulously honest, and would never proceed in a case until convinced justice required his services.

His verse is scrupulously devoid of rhetoric; the psychology of his historic plays is sober and human.

The child was named Ibrahim, and all the lawful ceremonies were scrupulously observed by his father.

Everything is scrupulously clean, and the cattle women are working hard all the long daylight hours.

His manners corresponded with his attire, for they were scrupulously civil, and not a little formal.

They found a bare, pine table, scrubbed scrupulously clean and set with metal plates and cups.

In every other particular I had scrupulously observed it even to the severe laming of my unfortunate horse.

As he came nearer he saw that it was an old woman, dressed very poorly, but scrupulously neat.

Beware, moreover, of examining them too scrupulously: they have a trick of wearing to vapor if closely scanned.

His father was still living; and, in his ignorance, scrupulously followed the doctrines of his sect.

I read them scrupulously, because, if I do not, I'm sure to miss something which I would like to see.

They were scrupulously clean and on no account did they like or allow their ankles to be seen.

He had, but a few moments left to live, and in a lifetime he had served honor scrupulously.

It was the other dominant element in his character that kept him scrupulously honest, scrupulously moral.

He was scrupulously sensitive on this point, and never felt hurt at anyone taking precautions against deception.

By a venerable tradition, scrupulously followed, the judicial department is kept beyond the reach of party greed.

He was remarkably attentive to my wants and scrupulously exact in all his arrangements of my toilet.

No book was ever more scrupulously written as is shown by the care with which each statement is made.

The whole establishment was scrupulously neat and clean, and afforded an agreeable contrast to the surrounding buildings.

They were indeed scrupulously strict in their own conduct, and in directing those closely connected with them.

As this latter motive is the more honorable, it ought to be the more scrupulously adhered to and enforced.

You must be very careful to see that everything used in the making of this food is scrupulously clean.

The sums loaned, on the contrary, being scrupulously repaid, the same benefit can be bestowed on others.

He performed all the dusting and cleaning, and never was there a room kept more scrupulously neat.

He was succeeded by a smart little fellow, well-dressed and scrupulously clean, but quite above his profession.

We should scrupulously avoid writing too frequently, or at too great a length, of our own losses and misfortunes.

They are scrupulously clean, have charming manners and beautiful bodies, and take an intelligent interest in the proceedings.

He was scrupulously honest, a magistrate of the old school, sure of his principles and master of himself.

He should scrupulously limit himself to such statements as are absolutely essential to clear understanding of the point.

If he did not want to be destroyed he must be profoundly, passionately, and scrupulously honest with himself.

If there had been twenty commandments to keep instead of ten, they would have observed them all scrupulously.

He went round every room in the house on Sunday evenings, always first scrupulously knocking at the door.

He was far too happy with her to question anything she said, and he obeyed her most scrupulously.

He was scrupulously attentive to the religious rites and ceremonies which were prescribed to him by the clergy.

He knew that his old friend was being scrupulously square, and sharing big profits with him.

And he accompanied this injunction with such a look that I was careful to observe it scrupulously thereafter.

Thus understood, life becomes a grave business, of uncertain issue, on which we must incessantly and scrupulously reflect.

Yet Arabian was scrupulously polite, was quiet, almost gentle in manner, and had a great deal of charm.

He always followed it scrupulously, so much so that sometimes he neglected what was happening on the stage.

The garden was scrupulously neat, and I fancied that I could detect its mistress's hand in it.

He was very careful of his personal appearance, had his hair and beard scrupulously cut and shaven.

Any errors under this head have occurred in spite of careful consideration and anxious desire to be scrupulously impartial.

The cabin wherein the three were seated was of the rudest kind, but everything was scrupulously clean.

He was lifted on the camel, and carried forward, his property being scrupulously respected with one exception.

If he has to arrest them they know he will be scrupulously fair when it comes to giving evidence.

The sums lent being, on the contrary, scrupulously repaid, the loans will augment from year to year.

The housekeeper should not only be scrupulously honest herself, but should insist that the maids be honest.

On the other hand, the rooms are scrupulously clean, the cuisine very fair, and the bedrooms comfortable.

They placed themselves at table, scrupulously observing the distance which might become a "virtuous gentleman and maid."

They were veiled; but did not so scrupulously conceal their faces as the Eastern women generally do.

They are ready to enter upon the disgusting business of examining property more carefully, more scrupulously, more in private.

All printed materials are scrupulously acknowledged in two catalogs, one historical and literary, the other wholly scientific.

Government inspected, and prepared, cooked and seasoned in sanitary, scrupulously clean kitchens by the most expert chefs.