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Use scrupulously in a sentence

Definition of scrupulously:

  • (adverb) with extreme conscientiousness

Sentence Examples:

And against typhoid every possible sanitary precaution was taken, and water and milk were, of course, scrupulously boiled.

Tickler at once promised to scrupulously regard this admonition, as well as to hold the general's person in profound respect.

To prevent their premature decay, they scrupulously avoided acid liquids, and invariably abstained from all hot food and drink.

In the meantime, inspectors were appointed to observe scrupulously all travelers arriving at and departing from the several seaports.

The former class consists of men, whose paternal ancestors were European, and who scrupulously claim their rights as such.

His judicial conduct during the Commonwealth is represented by contemporaries of all parties as scrupulously just, and nobly independent.

In the chronicling of facts, conditions, and situations, in the reproduction of characters, he is scrupulously true, hard, and inexorable.

The warm milk is first received in pails, and unless these are scrupulously cleaned, an important initial contamination then occurs.

The two defendants were fully cognizant of the illicit nature of orders which they knew would be scrupulously carried out.

In case negotiations for a marriage fell through, the preliminary payments were scrupulously returned to the rejected suitor by the parents.

I shall not, therefore, try to adhere scrupulously to the above-mentioned threefold division in discharging the task which I have undertaken.

The native prefers kid before mutton, because the goat is a scrupulously clean feeder, while a hungry sheep will eat anything.

"Let him wait," replied Margaret, and turned homewards, scrupulously averting her face from the ingratiating figure of Boy Bailey.

In this work classical severity was scrupulously observed, and the opera is full of telling points of dramatic musical coloration.

I have known him when a client presented two sovereigns empty his pockets of silver and scrupulously return nineteen shillings.

It was quite a large room, scrupulously clean, and presented a cheerful appearance with its varnished woodwork and polished brass.

The old landlord is said to have been courteous in deportment, given to hospitality, and scrupulously observant of the proprieties of life.

He looked about him with astonishment at the small but scrupulously neat room, which was decorated with several charming pictures.

In spite of this perpetual labor no worker remains unkempt: each is scrupulously neat, making her toilet many times a day.

Geometry had thus the boldness to dispose of the future; the evolutions of ages are scrupulously ratifying the decisions of science.

This rule we intend observing scrupulously; except, indeed, on occasions of necessity, when we may think proper to deviate from it.

His plans and measurements made while he studied land-surveying were as scrupulously exact as if great pecuniary interests depended upon them.

Each man scrupulously respects the rights of his fellows, and any infraction of these rights rarely or never takes place.

Each one, through experience, is educated to science; or rather, science is only that same experience scrupulously observed and methodically set forth.

While always scrupulously neat, she was apparently indifferent to clothes so long as they were clean and not absolutely shabby.

All ointments used must be washed off most scrupulously every day, otherwise they become rancid, irritate, and make matters worse.

It contains about sixteen hundred inhabitants, and its narrow streets are paved with yellow bricks which are kept scrupulously clean.

Julian was scrupulously punctual, and waiting irritated him not a little, but he never allowed himself to show his annoyance.

It is plain that the standard solutions must be scrupulously protected from concentration or dilution, after their value has been established.

The State, as I have remarked, must scrupulously abstain from violating any of those rights which it was organized to protect.

Many editors and publishers scrupulously eschew politics, lest obligations be incurred that might limit their opportunities for public service.

The book is intended to help busy teachers who need brief, pithy, scrupulously-researched essays that are laced with ideas for presentation.

To blow your nose as if it were a trombone, or to turn your head aside when using your handkerchief, are vulgarities scrupulously to be avoided.

Familiar with parliamentary principles, he held himself scrupulously within limit, but stoutly demanded that this be returned by his opponent.

He was particularly well groomed and scrupulously clean, and his scanty hair was carefully arranged over his fine, broad head.

As they advanced, courtiers of high dignity stepped forward to greet the white man, dressed in the most scrupulously neat fashions.

The rigid principles of form, adhered to so scrupulously in the medium used, intensify, rather than detract from, his individualistic character.

Your Highness will at least bear witness that I have scrupulously respected your decision, and have never attempted to intrude upon your counsels.

When an Indian dies, however many horses he may possess, they are all killed, and his other belongings are scrupulously burned.

The impossibility of rising to sentimental crises had made him scrupulously careful not to shirk the practical obligations of the bond.

One strives to be scrupulously fair, and the result is that the whole game devolves into a series of whistles and free kicks.

All the combatants scrupulously kept their vigil in prayers like the knights of old, went to confession, and took the Sacrament.

There is one characteristic that distinguishes the undertaker from the common herd of men with mercantile instincts; he is scrupulously honest.

Lee was known to be scrupulously correct and reserved in her deportment, most particularly since the mysterious departure of her husband.

The dormitories for the thirty-two inmates that were there at the time of my visit were scrupulously clean and very airy.

He had acknowledged to himself that Norman had a right to do so, and had scrupulously abstained from interfering with him.

It is observable, that we examine less scrupulously the pretensions of a nation to any particular excellence, than we do those of an individual.

Each by experience raises himself to the science; or rather the science is nothing more than experience, scrupulously observed and methodically expounded.

There are men otherwise of great probity and worth, who we fear are not always scrupulously careful to return a borrowed umbrella.

It is difficult, nevertheless, to see how the Chester concessions, and their affiliated enterprises can be kept scrupulously free from political complications.

She became noted for her modesty and many other good qualities, and scrupulously observed all the tenets of the Buddhist doctrines.

Few utensils will be required for making bread, but they must be scrupulously clean, if the bread is to have a good flavor.

Although the last offices were performed in the most scrupulously private manner, the feelings of the community could not be repressed.

His father, the boy observed, was liberal to a fault in large matters, but scrupulously and needlessly particular about small expenses.

Inside the house everything was scrupulously neat, from the clean rag rugs to the huge post beds with their gay coverlets.

Hawthorne's delineation of character and motive is as scrupulously accurate and scientific as Godwin's, but there is none of Godwin's inhumanity in his attitude.

To Eric and Duncan he was scrupulously civil, and by flattery and deference managed to keep apparently on excellent terms with them.

It is only necessary to keep the eyelids scrupulously clean, and especially the edges of the eyelids where the eyelashes grow out.

It is not pleasant to be disapproved of by old companions; particularly when you were so clearly, scrupulously right in all you have done.

The men were soldierly in their bearing, the grounds were kept in perfect condition, tents were all in order and scrupulously clean.

The stock pot, like any other utensil used for making soup, should receive considerable care, as it must be kept scrupulously clean.

Most of the cottages are kept scrupulously clean; they have an air of homely comfort which calls forth the admiration of all strangers.

The gradations of social rank are scrupulously observed, not only on formal occasions, but also in the homes at informal and social gatherings.

His diction was scrupulously neat, and might have often deceived an audience into the opinion that his speeches were prepared in the closet.

Though scrupulously faithful in every duty, he compelled the king to feel that an impassable wall of separation had risen up between them.

The neck and mouth of all such bottles should be kept scrupulously clean, and care taken that no confusion of stoppers occurs.

She was a zealous protestant, scrupulously exact in all the duties of devotion, of an even temper, and of a calm and mild conversation.

And this happened notwithstanding the fact that the conductor knew the score perfectly, and scrupulously observed my movements and nuances.

The room was somewhat poorly furnished, but everything was scrupulously neat and tidy, and there was an air of comfort pervading it.

How scrupulously everything is cared for, bearing evidence of constant watchfulness of the servants, such as only the English aristocracy can secure.

Have a large earthen pot, scrupulously clean, and line sides and bottom of this pot with very thin slices of larding pork.

Its individuals had paid scrupulously each year for insurance against fire and crime and had scrutinized their policies with the utmost care.

Blair knew this, and, though his boat was scrupulously clean, he did not care for the lady's boudoir and oak floor business.

The ornaments about the room were tawdry and cheap, showing how little attention was paid to appearance; nevertheless, everything was scrupulously clean.

The place once so cold and cheerless, has been brightened up and made scrupulously clean, and the foul drafts of air are no more.

With passengers especially he kept it scrupulously in the background, even as he did his talent for making sweet music on the accordion.

If the meat is for distribution, as it always is, except on occasions of festivity or of sacrifice, it is scrupulously divided at this moment.

They were scrupulously brushed of the last trace of snow, and the heavy door at the top swung noiselessly open to admit her.

Whoever fails to follow it scrupulously affects, in vain, the specious exterior of another religion; he is a scamp or a hypocrite whom I distrust.

The spoon and glass used for taking it should be kept scrupulously clean, as any oil left adhering to them soon turns rancid.

She has divorced her body from her soul for a little finer living, for a polished, a scrupulously clean, perfectly presentable husband.

In his person, however, he was scrupulously clean and nice, a hater of tobacco and all other polluting things and lowering influences.

He will not count too scrupulously the cost of what he achieves; he will be an imperialist, rapt in the joy of achieving something.

The chair opposite me remained unfilled, but each course was served at the cover as scrupulously as though the Lady Allegra were actually present.

Few packers will sufficiently understand this, which is really the principle of all good packing, and which should be scrupulously adhered to.

We entered a small garden enclosed by a wall; then we were ushered into a room containing dozens of small cupboard-like compartments, scrupulously clean.

Hence, I promise you, in guarding scrupulously your secret, if you confide it to me, I will do all in my power to meet your wishes.

He scrupulously enforced the faithful performance of the treaty, and severely punished any violence offered to the French by his own men.

He will see that the supply is sufficient, arrange the menus in consultation with the Chef, keep his storeroom neat and scrupulously clean.

Nothing could be more elementary than the idea of such a picture; the ancient symmetry and the most rigid parallelism are scrupulously observed.

He jested at his own pretensions; and declared, by an oblique hint, that he did not look for friends among the scrupulously clean.

Scrupulously just, he looked to every penny, and invariably discharged his workmen if they were not equally scrupulous in their dealings with him.

I replied, however, as cautiously as I could, telling him the simple facts as they had happened, but abstaining scrupulously from all remarks.

He was a fine looking boy of perhaps fourteen or fifteen years of age, scrupulously neat in appearance and possessing a manner which quite captivated Scott.

His face was still covered with blood, that the bystanders had scrupulously refused to wash off until the arrival of the magistrate.

Such contracts are frequently made, and unless the conditions are scrupulously complied with, the poor delinquents have to suffer, I am sorry to say.

The room into which she presently ushered them looked as scrupulously clean and orderly, and also as bare and desolate, as the dining room.

The tithe or tax upon these ancient herbs paid so scrupulously by the Pharisees bears testimony to their commercial value full nineteen centuries ago.

Nor did he scrupulously examine how much of the credit of this was due to a fastidious softness of nature which made controversy disagreeable and wearisome.

He performed this service with perfect dependability, accomplishing it in a most pleasing way, scrupulously despatching and receiving the correspondence at all times.