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Use tab in a sentence

Definition of tab:

  • (noun) the bill in a restaurant
  • (noun) sensationalist journalism
  • (noun) the key on a typewriter or a word processor that causes a tabulation
  • (noun) a short strip of material attached to or projecting from something in order to facilitate opening or identifying or handling it
  • (noun) a dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet
  • (verb) To affix with tabs; to label.

Sentence Examples:

A funny little person in red tabs was put in charge; there were various speculations as to his past activities, but all agreed that he had got into a good job now, and wasn't going to lose it, if tact could prevent it.

It is, to explain further, a basque, tight-fitting or with the waist laid in plaits, and with the basque skirt cut in eight tabs.

Our bunch has been rehearsing five weeks without salaries, and with the excessive taxicab rates we got no money to spend on clothes to wear to the ball, and the wardrobe mistress keeps an awful tab on the costume hampers.

I got mad at last, and I told some fellows, stuck all over with red tabs and cap-bands and armlets, that they could keep their old trenches, and I didn't believe they were worth looking at anyway.

Phillips's inability to progress far in the matter of occupancy of Indian Territory did not preclude his keeping a close tab on Indian affairs therein, such a tab, in fact, as amounted to fomenting an intrigue.

Going to extremes by the attempt at sterilizing herself in hot water would have been a natural response, and it was in the fear of scolding herself that she avoided the tab controlling the hot water altogether.

She knew that it was so, for there was a feeling disgorging within her that was a nasty flair of a warm shaken can of beer oozing from between the closed tab.

Through the open window came the voice of the major, and by furtively craning our necks we could just see him at the table, with his tabs and his eyeglass.

By adjusting the headpiece of the ship's microphone to his ears Chief Electrician Sammy Smith kept close tabs on the approaching vessel with the underwater telephone.

He kept the most careful sort of tabs upon himself, and his records seemed to show, at least for the past week or two, that his net volume of work had not been seriously lowered by the hour per day wrung from the Schedule.

Joshua was a bustling young man with a reddish ruff of hair back of a bald brow, "side tabs" of the same hue as his hair before each red and freckled ear, and a nose a good deal like an eagle's beak.

First with my penknife I ripped the tailor's tab with my name from the inside pocket of my coat and burnt it in the candle; nothing else I had on was marked, for I had had to buy a lot of new garments when I came out of hospital.

Bart hustled the various packages up for sale and disposition with briskness and dispatch, and Darry was more than busy keeping tab on his record book and piling the cash into the tin box.

In a comparatively few years she had made the greatest progress ever made by any nation in an equal time, with the possible exception of that made by the United States in a similar period after our civil war, and it is probable that not even our own advance has equaled hers in rapidity or extent, if all could be tabbed up.

Even the little milliner's shop, with its meager show of leghorns, and its string across the window all hung with tabs and with cloth roses, is a sad epitome of the great and conventional life of a city neighborhood.

Now, the Guardian Station prison, I am informed, keeps tabs on its inmates using a sophisticated surveillance system.

There the whole precious load of red tabs transshipped to H.M.S.

Ordinarily, Badger wore a soft silk shirt which had no tab, but on this night he had on a white shirt, whose tab was amputated by a dexterous thrust as soon as the vest was pulled open.

This Iago-like tab and the almost fierce brilliancy of his concentrated gaze gave to his countenance at times a sinister, Machiavellian expression that was irresistible and which, to my thinking, seriously marred an otherwise fine face.

It is usually worn from four to six weeks, when it is replaced by a silk and wool barrel-shaped band with shoulder straps and tabs at the bottom, both front and back, to which may be pinned the diaper.

The expression "red tabs" is, however, employed rather as a shibboleth; staff-officers must be distinguished somehow when they are not wearing armlets, and were the tabs less conspicuous there would be no special harm in them.

Perky has ranged the country with him and from his data we can keep tab on the old boy.

And the children, though banished upstairs, had kept tab on the gathering below by dashing to the head of the stairs, regardless of nighties, every time the bell rang.

The hank of yarns told about Socrates is pieced out with tabs and tags borrowed from different periods.

All he did know was that a brass-hatted angel with red tabs on its collar stood at the gate of a little paradise of comradeship, and forbade further knowledge of its pleasant places.

Of course, it is hardly probable that they belong to the smugglers' gang, although, if we keep close tabs on them, it seems to me that they will eventually lead us to the headquarters of the border smugglers.

They unhooked four of the six tabs from the wall and donned them.

The added connective tissue about the anus forms the skin into tabs, or into a circle of elongated integument around the orifice, with a mucous lining.

Archibald Forester, renowned as an explorer of the psychic borderland, and wearing green tabs and a crown upon his shoulder-strap, discussed matters Alpine with an Italian artillery officer.

In addition, from the edge of the orifice there rises a wide membranous tab, whitish and delicate, which might be taken for a raised lid.

There were even tabs of flesh or bony protuberances that resembled ears.

These silk tabs are an insignia of Canadian life.

There is a suspicion because of a name upon a tab in the young girl's coat that she may be Italian.

The professor removed, along with other impedimenta, his ear tabs, which were connected by a rubber cord.

By chance Perk turned his gaze in another direction for he no longer found any interest in keeping tabs on his late antagonist whose ship was now growing dim in the distance, having entered among a bunch of fleecy clouds.

Two days later, a Patrolman with the insignia of a Commander on his collar tabs showed up at my cell.

You see, I don't tab you as a milksop kind of Englishman exactly.

That is how in the early days of the Peace I was disposed to regard a demobilized young officer who had worn red tabs.

They are fastened on to the cheek strap of the head collar with a small tab and button-hole in place of a brow band, and have a fringe of either leather or cotton cords that hang down over the eyes halfway to the nose.

Motor-cars came hooting with staff-officers, all aglow in red tabs and armbands, thirsty for little cocktails after a dusty drive.

Above this was a tippet of three rows of embroidered lozenge-shaped "tabs" of satin.

It was attached to a blue plastic tab, Greenwich locksmiths.

These types of sleeves were usually worn over a tight one or a full lawn sleeve gathered at the wrist; most bodices with this sleeve were closely fitted and high in the neck, the waist often being cut into small tabs.

A flat type of hat was worn, with serrated brim, or tabs which could be turned down at times, and others were kept in place by a lacing cord through holes.

The credit men of mercantile institutions keep tab on their customers through the local merchants exchange and the commercial agencies, and are in a position to know to what extent it is safe to extend credit.

He, however, added that he must keep close tab on the paymaster deal.

Its purpose was to ascertain to what extent Soapy Gaines and his friends were keeping tab on the going and coming of the Thirty, by which name, it will be remembered, the car the four chums jointly owned was known.

Through his direct telephone lines to each freight-house and sub-station he keeps tab upon the comings and the goings of the drivers, as well as a complete and permanent record of their work and can quickly meet emergencies of every sort, instantly adjusting the service to the needs that are thrust upon it.

It is undeniable that permanently successful shooting depends mostly upon an even, certain, and unvarying loose, and such a loose can only be attained by the help of the most suitable glove, tips, tab, or other protection for the fingers.

The visor of a greasy plush cap, pushed well back upon his head, disclosed a shock of red hair that nearly met the shaggy eyebrows beneath which a pair of beady eyes kept tab on the movements of his crew.

Our cities are keeping tab rigidly on sewerage, cesspools, and outhouses; a persistent war is being waged on flies, mosquitoes, and germs of all kinds.

There shines over our sensitive and sentimental comrade a sort of personal glamour, which makes of him a being apart, which gilds him and isolates him from us, in spite of himself, as though an officer's tabs had fallen on him from the sky.

That little white goatee of his jutted out under his lower lip like a tab of carded wool.

She sat down in a chair with lace tabs on the arms; he leaned against the bed, and I established myself on a straight-backed chair, crossed my legs and brushed some imaginary dust off the knees of my trousers.

Jack having kept close tabs on all that went on felt confident there was not a single man aboard the speedboat.

He was busying himself with the lubrication and the fuel supply, keeping tab on everything that was purely mechanical so that Matt would have nothing to do but drive.

He did marry while in the city, but there were no children, and his wife left him, so we were told by the one who had been employed to keep tabs on the man, perhaps on account of his villainous temper.

By doing things in this systematized way you will be able to keep pretty close tab on tools, stock and labor and these are three factors where a great deal of waste usually occurs in small shops and factories.

The circular is gathered into one wide and two narrow plaits where it joins the points, which are similar to the tabs of a mantilla, and thus forms the appearance of sleeves.

Some say that the taxpayer should pick up the tab for toxic waste and let polluters who can afford to fix it off the hook.

Each identification tab carried a psychometric number which corresponded to the total personality.

What we usually do is first to frame some system of concepts mentally classified, serialized, or connected in some intellectual way, and then to use this as a tally by which we 'keep tab' on the impressions that present themselves.

If a card is misplaced in filing, the unit tab will greatly assist in locating the missing card.

Miners would eye a good claim enviously and keep tabs to see if the owner was doing the required amount of work.

With enough shaking of the can of soda pop all beings disgorged the same when the tab was opened.

While vaudeville is in itself a series of tabloid entertainments, "tab" is used to identify the form of a musical comedy act which may run longer than the average one-act musical comedy.

However, if he can produce bits of new business that will be sure-fire, he may find the burlesque tab for him the most profitable of all opportunities the vaudeville stage has to offer.

The only openings are at front and back, and they can be closed by means of tabs and button-holes at one side, and large bone buttons made fast to the other edge in a corresponding position to the tabs.

"I know it, but in a kind of general way you have to keep tabs on your own piggishness, because you're the only one that can."

The formation of lengthy channels also prevents to a great extent the development of skinny tabs round about the integument of the anus.

These symptoms may be piles, prolapse, skinny tabs, fissure, dull pains, soreness, itching channels, stricture of the anus and rectum, ulceration, abscess, fistula, cancer, etc.

I can keep tabs on them and represent the Weddell-Hopkins interest.

The Loafer removed the tabs and stuffed them into his pocket.

Working quickly but cautiously, with as little motion as possible, he pulled out and tore off the tab, set the shutter and, as the big bird spread its wings, a second click caught it at the very start of its flight.

This information is turned over by the inn-keeper to the chief of police and thus a close tab is kept on every visitor to a Japanese city.

He was a pompous dug-out, very splendid in his red tabs and probably bucked up at having just been under fire.

And for the next few days Wolcott had kept tabs, as well as was possible for a fellow who was still groping bewildered in the maze of new experiences.

The Equipment Officer consulted a board festooned with red, blue, and yellow tabs.

At that level she shut off her engine a moment to listen, glanced at the chart, and then convinced that the larger plane was determined to keep tabs on her, she shut off the lights, and risked a smash-up by gliding to a thousand feet.

Her companions looked about them at the crowd of grinning bellboys collecting, together with the scattering of guests who were pretending not to watch while keeping tabs on every round.

You may send bettors to me and keep tabs on the amount posted.

He pressed the unsealing tabs, slipped his hand into the vacant chest of the suit and pulled out the hand mike.

To reduce your grocery bill, keep tabs on your pantry shelves; keep up your stock of staple groceries, just as a merchant must keep in stock the things you will want to buy.

Their duty was to find and report upon every new encampment of the redskins, that the department might keep tabs on the movements of the savages.

Just at the moment, Betty turned round quickly to look after a boy who passed, wearing a long dark blue coat, with a red leather belt round the waist, yellow stockings and a little white tab or cravat at his neck.

I wear a sealskin cap with broad ear tabs, long sealskin gauntlets that keep my hands and arms warm, and high leggings and moccasins of beaver, but with the fur inside, which makes them much warmer.

The little tabs or projections on each sheet of tinfoil he arranged in opposite directions, so that half of them could be attached to a wire on one side of the condenser and half to a wire on the other side.