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Use tantrum in a sentence

Definition of tantrum:

  • (noun) a display of bad temper;

Sentence Examples:

This is just a three-year-old baby's tantrum.

She was evidently in a prostitute's tantrum of malicious deviltry.

You are an angel to listen so understandingly to my tantrums.

He's having one of those tantrums the nurse called hysterics.

He liked its straightforwardness and the kick in some of its tantrums.

Like a summer cloudburst, the tantrum ends almost as soon as it begins.

It had been a cruel letter, but unconsidered, like the tantrum of a child.

There was a curious fact about his exhibitions of ungoverned feeling, either ecstasies or tantrums.

In the midst of this infantile temper tantrum the rudiments of a conscience are visible.

I feel it would be injudicious to put cook into a tantrum again to-night, after last night's explosion.

How did I know but what you would begin some of your tantrums, and miscall her?

He had the maddening air of one who derives amusement from the tantrums of a spoiled child.

Who knows but what Nell might come gandering back in one of her tantrums, and spoil everything.

Yet he knew that his itch-inspired tantrum stood against his record as a prospective pilot of warplanes.

It had enraged his father, distressed his mother, driven his teachers to tears, his playmates to tantrums.

Other Doldrums and Tantrums had joined in, and the little cabin was soon filled with flying cards.

They take a fiendish delight in torturing us with tantrums, galling us with gammon, and pelting us with platitudes.

Rob asked months and months for shelves, and they never gave them until he threw a temper tantrum.

"Such tantrums as he goes into nowadays I never did see," bewailed the footman to his chosen cronies in the village.

This had been a wild tantrum, driving everything of small tonnage to the nearest shelter, even delaying the big coasters.

She was horrified to discover that at times the baby lost its novelty, that its tantrums tried her nerves.

You probably saved my life, for you can't tell what a half-wit will do, when in a tantrum and armed with a knife.

She threw a tantrum, and when it was all over, Auerbach's plastic cylinder of goop was trying to fall upward, through the ceiling.

Relieved from the lout's presence, Cheri gradually laid aside his tantrums, smoothed down his ruffled plumes, and resumed the manners of a gentleman.

No special saintliness of disposition was theirs and no miracle intervened to render them immune from tantrums when they crossed the convent threshold.

The tantrums of other men's wives are generally received with much the same mixture of skepticism and disdain as the witticisms of other parents' children.

They are glad enough, after a few years, to get back, like boys who run away from home, or farmhands who quit work in a tantrum.

He either quite or very nearly did for a young schoolfellow in a fit of the tantrums, and found it convenient to quit the place rather abruptly.

They jabbered away and pointed at the thing, and while they were going through these tantrums Teeny-bits just walked out of the place and came home.

It wouldn't do to even dream of escaping, and I'll let the reader decide how promptly the Canadian threw a tantrum when I ventured to tell him our situation.

I could teach him a good deal about headaches and backaches and all sorts of nervous revolutions, as the doctor says the French women call their tantrums.

Faced by Big Boy, Shortie trembled with rage and went into a terrible temper tantrum, rolling on the ground, pawing it in frenzy, squealing in maddened rage.

Rolf can be a nice little fellow when he is not in his tantrums; but he is fearfully mismanaged, and so he is more of a plague than a pleasure to us.

Luckily there were few people in the street, and the sound was scarcely noticed; it was simply thought that the excitable Italian woman was in one of her tantrums.

Something else had to be the attraction to draw her out of a Sunday morning, unless she was urged with a persistency that would have moved a mule in the tantrums.

With that I gin him a quarter of a dollar, for I didn't want to be mean; but the varmint begun to bluster up as if he wanted to kick up a tantrum.

It wasn't reasonable to humor her in such tantrums, but he sent a box of roses by way of a peace offering, and received in return a note which emboldened him to call.

This, too, is the time when petulance and tantrums are frequent expression of a wish to be left alone, which may account for the negativism as a consistent symptom of the same regressive progress.

The patience, forbearance, and kindliness, with which, from Socrates downwards, men as a rule have encountered the whims, the tempers, and the tantrums of their often unworthy womankind is indeed a marvel.

There are resistances, it is true, but these express themselves at first only in tantrums, in apparently quite meaningless outbreaks; we impose our phrases and values so completely, that such spasmodic opposition seems to signify nothing.

Tantrums, and begs to assure her that her extra special hysterics have so far surpassed anything his wife can do, as to render him callous to those attacks which he had formerly found so distressing.

Reproof and punishment must be administered with discretion and judgment, and without passion; for the officer who loses his temper and flies into a tantrum has failed to obtain his first triumph in discipline.

Sometimes they are bashful, sometimes perverse; but if the mother persists in her attempt to show them off, it will probably prove a complete failure, and end in a cry, or that outbreak usually called a tantrum.

You not only refuse a man who could make your social position secure, but rant and get into tantrums over the compliment he pays you, and call it an 'insult,' exactly as your canting grandmother Latham might have done.

She isn't the kind of girl to be hurt by that sort of thing, and, besides, she'll have the dickens of a tantrum if we try to thwart her now she's set her heart on this trick.

Then from the character of that spoiled young lady were wiped clean away, as the sponge wipes marks from a slate, vanity, whims, temper, tantrums, thoughtlessness, and arrogance, and in their places appeared the opposites.

The old man stiffened, and rubbed his beard: he became unaware of Jean and Orville: with bowed head he walked off, seeing the girl he had helped to raise, a woman of tantrums, woman of courage, love and beauty.

One day, this servant carried to the dinner table a magnificent turkey, cooked in the most approved fashion, but the Major was in one of his tantrums and would not endure the sight of the sumptuous feast.

The unprincipled traders, knowing this, and wishing to see him in one of his tantrums, began in a bantering way to question whether he had really shot a deer, since his wife was so long in coming with it.

It will be seen, hereafter, however, that this usually serene and amiable damsel, like the daughters of men, is subject to occasional "spells" of perversity, and that, when she does take a tantrum she makes things lively around her.

His valet, through association or education, we know not which, has picked up a domineering attitude, and the tantrums he went through over the phone at various times with every clerk in the office, got under the skin.

Of course, it is easy to say that had this woman been wise she would have stood the childish outbursts and endured the peevish tantrums, for the sake of the hours of tenderness and love that were sure to follow.

Katharine, walking the floor of her own room, that night, forgot the holy calm born of the Universal Mind and its optimistic tenets, and by slow degrees lashed herself into a scientific replica of a nervous tantrum.

"Indeed, ma'am, and she was a very great favorite when first she came to me, for she was a lively, sprightly thing as ever I seed, but when she gets in her tantrums, she's more than mortal flesh can bear."

Where a child in a tantrum would crush a toy to pieces, the Impetuous Male, when in a towering rage, and without a moment's warning, would wither the once fair greenery of mountains, and in addition bring many people to an untimely end.

Now they were at the top of the hill, and the horse broke into tantrums again; requiring all of Master Joseph's skill to prevent his toppling himself and his two riders over one of the many boulders that obstructed the road.

Now, when he has been out of temper with me, he is sure of having a very bad dinner; if he grumbles, I tell him that whenever he puts me into a twitter by his tantrums, I always forget to give the cook proper directions.

It was so nice and snug and comfortable, the minute they tucked their tails inside it, and caught their breaths, and sleeked down their fur and their feathers, they forgot all about how the Terrible Storm was having a tantrum outside.

Her father stroked her hair to still her frenzy, just as he had often done in the stress of some childish tantrum; for Yvonne had never been a demure little saint, but owned in full measure the defects of a frank and impulsive temperament.

As a matter of fact the brute had a bad fit of tantrums during the rest of the day, and the last sound we heard as we wended our way through the quiet lanes that evening was the angry bellowing of offended majesty.

There is nothing more galling than the consciousness that the person with whom you are angry is in the right, and knows it, and is therefore indisposed to take any notice of your tantrums, being resolved, do what you will, not to take you seriously.

However, when they turned the conversation upon the subject of his return to power he flew into a tantrum, and swore that he would not move even if he knew that triumph awaited him at the end of the street; and indeed he shut himself up more than ever, and affected absolute ignorance of what went on in the world.