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Use unadulterated in a sentence

Definition of unadulterated:

  • (adjective) not mixed with impurities; "unadulterated maple syrup"
  • (adjective) without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers;

Sentence Examples:

We sometimes, according to our privilege, amuse our readers with pure unadulterated fiction.

No tub-ridden Diogenes ever knew so little of responsibility or as much unadulterated content.

An experiment generally proves successful if made with properly adapted and unadulterated materials.

Maintaining the most rigorous allegiance to the simple unadulterated truth, what can be said?

Real, unadulterated prayer is only possible when the mind is totally relieved of distractions.

With reluctance, because the fourth period is again one of almost unadulterated gloom and sadness.

Nowhere are the charms of pure, unadulterated animal food set forth in more imposing style.

I have said that this book is one of the latest expressions of unadulterated eighteenth-century sentiment.

It is stated on good authority that it is almost impossible to obtain unadulterated ground coffee.

This was looked upon as either a wondrous coincidence or a piece of pure, unadulterated good luck.

If unadulterated, they are no doubt wholesome enough, and suitable for some specially constituted persons.

A real laugh springs naturally out of a pure, unadulterated confidence and a good physical condition.

Hence, one will have to proceed as follows, if one wishes to prove that it is unadulterated.

"Right ... and getting enough evidence, in such cases as that, is pure, unadulterated hell."

Captain Fitzgerald did not appear all day, so the Sunday was composed of unadulterated Josiah.

A wonderful look came into the old man's face, a look of pride, of satisfaction, of unadulterated joy.

Carry these precious truths to the next generation, unadulterated, as pure as they come from the Bible.

There was no hope about it all, no suggestion of prayer, nothing but blank and unadulterated suffering.

I don't believe there's any such thing as pure, unadulterated friendship between people who are socially ambitious.

I have not read in any language such a full expression of the unadulterated instincts of the mind.

It is infinitely difficult to get any here which is genuine and unadulterated, even at the highest price.

With this beginning, what might have been accomplished had the plan, with truth unadulterated, been followed!

He is tall, and of a fine figure, pleasing countenance, bright eye, and unadulterated in race and color.

If there is any curse in comedy, unadulterated by lying, malice, or envy, he never knew it.

From sheer unadulterated ignorance, I cannot follow him during the first week or so of his career.

Of course, all grays even are not rich and beautiful, but they are better than unadulterated color.

Disgust at being robbed of Fanny struggled in his mind with a feeling of pure, unadulterated wonder.

For the human heart is incapable of bestowing unadulterated pity: there must be some contempt in it.

The interior of the carriage was flooded with light... and, Sir, I gave a gasp of unadulterated dismay!

No one can maintain perfect health without breathing good unadulterated air, and exercising in it with great frequency.

Now the earliest period of human life presents the "work of nature" in its pure and unadulterated form.

Others, guided by the unadulterated sentiments of nature, poured forth all their vows for the courteous unknown.

That he can be a good, pure, unadulterated American, and still lend his sympathies to the Bolsheviki.

They should be shown the practical value of pure air, pure water, unadulterated food, sweet and dry dwellings.

They had the truth unadulterated, and this rendered them the special objects of hatred and persecution.

Such, my dear, are the delightful, but indescribable sensations attending the kiss of pure and unadulterated love.

It brings in money, even more money than moral pictures, scientific books, and honest dealing in unadulterated food.

His authorities were almost entirely old Indians, for from such only could he secure narrations of unadulterated character.

They had been here for three weeks, now, and it had been three weeks of pure, unadulterated hell.

And both they and I believed that a great and lasting revival of pure unadulterated religion was at hand.

Their statutory duty is to see that all articles offered for sale in the market are pure and unadulterated.

His idea of unadulterated bliss (if such were possible in the army) was to be dog-robber to General Pershing.

The milk and cream produced at this dairy is sold by retail, unadulterated, and is in great demand.

If we look at the unadulterated absurdity of the affair, we may almost be tempted to rage like Carlyle or Swift.

Yet, the colonel wished he could be sure it was an unadulterated desire of protecting Anne which had moved him.

It is all but impossible to buy this article unadulterated, except from the caravans returning after the pilgrimage.

This is pure elegant English, and the common people have the honor of preserving it, unadulterated by foreign words.

It is our duty to the public to see that they have it, and that they have it pure and unadulterated.

To make this test, however, quite reliable, it is necessary to be familiar with the substances in their pure unadulterated condition.

It began dawning on me that his apparently generous and impulsive action might bear a different interpretation than unadulterated kindness.

Unadulterated happiness and good luck appeared in fleeting glimpses for our family, and to feel differently now was too risky.

Franklin was a pure, unadulterated Englishman; he came of that great stock whose mission it is to improve the world.

James sat on a packing case and watched him with unadulterated pleasure as he tended to the examination of his luggage.

He knew the degree of pressure that gave it test conditions, and he had an unadulterated, plain, bread-and-water appreciation of it.

Persons not keeping cows, may always have a little cream, provided the milk they purchase be pure and unadulterated.

They could never regard the refusal of motion picture producers to further star them, as anything but unadulterated malice.

Are you meditating upon Lorraine's trouble, or my suggestion, that it is unlikely she could endure a whole week of you, unadulterated?

All treated them with unadulterated respect, and everything made love to them because they were so tender and so easily pleased.

Because it came to him accompanied by unadulterated truths that he was able to recognize, it exerted a profound effect on him.

Drinking deep of the joy of the moment, Bob yielded to the unadulterated happiness that went with being near her.

It gives him the unadulterated trust of his employer, and it arouses a certain admiration among his narrow circle of acquaintances.

His love was unadulterated selfishness even though it was the terribly pathetic selfishness of a weak thing seeking prop and salvation.

As a matter of fact, the disease from which Elma was suffering was nothing more nor less than pure, unadulterated fright!

When a spontaneous cheer bursts from a thousand people, the volume of sound is obviously the unadulterated product of the many.

He would drink no more wine; well, Harry found beer a most excellent and delicious beverage, particularly when you get it unadulterated.

In the best meaning of the phrase, it comes to itself; for thought is its principle, and its very unadulterated self.

He cannot invent his materials in the sense the poet can, but must confine himself to the statement of unadulterated truth.

At each market there ought to be a chemical expert who understands these artificial manures, which it is so difficult to get unadulterated.

I wanted, you understand, to get all joy first-hand and unadulterated, and I think it scarcely exists among men; it is obsolete.

Every pint of the pure wine thus added to a mixture is, of course, so much abstracted from the stock of unadulterated juice.

It beamed pure and unadulterated from his small gray eyes, it was distinctly stamped on the broad smile of his large mouth.

It is good, cheap, and sometimes very handsome, and if it can be bought unadulterated with cotton it will last many years.

Honest men indulged in a bout without subsequent remorse, and so long as the drink was unadulterated they did themselves little harm.

Pure unadulterated joy never comes to those who attempt to extract pleasure from that which has cost other people days of arduous toil.

Preserved unadulterated by savages dispersed among mountains, and so often driven from their dens, so wasted by wars civil and foreign!

Some of us were selected for the mine and some were told off for coke making, which, as we soon learned, was sheer unadulterated hell.

It is not wisdom but unadulterated stupidity to take thousands of years securing what might have been as well done in the twinkling of an eye.

I asked; though in fact I felt it quite as much as he did, but I wanted to hear Frank's own unadulterated idea about the matter.

In the first place, the oil must be pure mineral, unadulterated with either animal or vegetable oils, and must have been washed free from acid.

To this I answer: "Unadulterated harmony may, solely for lack of change, become monotonous; but discords alone never create melody, harmony, health or happiness."

He now flew to the opposite extreme, and dashed off a brief romance unadulterated by a solitary fact or a single instance of original observation.

The operation was soon completed, but, although we tried it mixed and unadulterated both, we were forced to admit it had absolutely no flavor whatever.

He smiled heartily as he thought to himself, about the total unadulterated domination of whatever he chose to control, and whenever he chose to control it.

No matter what torments the others inflicted, his loyalty equaled the cruelty of the rest, for he had drunk the wine of unadulterated love.

You should have seen the Sport; she was over here last night, the picture of unadulterated woe, for she could not even scare up one idea.

He began to tremble in the unadulterated agony of a shy man about to meet the woman to whom he has made love only in his heart.

As far as religious observances were concerned, he was an unadulterated heathen, and was all the more to be congratulated on being a heathen of genial tendencies.

This distinguished individual is seventy-one years old, large frame, of unadulterated blood, and spent his life in slavery up to the close of the war.

I mean by raw sugar, not the white, but the pure and unadulterated sugar, and which you can only procure from a respectable grocer.

It will supply the city with wholesome and unadulterated dairy produce, together with the best fruits and vegetables, at the ordinary market rates.

On two occasions only have I been able to observe this style of the comic in its unadulterated state, and in both I received the same impression.

They were the true metal, pure and unadulterated; their only thought was to save the Republic, and they cared not a straw for anything else.

We regard our translation of the Bible as a precious treasure, even in this light, being a source to which all good writers resort for true unadulterated English.

This is exceedingly weak and detrimental, as indeed is all humor in business; which can only be carried on successfully by, unadulterated good policy and right reasoning.

In all things, but more especially in religion, as being the subject of the highest importance, the purest, simplest, and most unadulterated truths should be taught.

I hold that the ministers in the other chapels that I have attended do not preach the unadulterated Word, and have therefore missed the narrow path.

We must be impatient of a state of society in which healthy dwellings and unadulterated food and pure water and fresh air are made the monopolies of the rich.

Perhaps, when we have satisfied ourselves that our own motives are on all occasions absolutely unadulterated, we shall be in a more advantageous position to cast stones at the Reformers.

Are you sure that the almost universally bad name of the Cat is not pure and unadulterated prejudice, and, considered as a generality, with the least foundation in fact?

And, finally, he had an opportunity of conversing with a Viennese in his home dialect, which he had preserved pure and unadulterated while living among people who spoke quite differently.