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Use unadulterated in a sentence

Definition of unadulterated:

  • (adjective) not mixed with impurities; "unadulterated maple syrup"
  • (adjective) without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers;

Sentence Examples:

It is pure, unadulterated monotheism.

It was brutal unadulterated cacophony.

He is of unadulterated African origin.

He floundered out through pure, unadulterated innocence.

He will make an affidavit for unadulterated friendship.

As it stands to-day, it is an unadulterated extravagance.

The admiration they expressed was unqualified and unadulterated.

He spoke no language but his own unadulterated American.

The privilege of fagging is not, however, unadulterated bliss.

Unadulterated truth always arouses suspicion in the unaccustomed public.

It takes diplomacy and unadulterated gall to run a show.

It is humiliating to find how impotent unadulterated sanity is.

It is pure, unadulterated spying of the most blackguard sort.

More probably, however, the whole procedure is pure, unadulterated humbug.

It is very seldom, however, that musk can be procured unadulterated.

We are told that our glorying is idle vanity and unadulterated blasphemy.

Greenwood were not also swallowed up in the search after unadulterated guano.

Travel with a cheerless and easily discouraged companion is an unadulterated misery.

"It's the carefree road of pure and unadulterated joy," explained Ferguson solemnly.

Know then, first, that your coffee berries must be pure and unadulterated.

And no medium expresses line in as pure and unadulterated a fashion as etching.

They had that overpowering quality which the direct unadulterated truth gives.

Beware how you try to keep him in a crowd of unadulterated human porcupines!

When unadulterated by the stinking oil, these boiled roes are not unpalatable food.

There's too much of the concentrated quintessence of unadulterated happiness lying around here.

Which sprang past the lips of Edith Williams was unadulterated, forceful invective.

It shows that sheer, unadulterated, unmitigated murder was the ideal grace of manhood.

It is unadulterated with worldly wisdom, deference to prevailing opinions, mere talent or cleverness.

"That was camouflage, Jack, pure and unadulterated camouflage," answered Tom with a laugh.

For the genuine and unadulterated popular origin of these tales I can vouch absolutely.

Our noses wanted whiffs of hay and pig, and our boots wanted unadulterated mud.

Then come the speeches of the counsel, and rare specimens they are of unadulterated oratory.

Sir, her price is an unadulterated heart: I am afraid we cannot pay it betwixt us.

The popularity of pure and unadulterated pessimism is an oddity; it is almost a contradiction in terms.

Honey, molasses, sugar, butter, oil, vinegar, etc., when unadulterated, are entirely free from earthy matter.

Of all the letters I have ever seen it took the red ticket for pure, unadulterated blasphemy.

"Each of the stories is of such finished workmanship as to make reading of it an unadulterated pleasure."

Smith, is in reality nothing more than the unadulterated fur of that despised animal, the skunk.

The honor has several times been assigned to me of making the American speech in unadulterated American.

We saw provisions made of unadulterated earth, prepared only by slow roasting and moistening with water.

This, he realized, was unadulterated, childish fear, and he angrily aroused himself from its stifling influence.

In the single tragedy written by Middleton alone, "Women Beware Women," the revenge species appears unadulterated.

Is it sheer love of their species, and an unadulterated wish to see young people happy and dancing?

The note of unadulterated humanity sounds with a clearness that demands commemoration in this poetry of passion.

They were pests, simple and unadulterated, and on a farm any such nuisance had to be wrenched aside.

She was one of the few modern gypsies who still hold to the unadulterated worship of "those."

He had a certain gallant ease, a certain attractive candor, that did not consist with villainy unadulterated.

This they did, and there the pure, unadulterated Roman breed is to be found to this day.

Her apprentices had no reason to complain, for it was hot and strong and unadulterated by chicory.

It is all of a piece: all love, love, love, unmixed and unadulterated with any more worldly materials.

By the side of it, his cranium, the color of unadulterated margarine, looked almost like butter, by comparison.

The heroes of these dramas are seriously engaged in what is often unadulterated folly and the wildest eccentricity.

She did not consider, that real benevolence, or an excellent counterfeit, is the only road to an unadulterated heart.

There was nothing whatever to be urged in favor of such a proposal; it was pure, unadulterated, shameless obstruction.

They had found upon the sands a cask of Admiralty rum, as well as a stout residue of unadulterated pitch.

Few men would have dug for gold along that creek; the surface had all the characteristics of unadulterated muck.

Many of the serfs had been set free, but the new liberty of the people was not a state of unadulterated happiness.

Wherever sympathetic magic occurs in its pure unadulterated form, it assumes that in nature one event follows another necessarily and invariably without the intervention of any spiritual or personal agency.

This was a true, unadulterated democracy, without a two-chamber system, without a professional bureaucracy, with the right of the voters to recall their representative at will and to substitute another.

The material of which it is made must be of the proper kind, pure and unadulterated; the manipulation in manufacturing must be correct as to time, quantities, temperature, handling, etc., and age is also necessary.

This is a true, unadulterated democracy, without a two-chamber system, without a professional bureaucracy, with the right of the voters to recall their deputy any moment and to substitute another for him.

Notwithstanding which, its progress seems to have been comparatively rapid and like the same ink of the present day was to be obtained of any quality or kind, whether unadulterated or containing some added color.

I had previously conceived thoroughly deep convictions relating to this subject, and I now know no amount of spiritual aid could have possibly eradicated them sufficiently to have allowed the presentation of the plain, unadulterated truth.

That there was fraud, downright, unadulterated fraud mixed up with his remarkable manifestations it would be impossible to deny; but it would have been futile not to admit that these manifestations were not wholly fraudulent.

In view of these principles and facts, and others which might be presented, it is reasonable to conclude that we cannot expect the whole living, unadulterated truth, even if they had it, from the professional clergy.

And yet, if the unadulterated tradition of the teachings of "the Nazarene" were to be found anywhere, it surely should have been amidst those not very aged disciples who may have heard them as they were delivered.

I must except, however, those pleasures which are necessarily followed by pain; I only love those enjoyments which are unadulterated, which can never be the case where we are conscious they must be followed by repentance.

Grant that a man can love his neighbor and himself with an equal love, and the same proportion will be preserved whether his love procures him unadulterated pleasure, or entails on him a vast amount of pain.

Again the desire for unadulterated truth is often obscured, in professional philosophers, by love of system: the one little fact which will not come inside the philosopher's edifice has to be pushed and tortured until it seems to consent.

And even after the clear evidence which we obtained of its immaterial nature, we yet remain entirely in the dark as to its objective reality, and we have not the faintest reason for believing it to have been a genuine unadulterated ghost.

Grasp a handful briskly, and squeeze it for half a minute; if pure and unadulterated, it preserves the form of the cavity of the hand in one piece when placed upon the table, although it may be roughly set down.

She knew that her brother had been "discharged" only to afford a pretext for giving the quarter's money; and she was sure that his being land agent, at an additional seventy-five pounds a year, was a pure unadulterated fiction.

They come to us from so far, the forces which order our doings: and though each element remains intact and unadulterated, yet signs of the many moments they have passed embodied in various shapes cling to them always, like fine dust.

I am convinced one good harvest made by unadulterated free labor in the south would have a far better effect than all the oaths that have been taken, and all the ordinances that have as yet been passed by southern conventions.

To us, at least, she has become identified with them all; and in speaking of her performances, we must say that the task can only be a repetition of that even strain of unadulterated praise, which, justly awarded, belongs only to perfection.

And, as I was just now remarking, this ignorance in the soul of him who is deceived may be called the true lie; for the lie in words is only a kind of imitation and shadowy image of a previous affection of the soul, not pure unadulterated falsehood.