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Use underlie in a sentence

Definition of underlie:

  • (verb) be or form the base for
  • (verb) lie underneath

Sentence Examples:

Loosen the flank steak muscle at the cod or udder fat end and lift it free from the underlying membrane.

Do you not see that underlying that swift sentence of the Apostle there is a presupposition, which he takes for granted?

This ambiguity underlies and vitiates almost every argument used by Home Rulers, whether English or Irish, in favor of Home Rule.

On the eastern flank of these mountains and underlying all the rest of the island is a series of stratified rocks.

The world might have been excused for its failure to plumb the underlying causes which roiled the waters of his soul.

Such accumulations of oil usually fill porous layers of sandstone and are confined by overlying and underlying beds of impervious clay.

Yet the Greek notion of Nemesis has an element of permanency in it, for it represents a principle underlying human life.

A great bed of exceptionally pure rock gypsum underlies about twenty-five square miles of Webster County, Iowa, in rocks of late Paleozoic Age.

In contrast to the underlying marine Paleozoic rocks, these Triassic beds were deposited on land by streams and in shallow lakes.

Despite the frivolous badinage of his words and the humorous smile of his lips, his eyes hinted at an underlying intensity.

The testimony of the Greek poets shows that beneath the prevailing polytheism there remained an underlying conception of monotheistic supremacy.

Section through cambium and underlying wood in a crotch of an apple tree where the grain of the wood is not straight.

Even that underlying principle of all the sciences, the principle of the persistence of energy, had been, perhaps unwittingly, enunciated.

The wisdom which keeps on the surface is better than that which persists in officiously prying into the underlying reality.

Debility underlies all affections of the sympathetic nervous system, in the same way as nervous irritability underlies all cerebral diseases.

The rhetoric of this sentence may be less shocking, but the principle that underlies it is equally immoral and demoralizing.

In applying science in war, however, it has disallowed the moral laws which underlie all sound science and healthy life.

On the contrary, I thought it probable that some physical principle, not evident to the spiritualists themselves, might underlie their manifestations.

Our limited mortal consciousness is responsible for the tendency to personify everything, instead of to realize the principles underlying all expression.

It is covered by epidermis and attached to the underlying parts by a layer of areolar tissue, which usually contains fat.

The underlying principle is that what is true of one period is true of the whole range of time covered by Irish records.

There is usually some truth underlying a caricature; a cartoon would lack point if it did not possess a substratum of fact.

The only truth for mind is the substantial and underlying essence, and not the trivialities of external existence and contingency.

Yet one year's departure from H.B.C. ideals and H.B.C. standards would serve to corrode the foundations underlying this priceless Reputation.

The principle of the acceptance of "the Friend" was identically that which underlies the acceptance of the most flagrant transgressor.

In other places considerable vegetation was found upon the surface of moraines, which were probably still in motion with the underlying ice.

Quite evidently there still is an underlying something which has to be taken into account before one can fully understand chronic bashfulness.

It is in such animistic beliefs as these, which underlie sacrifice, that we find a partial solution of the problem of changeling belief.

With this regularity many of the factors underlying caprice, peevishness, and anger can be prevented in the earliest months of life.

He was born of a virgin mother, which indicated that underlying them there appeared to be an ideal figure, although of course unexpressed.

In masochism the motive, underlying the suffering of the person in question, is the charm afforded by the tyranny in itself.

To enter into an inquiry as to the underlying causes and the ultimate consequences of this rising, would be to travel far afield.

Every physicist is aware that there is some form of energy underlying, or rather expressing itself in, light and heat and gravitation.

The majority of the men of power among the Allies have not been fair Nordics but dark men of the underlying races

He was of better class than the woman, and underlying his assumption of crudity there were occasional outcroppings of some cultural background.

It is the contrast of wild nature with peaceful culture, of ordered State with unorganized herd or horde, that underlies this conception.

The eye may be offended or even repelled by unnecessary trivialities at times, but the underlying aspiration is, after all, the truth.

How interesting it is, too, to observe the constant outcrop, under all forms and faiths, of this strange, underlying, non-Aryan type!

A chamber five feet in depth underlies the hall and the adjoining lobby, and in it are laid pipes for conducting warm air.

The Socratic contention is the need compelling the common denominator, the common subject, underlying the diversity of views to exhibit itself.

Because of the underlying pricing methods, officially reported data on total industrial production in value terms overstate the actual rate of growth attained.

If sufficient attention is given to the presence of this mulch, the nature of the underlying soil is of less importance than otherwise.

In many places, through their denudation, the underlying basaltic rocks are exposed, and in a decomposing condition largely form the surface.

The Smart Engine permits anyone to cross-relate individual or matrices of data with an underlying attribute structure that is defined by the user.

It may be, however, that there is some great purpose underlying the present system of calling together a crowd of unnecessary jurymen.

The first thing that strikes me about this representation of our text is the profound sense of human sinfulness which underlies it.

In the second case, the focus is on social and communicative functions, with an increasing interest in underlying aspects (often computationally modeled).

There will always be a Beyond, in which dwells the secret of laws still undiscovered, that underlie mysteries unrevealed and marvels unexplained.

I mean the tragic irony which underlies it, and, running throughout the scene, closes the play on a note of appalling mockery.

A formation is composed of rock layers which, because of their similar physical characteristics, can be distinguished from overlying and underlying layers.

This seems to be the mechanism which underlies what is to the Englishman the mystery of German submission to direction and discipline.

The thoroughly egoistic character of the principles underlying the older Roman law has been noticed in a former portion of this work.

All such causes of anti-English and anti-"Anglo-Saxon" sentiment belong in a different category from the underlying motives which I propose to discuss.

It is not at all improbable that some such dream of Hellenic unity underlies the extraordinary drama we are witnessing in the East.

The underlying principle of monism is that the universe is a unity in which no distinction exists between the material and the spiritual.

The world awoke to find its heart unchanged and war with aggressive animalism still the underlying and primal force in man.

In the arts, the tendency has been to strip each art of its inessentials and to disclose the underlying basis of pure form.

It does not matter that such a resolve is hopeless and unseasonable; we are dealing here with the profounder impulses that underlie reason.

The objects in question are of bewildering variety; yet we can trace, amid their fantastic irregularities, the underlying uniformity of one constructive thought.

Some pale, purplish streaks and clouds generally underlie the brown blotches where they are thickest, and there form a kind of nimbus.

Let me try, then, to enforce this thought of indebtedness and of common honesty in discharging the indebtedness, which underlies these words.

He did not discern in him that underlying strain of Spanish cruelty, which passion might bring to the surface at any moment.

And so perforce I had: for if the underlying Greek Text be mistaken, what else but incorrect must the English Translation be?

The Socratic contention is the need of compelling the common denominator, the common subject, underlying the diversity of views to exhibit itself.

In the eighteenth century was made the discovery that underlying or contiguous to this area was one of the largest of the European coalfields.

The tamers of wild beasts proceed in the same manner, and probably with as little knowledge of the principles underlying the method.

There is a profound philosophy underlying the story which will escape many of the readers whose attention is engrossed by the narrative.

Allowing even for the Laura Matilda style of expression of the period, they show the substratum of romanticism that underlies her character.

This underlying tenderness and pride which is at the base of the attitude of each, only glints beneath the surface of perfect comradeship.

The smile with which Dick watched the agonized girl marked the cruelty that was the underlying trait of his whole character.

There are cases, however, in comparatively young persons where a combination of certain ill-defined symptoms gives a clue to the underlying pathologic processes.

In color the markings range from hydrangea red to ocher red; and underlying these are a few weak spots of deep dull lavender.

The guilty mind would never be unburdened without confession; but there was solid rock, underlying the foamy flow of Richard's character.

In each case we shall see how the idea of equality underlies all quantitative prevision; and in what simple forms this idea is first applied.

The Treaty of July was concluded for a definite purpose which involved no repudiation of the principles underlying the Quadruple Treaty of 1834.

He had all that underlying desire of the unknown which creates sentiment, and which is so pronounced a part of the Celtic character.

Slow children are baffled and stupefied by it; quick children all too soon catch and adopt the element of insincerity underlying it.

The idea of a perfect harmony of thinking and being is a presupposition that underlies all knowing but cannot itself be realized in knowledge.

Now it is apparent that precisely the same conditions that underlie the development of the various forms of exogamy also generate polygyny and polyandry.

There are others, however, to whom a certain sense of indwelling peace, a certain feeling of underlying harmony, are the first of all requirements.

Under ordinary conditions their existence is not regarded as evidence that the underlying and overlying tills are to be referred to separate ice epochs.

Amorousness is the underlying factor which has shaped and is sustaining human society, and is no less powerful among the lower animals.

On the contrary, it is at once apparent that the difference underlying Italian and Greek sculpture is far more noticeable than any external resemblance.

Steve's eyes were gazing unflinchingly into his companion's, and Ross's feelings were stirred to their depths by the stern courage underlying his words.

When the underlying philosophy of the "common rule" is deeply ingrained the problems of industrial direction are completely changed; they become more difficult.

Yet, even among experienced bookkeepers, comparatively few have a clear understanding of the principles which underlie all correct methods of keeping financial records.

It is clear that some profound suggestion, some sacrosanct mystery, must underlie this bold locution; but what I have been hitherto unable to find out.

And from this arose the smoldering hatred of the monasteries that underlies so much of the literature of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

Is it advisable to permit a boy to familiarize himself with the running of a dynamo before he has mastered the underlying principles of electricity?

Besides being supported by numerous theorizers in Ethics, this is the prevailing and popular doctrine; it underlies most of the language of moral suasion.

To the third must be assigned those Tablets which partly enunciate and partly reaffirm the fundamental tenets and principles underlying that Dispensation.

The wine that has been grown on the chalky hills undergoes development in vaults burrowed out of the calcareous strata underlying the entire district.

It is not necessary to deny a substance or substratum underlying these appearances; it is merely expedient to abstain from asserting this unnecessary entity.

It means that the little brain is wondrously deft at disentangling our rather hard language and reducing the underlying ideas to an intelligible simplicity.

Like most generalities, this one has its exceptions; some behavioral psychotherapists are very much concerned with understanding the underlying causes of an individual's difficulties.

We comprehend that an emotion underlies the sober, severe style of these tales, and that it is this emotion which gives them their impressiveness.

Water oozes through the underlying soft deposits, and the result is seen in the occurrence of huge masses of agglomerate on the slopes below.

The pass was nothing but a gigantic landslip on both sides of the ridge, where it was the lowest above the underlying land.

By the theory of naval war it must be reiterated we mean nothing but an enunciation of the fundamental principles which underlie all naval war.

Nevertheless, any friend who knows you both intimately will discover fifty little things that bespeak in you the same underlying nature and bent.