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Use undermine in a sentence

Definition of undermine:

  • (verb) destroy property or hinder normal operations or work against;
  • (verb) hollow out as if making a cave or opening;

Sentence Examples:

I myself was at my analytic undermining.

Falsehood undermines the foundations of social order.

His wife was evidently undermining our friendship.

Sap one, and you undermine the other.

Undermining their foundation, we shake our own.

It promotes fever, and undermines your strength.

We are undermined by faith and love.

The very foundations of society were undermined.

They have other ways of undermining society.

Moles, that would undermine the rooted oak!

Have you been undermining the bases of society?

Causes which operate to undermine the Female Constitution.

Omar is apt to undermine a strong purpose.

I began to undermine our faith in morals.

I undermined and destroyed its ancient forts.

The whole city is undermined with them.

Don't therefore undermine me by general remarks.

The ledge is therefore constantly being undermined.

Doubt, restlessness, and insecurity are undermining society.

Their plan was to undermine the tower.

Then begins the systematic undermining of both.

When this happens his influence is undermined.

And she had been secretly undermining it!

Gradually but surely her intellect became undermined.

His health is undermined by this climate.

Their morale is undermined by an invincible distrust.

Wasn't it trying to undermine their legitimate business?

Your illness is undermining your common sense, Milton.

Every step I am advancing undermines your throne.

It bullies in public and undermines in secret.

Buildings were undermined and some were floated away.

He is undermining your influence with the crew.

He showed a singular ability in undermining competitors.

Does it not undermine the old religious standards?

"The question is this: is it undermining your health?"

The little doctor was undermining several things.

The state thus undermined its own foundation.

This undermined discipline, perseverance, loyalty, and honor.

Ellis had undermined his constitution by excesses.

"What is all the undermining row about, anyway?"

The fundamental notions of mathematics are being undermined.

My health is undermined and my life precarious.

She never misses a chance to undermine her.

How much of the world have they undermined?

The rain and storm must have undermined it.

The rock must certainly have been thoroughly undermined.

Melting snow had undermined it in the spring.

It was his purpose to undermine them now.

His belief in his judgment was subtly undermined.

It undermined the ground upon which authority rested.

It was undermined by advances in two directions.

Distrust gradually undermined kindness, and jealousy raised suspicions.

It undermines ideas of justice prevalent in time of peace.

"He's never trying to undermine you, old fidelity!"

Really, I have no foundations that could be undermined.

Look how completely family life is undermined over there!

Attempts are constantly being made to undermine your position.

My reputation has been undermined, and I have fallen.

This rigid virtue of mine is undermining my constitution.

Undermine his use of religion to bolster the dictatorship.

The immediate aim was to undermine the Weimar Republic.

I harbored a burning desire to undermine that law.

They undermine the foundations, and over goes a warehouse.

There comes a time when fatigue undermines weak vitality.

You have been trying to undermine my business connections?

Undermine the Bible and you undermine the world.

His health stood less chance of being undermined.

It impairs the intellect and undermines the constitution.

Furthermore, Spokesman, this archaic belief itself undermines us.

They will undermine and dig out great stumps.

There was great danger of its being undermined.

While ostensibly widening its realm, one undermines it.

Sometimes they used them for undermining the walls.

I have no intention of allowing myself to be undermined.

However, class contradictions were undermining them from within.

His popularity was undermined, and his reputation blasted.

"The forces that undermine it are cumulative and relentless."

This consciousness causes a guilty feeling, which undermines courage.

It is undermining my moral character, this book is.

Such mock-modesty would at once have undermined her arguments.

Our men had undermined it and blown it up.

And a small sin may undermine a good man.

The Stockings have been undermined and blown wide open.

How far does policy permit superstition to be undermined?

There is a part where the cliff is undermined.

Nothing more surely undermines beauty than lack of sleep.

These men took in hand the task of undermining.

It is that which is to-day undermining public confidence.

True that I cannot storm, but I will undermine.

What are we going to do about that undermined hill?

"And why should such intercourse undermine my principles?"

His respect for traditional authority was early undermined.

It undermines our national interest both at home and abroad.

Yet scientific observation was slowly undermining this structure.

Various causes had been for some time undermining his authority.

Worry as a rule is the undermining force at work.

It undermined its own foundations by demanding too much.

Take warning before you undermine the reason of an entire continent.

Atheism saps and undermines the very foundation of Ethics.

He awoke with all his defenses undermined and fallen.