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Use undermine in a sentence

Definition of undermine:

  • (verb) destroy property or hinder normal operations or work against;
  • (verb) hollow out as if making a cave or opening;

Sentence Examples:

He exclaimed, the excitement of the discovery stimulating his undermined energies.

Just as in the case of opium eaters, the moral nature is undermined.

The chief danger is the undermining of the bed by scour.

The fortifications are undermined; the bulwarks are rotten through and through.

She would coax and cajole him until his conscience was undermined.

Insidious because it undermines, order, while legislative murder and confiscation induce reaction.

It was nipped in the bud before interior difficulties had undermined it.

And he would never more attempt to undermine me with cheap flattery.

It was his endeavor, he said, not to undermine but to fortify.

He endeavored to undermine the popular faith in scientific and philosophic culture.

These are of a clayey, crumbling nature, easily undermined by the current.

It's the liar and hypocrite undermining his Chief who may win.

Instead of gaining a buttress to uphold your power, you have undermined it.

Water undermines by washing away the softer parts and by leaching.

Its presence in such guise aroused a gnawing solicitude which undermined all peace.

How has all this happiness been maliciously undermined, and irrevocably destroyed!

How, then, can you cripple the excess without undermining the whole?

The wind and the waves are undermining and honeycombing the cliff.

The rain from heaven no longer refreshes you, it undermines and weakens you.

The sea undermines it, assails it in front and from all sides.

Intellect outran and undermined morals, and progress was brought to an end.

The outer part of the lid has been undermined and dissected up.

Other radical leaders in other states worked to undermine the hacienda system.

Now nothing more surely undermines activity and initiative than a fatalistic view.

Judson's constitution was completely undermined by the privations she had endured.

Like a hidden seepage of water, it undermined (in anticipation) his terrible resolution.

His real mission is to subvert and undermine the foundations of our government.

It looks like some region that had long been undermined by burrowing beasts.

The inhabitants undermined the walls, and admitted the enemy from without.

He saw that Annette was in an impregnable position, not to be undermined.

For once in his life his usual confidence was undermined by curious forebodings.

Mind and body are sapped by the undermining influences ceaselessly at work.

You are mistaken if you estimate lightly this intentional undermining of a well-earned renown.

Gradually a subtle worry set in, a worry both undermining and harassing.

Do not let us be baffled by these ridiculous foes whose position we undermine.

In such a case their authority is undermined and violations of them are condoned.

We will restore handicraft, which will undermine the private capital of manufacturers.

This incessant exertion slowly undermined him; rest had forsaken even his slumbers.

Page that my orthography was not in the least likely to be undermined.

By undermining the prison wall, fourteen broke out, and only four were retaken.

Arbitrarily to increase the outlawed interests is to undermine the very foundations of society.

And shall I be the first to suffer it to be undermined, perhaps overturned?

Intellectual criticism tends to undermine what is outgrown or merely habitual here as elsewhere.

Her unguarded words showed Miss Davies how completely the fortress was undermined.

For all that, Charles was busily undermining the party of the Covenant.

Some few, also, have been undermined and ruined by the encroachments of the sea.

It was as if some overpowering toxin were gradually undermining her already weakened constitution.

The tree is then undermined and upon a sledge easily removed to its destination.

Give us Faith in the Right which no defeat can disturb, no discouragement undermine.

The first method leaves the child unmoved, the second undermines his sincerity.

Soon his arguments became acrid, and began undermining the convention at every point.

The skids are so placed that the unloading ground will not be undermined.

I believe that frequent and excessive bathing and gluttony have undermined her health.

I had the power to dissect, to undermine my own inductions and prophecies.

The opponents of Aristotle were undermining the foundations of the time-honoured scholastic fabric.

If it begins to undermine the mainland the fort itself will topple in.

The increasing habit of drink fastened upon him, and exposure undermined his health.

She undermines Winter when outwardly his front is nearly as bold as ever.

The privations he suffered during long years of exile undermined his health, however.

Their growth is stunted, their mental powers are cramped, their health is undermined.

As we talked an undermined bank toppled over, sounding like shots from a gun.

It is the thousand and one little drawbacks of matrimonial life that undermine it.

However, white solidarity, though diplomatically compromised, was emotionally not yet really undermined.

High tides undermined houses, flooded fields and gardens, and polluted the wells.

The cliff keeps on toppling as it is undermined by springs of land water.

In these professions the judgment is undermined, the mind loses its lucid rectitude.

The wash of the sea undermines the glacier; the sharp sunbeams blast it.

Grief, and a season unusually damp and cheerless, had seriously undermined her health.

Undermined by the torrent a green spruce tree lay squarely across his path.

The undermining action of rivers will greatly intensify this disintegrating and disrupting process.

The internal orifice is often large, and the mucous membrane around it is also undermined.

Clique countered clique, and conspirators undermined conspirators, while a peculiar tension hung over all.

Thus does a warm climate undermine the strict virtue engendered by Boston east winds.

It was undermined, and with willows growing thickly therefrom, so that it needed clambering.

He had been cheated several times; and nothing undermines feeble rectitude more than that.

Valeria had undermined her constitution by too much study and a too sedentary life.

The internal malady of which he died had already undermined his always feeble frame.

It is they who declare most indignantly that a sensational press is undermining morality.

They undermine the face of the cliff and cause the upper parts to topple.

They tended to undermine the system of feudalism and to sow seeds of liberty.

To dream of seeing a lynx, enemies are undermining your business and disrupting your home affairs.

He undermines innocence surrounded with all her guard of ingenuous feelings and virtuous principles.

It not only undermines personal character, it is the root of national ignominy and dishonor.

We loathe it; nor do we fear its undermining and crushing our own liberties internally.

The kingly authority had undermined every other, and the King was a child.

It spread information among all classes and undermined their reverence for French institutions.

Ethnic violence, government malfeasance, and endemic crime have undermined stability and civil society.

His hard work had undermined his health and left him morose and irritable.

It is not in the power of events to undermine the felicity of the virtuous.

The depressing conditions in which he lived gradually undermined the health of the Emperor.

It was not only my liberty or my honor that the maniac had undermined.

A hard rain will dissolve ridges, lay bare new strata, undermine and overturn cliffs.

Worse still, it weakened the morale everywhere; and thus undermined, the strike rapidly disintegrated.

His diffidence was undermined with another dish of rice pudding and an extra doughnut.

Who, then, had undermined this citadel and given it over to plunder and disgrace?

The emplacements, undermined by the fall of rock, were soon unmasked and rendered untenable.

The water in many places is undermining the bank, exposing frozen strata of silt.

In fortification, are the holes, vaults, and hollow places made by undermining the ground.

The slopes of the mountains are often undermined in all directions by their burrows.

Subtly and insensibly his character was being undermined by the growing nervous trouble.