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Use unduly in a sentence

Definition of unduly:

  • (adverb) to an undue degree; "she was unduly pessimistic about her future"

Sentence Examples:

Open-grown trees show a decided tendency to develop crooked boles, and unduly large branches.

Books which unduly eulogize or condemn should be read therefore with a certain amount of reserve.

He spoke very sensibly, and was evidently in no way unduly elated by his success.

However, beggars cannot be choosers; moreover, Sims appeared to consider that I was unduly conscientious.

It was pleasing, doubtless, to be thus reviewed in orders, but Dave was not unduly elated.

To be brought into close contact with dishonor makes one either unduly sensitive or callously indifferent.

If it later developed that proceedings were unduly protracted, a time limit could then be set.

With all his ready talk he never appeared unduly obtrusive nor in the least egotistic.

Somehow the cattleman's robe, pajamas, and bedroom slippers obtruded unduly from his friend's story.

Waterproof leather causes the feet of some men to perspire unduly and keeps them constantly soft.

Still we were not unduly dejected, and when morning came, a hunt was at once arranged.

Yet, in truth, he is neither blind to the past, nor unduly elated with the present.

Hence, he resolved to do nothing to unduly anger this truculent outlaw chief and his men.

There was nothing to force me into controversy, or make this one point of truth unduly preponderant.

The weather was intensely hot, and the mutineers manifested no inclination to exert themselves unduly.

Tea, sherry, champagne, cakes, sweetmeats, cigars, all were offered without stint, but never pressed unduly.

Claire did not wish to keep the servants up unduly, so she took a latch-key with her.

The boy had become popular, and it was thought by some unduly, or somewhat undeservedly so.

The tendency of all outward symbolical observances, unduly multiplied, is to substitute mere formalism for fervor.

He delighted unduly in alliteration, assonance, and rhyming effects, all which he sometimes carried to excess.

Certainly he lays himself open to the charge of snobbishness, and is unduly ashamed of his connections.

"The advantage is not so uncommon that one need be unduly elated," state Stanton with a shrug.

Should the reader deem any portions unduly prolix, he will, perhaps, kindly excuse it on this score.

Your value there has never been unduly estimated by those whom personal feelings did not misguide.

Therefore, feeling myself melting unduly on the Irish question, I fly while there is yet time.

The doctor grew calmly judicial, as all good husbands grow when their wives become unduly excited.

No bulb can be grown successfully in a soil that is unduly retentive of water about its roots.

This was to some extent obviously autobiographic; but, setting some questions of taste aside, not unduly so.

These ailerons, being deflected in opposite directions simultaneously, meet any tendency of the machine to tip unduly.

A pock-marked Mexican, whose forehead bore a crescent-shaped scar, seemed to be unduly hilarious and vastly relieved about something.

There is a monotony in the upraised hands, while the feeling of devotional rhapsody is perhaps unduly enforced.

Far be it from me to offer to defend the unhappy man, or even unduly to extenuate his crime!

In an attempt to secure largeness of scale in the map, the area is unduly limited in its scope.

He despised claptrap popularity, and was perhaps even unduly indifferent to the shows and surfaces of things.

An extended, swinging step, without haste and without unduly taxing the lungs, is advantageous in all movements.

On their side the Bourbons were unduly elated by a further success which was more brilliant than solid.

More would unduly weaken the little garrison ashore; the victualling problem had also to be taken into account.

When the stock of tobacco was unduly large, the currency was debased, and much inconvenience resulted.

John ordered him to be decapitated, without anyone being surprised at the order or thinking it unduly severe.

I was not nauseated by the motion, nor unduly frightened by the wild pitching of the brig.

As he followed the latter, he saw Barrington's three ships unduly separated and doubtless visibly much mauled.

It will not seem so unless we unduly extenuate his sin and unduly exaggerate the nature of his penalty.

Ammunition could be carried in the belt or on the back in a quiver without unduly hampering the bowman.

Unduly high prices are always a sign of unsound business, because they are always due to some abnormal condition.

More than is the case with most medical patients, however, should we suspect Smollett of being unduly captious.

It never fails him, nor, on the other hand, does it obtrude itself unduly on the sense conveyed.

In summer such meals do not add to the burden of life by making the partaker unduly warm.

One person wrote to me stating his opinion that the lime unduly corroded the wires used in setting up.

In this way I am reminded of the many duties of my housekeeping without being unduly burdened with them.

He had blamed himself, but not unduly, for the incautious words that had set the ball rolling.

The head of the ulna is unduly prominent, and there is a depression on the opposite aspect of the joint.

There is a whole ocean of scientific matter before us, but we desist, apprehensive of making our treatise unduly prolix.

The ciliary muscle within the eyeball, which effects accommodation of the eye for near objects, is unduly strained.

"These bloodless pedants smell unduly of the lamp," my guru remarked after the departure of the chastened one.

More than once a man who attempted to be unduly familiar with Roosevelt found himself swiftly and effectively squelched.

If luck were with her, the loafers might be in temporary abeyance and the refugee tents not unduly prominent.

Boyd, and I am desirous not to subject the jury to the inconvenience arising from an inquiry unduly protracted.

The inhabitants of the adjoining premises, who would be annoyed if the material selected were unduly noisy or dirty.

They are futile because they do not convince independent enquirers, but only those who are unduly anxious to be convinced.

With Herbert, on the other hand, he had an inclination to be unduly friendly, even to the extent of toadying.

Perhaps I may be treating this subject somewhat too cavalierly, and unduly emphasizing my own views and predilections.

He was not unduly elated at this success which was so much more than he had dared to hope for.

And by the same token, he was not unduly perturbed over the girl's hysterical ideas of her present duty.

One could scarcely have any dealings with them without becoming involved in some affair that unduly harrowed one's feelings.

The operation of skinning seals for specimens, in low temperatures and in the inevitable wind, was never unduly protracted.

The libido, in its transition from the function of nutrition to the sexual function, lingers unduly at certain stages.

"It isn't as if these things were ours," said Bob, realizing that he had spoken in an unduly minatory tone.

Chips Carpenter, however, albeit unduly sensitive in some things, had the wit to accept his immediate sobriquet as a compliment.

The military bent of the ascendant Prussians has warped the whole Teutonic mind toward unduly glorifying the army.

Clarice may have been unduly suspicious, but she did not think that the new epoch was opening auspiciously.

The tendency to be unduly scientific, to meet these things with exact and unimaginative interest, receives its final quietus here.

At the time of revaluing the inventory in 1921 the stock was unduly high because transportation had been so bad.

Almost inevitably Pantheistic religions unduly exalt those powers which make for fertility of field and the increase of life.

While unduly exerting himself beneath a scorching sun, the farmer would no doubt perish if he did not perspire.

Lansing had tumbled into an easy and dignified post which would not unduly tax his physical or mental strength.

Too considerate to encroach upon his patience unduly, Belle soon reseated herself beside Charley, with a lap full of floral treasures.

Jerry sat looking unduly solemn as Hal tunefully voiced the sentimental, worshiping lines and took up the echoing refrain.

The lower end of the ulna is rendered unduly prominent by the flexion of the hand to the radial side.

His voice, at other times perfectly modulated, was a little husky, and he seemed unduly conscious of his disfigured nose.

Fear is induced by unduly magnifying actual danger, or by conjuring up fictitious dangers through excessive and misdirected psychical reactions.

For these unduly wrinkled brows, too early broken nerves, too soon encountered graves, civilized man has agreed upon an excuse.

The mother had a half guilty feeling as if she had unduly asserted herself, yet she was inexpressibly happy.

Neglect of this fact may lead us to limit unduly the potentialities contained in the rite of sacrifice, from the beginning.

They were not unduly inquisitive, save when their inquisitiveness seemed to take a political shape; and then it was somewhat aggressive.

The removal of the bottom plate of the engine enables the repairman to see if the main bearings are worn unduly.

Such accentuation of autonomy in life and morality, might seem to exalt man unduly, and to inspire him with self-conscious pride.

Now, you may say that every power that is given in great strength, tends to overbear unduly the other powers.

Even with this restriction I have often been compelled to reject much, to epitomize and perhaps unduly abbreviate what I have used.

He was brought in contact with frivolously minded young people, and was unduly carried away with the love of amusement.

Very often unaccented syllables are made unduly prominent and unimportant words are over-emphasized through lack of attention to this principle.

"You think me unduly nervous and unstrung," she said quietly, and I could detect a touch of indignation in the tone.

And after a silence which had become unduly protracted, she took refuge in talk for which she had no real desire.

I honestly believe, without being, I think, unduly conceited, that I have nearly as much medical knowledge as the local sawbones.

Unduly severe measures, whether in war or peace, should not be used by civilized states in dealing with those not civilized.

No pause should be unduly prolonged; no explanation to the weaker pupil should be allowed to become oppressively tedious to the more advanced.

In spite of Wolsey's advice Charles did not allow Spanish influence to be unduly felt in the proceedings of the conclave.

August 30 was to show that the German rearguards were by no means demoralized and were not to be unduly hustled.

In both cases we are concerned with viscera which, when overfilled or unduly irritable, spasmodically eject their contents during sleep.

English speech is often hard and guttural, German unduly guttural, if not so hard, and American slovenly and horribly nasal.

Hildebrand, by turns unduly extolled or unjustly stigmatized, is the personification of the Roman pontificate in its power and glory.