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Use viability in a sentence

Definition of viability:

  • (noun) (of living things) capable of normal growth and development
  • (noun) capable of being done in a practical and useful way

Sentence Examples:

I think this is because beechnuts, like chestnuts, must be handled with great care to retain their viability.

The question of retardation of labor, like that of premature birth, is open to much discussion, and authorities differ as to the limit of protraction with viability.

This method consists in balancing the data of a certain class with poor viability by means of an equivalent amount of data in which the same class occurs as the other member of the ratio.

Since chestnuts are very prone to molding or rotting, the best way to maintain their viability and freshness over winter is to stratify them in a can or box between layers of a peat moss.

An interesting comparison might be made with fungi in regard to which many records have been taken as to their possible duration in a dry state, more especially on the viability of spores, i.e. their persistent capacity of germination.

All that is left us to fall back on is the old unsatisfying suggestions that some combinations may have greater viability than others, that there may be a tendency for like to mate with like, and so forth.

Yet the action of this one factor not only changes the height of the plant, but also results in changes in color of foliage, length of internodes, size and arrangement of flowers, time of opening of flowers, fertility and viability.

Secondly, voluntary and therapeutic abortion has peculiar moral and medical qualities arising (a) from the period of gestation or the viability of the child; (b) from the truth or error in the diagnosis as regards the necessity for interference, and the advantage or damage resulting from the interference.

If they do test positive, I then examine their effect on the blastocyst, the early form of embryonic cell formed just after fertilization, to see whether they affect cell division and viability and... the miscarriage rate here is very low, so some of these plants...

In complete tubal abortion the fetus dies; in incomplete tubal abortion the viability might depend on the injury done the placenta, but in almost every case of even incomplete tubal abortion the fetus dies as a result of its separation from the tubal wall, or from compression after the bleeding.