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Use vintage in a sentence

Definition of vintage:

  • (noun) a season's yield of wine from a vineyard
  • (noun) the oldness of wines

Sentence Examples:

The vintage is interpreted as a festival of Bacchus.

It was a vintage distilled from experience and humanity.

You are soused for fair, and are opening vintage wine.

The corpse was of ancient vintage and slightly mummified.

It is an intoxicant without the saving grace of more generous vintages.

A little experience with the Russian vintages had impressed me favorably.

I saw the whelming vintage hotly pierce Old Tartary the fierce!

Consequently, Abraham found means of transporting his Hungarian vintages to Vienna.

The Frenchman looked at him keenly and set down the vintage.

It was a noble vintage, and the doyen grew eloquent over it.

In proportion as they partook of the fiery vintage their conviviality increased.

It came apparently from a nearby, pot-bellied tripper ship of really ancient vintage.

The smell of resinous woods was insistent, the fine bouquet to the rare vintage.

Shall he quaff of our golden vintage, shall he ride in the royal bus?

Most of the ordnance was of Civil War vintage, or very slightly more modern.

His delight in a fine landscape resembled the delight of an epicure in an exquisite vintage.

I sometimes think that only the very abstemious man can truly appreciate a good vintage.

He was one big thirst, and the sight of the vintage wine almost maddened him.

It was the season of the vintage, and the whole scene teemed with life and gaiety.

Dinner brightened the general gloom, though there were but trifling inroads into the costly vintages.

They cut their provender in the field, and they glean the vintage of the wicked.

It sticks in my mind that I have met both his forebears and his vintages before.

As the dance continued, pilgrims frequently leaped up and prostrated themselves, intoxicated with a mystical vintage.

Indeed, a set of encyclopedias of ancient vintage found lodgment along the baseboard on the floor.

The four friends went forth from this splendid feast as intoxicated as on a day of vintage.

My head aches with the vintage of various cellars, and my brains are muddled as their dregs.

It is said the finest wine is pressed from vintages which grow on fields once inundated with lava.

It also had its origin in the coarse buffoonery common at the rustic festivals which celebrated the vintage.

Now we quaff the sour cup of misery, by and by we drink the intoxicating vintage of hope.

And those who want to know what a Spanish vintage is, should come here in the early autumn.

Here is a vintage champagne, a good honest wine that will hearten us up and leave no headache in its train.

Fifteen years ago I had a hogshead of the finest vintage in the neighborhood bricked up in my cellar.

The generous hospitality of early California found expression in the viands and vintages which Mendoza offered his guests.

As though the wine of life were not as intoxicating, and its vintages as rich nowadays as ever they were!

It was a cabinet wine, like those rare vintages of the Rhineland which are reserved exclusively for German princes.

On the mesa brown and yellow vineyards lay despoiled of crops lately pressed into vintage or dried into raisins.

Many girls christened in succession denotes fruitful vintages for the country when they shall have attained a marriageable age.

When the vintage has been made, there are a certain number of tasters who are appointed by the Government.

George Meredith liked recognition; he liked also good and even fat living, old vintages, pleasant lodgment, and ease of mind.

On that occasion, he had worn overalls, a sheepskin jacket, heavy, clumsy shoes, and an eared cap of ancient vintage.

Wine has for ages been lauded poetically and convivially, and a vintage meant, as a rule, a matter for gastronomic appreciation.

The annual vintage in this and a neighboring valley, appertaining to the same parish, amounts to about seventy-five pipes of wine.

I trust, at last, my purple vintages may gladden many hearts of men, my rich olives make many faces shine.

The seasons of sowing and reaping, of threshing and of vintage, followed each other in regular order with the years.

"Seems to me," said Turner, opening his inkstand, "that the vintage of 1850 will not be drunk by a Republic."

Many of its wines sparkle with a generous fire, and with care might be brought to equal the well-known Hungarian vintages.

Julia Townsend chuckled wickedly, and drank wine, quite a small glassful of a priceless vintage, at her solitary supper that night.

They ranged from an Italian Prince, with a time-worn title and a moth-eaten tumble-down palace, to an English millionaire of recent vintage.

Apparently the baronet had not a single care in the world; his slim hand toyed with a glass of vintage claret.

The new distraction was a cabbage, wilted, but unquestionably of more recent vintage than either the galosh or the ancient magazine.

This remarkable number is separated from its natural companion, the bacchanalian chorus, by a recitative extolling the wealth of the vintage.

This very day you shall taste of our vintage, which I have hitherto withheld from you, lest it should overheat your languid blood.'

It would be a fine piece of work to throw all those rare vintages over the rail simply to appease an unsubstantial fear on your part!

An army of servants waited upon the people, liberally supplying them with the appetizing edibles and the exhilarating product of the vintage.

It may be urged in extenuation that the country vintages are more heady than one would think, especially for exhausted and starving men.

It is a jolly company, and the scrambling for the viands and the vintages, if there are any, is done in a good-natured way.

As the vintage approached, the guards in the vineyards were doubled, and, from August 3, dogs were tethered to a stake to intimidate thieves.

However, whether it was owing to the excellence of the vintage, or to strength of constitution in the fair partakers, only one casualty occurred.

How much of the vintage of 1898 will stand, equally well, the uncorking process if applied in a century or two from now?

The sadness which overhung the very idea of Italy, considered as a political entity, exhaled like magic before the spectacle of a Tuscan vintage.

The wink and gasp of Angus Jones as that flagrant vintage seared his throat ended the gentle jape as far as I was concerned.

I aided and abetted him in this weakness, and whenever he visited me I took care that he should have his choice of the finest vintages.

Not only were maps of local areas extremely scarce, but the few available were of early Japanese vintage, almost consistently at variance with the terrain.

In this respect I did not differ from him materially: I was skillful in the Italian vintages myself, and bought largely whenever I could.

I cannot offer you the refreshment of any elaborate toilet, but here, at least, is wheaten bread to eat and wine of a good vintage to drink.

The walls are lined with bottles large and small, loaded on shelves to which little white cards are tacked giving the vintage and brand.

Under the London Docks are the finest vaults in the world, vast catacombs of the precious vintages garnered from every famous vineyard in the globe.

The man came on among the tombstones, showing a full presence and prosperous air, suggesting good vintages, such as were never set out in the Smithfield alehouse.

The air was scoured clean, and it was forced into the lungs at such high pressure that it exhilarated one like some deliciously choice vintage of champagne.

The jester was delighted at the propinquity of his favorite beverage and decided that he would always remain in the cellar, regaling himself with the vintage.

Vintages that she felt her father would have poised on his tongue in mystic clucking ecstasy stood untasted in a regiment of little glasses at her elbow.

Throughout the meal the host discoursed learnedly on the relative excellence of various vintages of champagne and the difficulty of procuring cigars suitable for a gentleman to smoke.

He delighted himself with the gold and purple wines, whose vintage was unknown to him, and whose odor intoxicated him more than the perfume of flowers.

These are too heating to be taken in such a climate, as we were able to convince ourselves on tasting some fine vintages at one of the bodegas the next day.

The luxurious arts flourished everywhere; sculpture in alabaster, faience, gilt woodwork, metal work, stamped leather, much music, magnificent painting, beautiful printing and bindings, fine crockery, fine vintages.

Comedy arose before tragedy, and was at first at the celebration of Dionysus by rustic revelers in the season of the vintage, in the form of songs and dances.

When the bird comes in contact with the car the pyrotechnical display is ignited, and if all goes without a hitch the vintage and harvest will prosper.

They drank freely, not even waiting to unseal the bottles of rare old vintage, but knocked the necks off the bottles against the stone walls and drank.

I am desirous of perfecting myself in the delicate inflections of this sweet intoxicating language, which is as deliciously soft as its native skies, and golden as its Capri vintage.

The vineyards are full of the riches of the year; the peasants are now gathering the grapes, and we have witnessed that most picturesque Italian scene, the vintage.

Down below, in the level, the vines hung, all but ready for the vintage, and women in great sabots and white caps clattered across the bridge.

If the agent was not on the spot during the threshing and the vintage, the peasant had no difficulty whatever in hiding a large quantity of his produce.

However, after they had made a dozen tries in as many places, Freeman himself suddenly appeared, dirty, covered with burrs, but dressed now in coveralls of modern vintage.

The vintage was about to commence; a week of merry joviality, during which such families as had fallen out were in the habit of getting reconciled over pots of new wine.

You might at least have the common decency to thank me for leaving you to gorge on rare meats and vintage wines while I dallied with the deadly railway sandwich.

Stories were told and songs were sung, and libations of the best California vintage were offered us, all ending with "The Star Spangled Banner," sung by all standing.

At the base of one lintel two nude male figures carry children at a vintage festival; at the base of the other are two female figures, amidst a cluster of corn stalks.

All the glories of the vintage rose to their view: the purple grapes flushed through the dark green of the surrounding foliage, and the prospect glowed with luxuriance.

Presiding over birth and death, over seed-time and harvest and vintage, they personified the frost-bound sleep of vegetation in winter and its return from a dark underworld in spring.

Different parties were going from cask to cask, from hogshead to hogshead, like my friend, trying each vintage, and tasting brandies, and gins, and wines to their heart's content.

They mention a joint or a dish, a vintage or a draft, but do not harmonize and co-ordinate even such slight knowledge of gastronomy as they may be supposed to have possessed.

He liked horseflesh, he liked fine cookery and noble vintages, he liked old editions, he liked being heir to an Earldom, he liked equally the reputation of being superior to all that.

More fine wines, and this time to show that we were in the house of a connoisseur, the flunky, in pouring out the precious stuff, would whisper in your ear the name and vintage.

The mirth of harvest and vintage is exuberant, but it is poor beside the deep, still blessedness which trickles round the heart that craves most the light of Jehovah's countenance.

Occasionally, human or animal figures or monsters, and scenes from nature, i.e. the dainty Vintage scene on the capital of the sixth pillar on the right of the nave, are interspersed.

I was somewhat anxious to see what species of thanksgiving or exultation would be expressed at their vintage, by the peasantry in the neighborhood of this much enlightened, evangelical, and commercial society.

The hunchback returned presently bearing upon a broad platter a warmed over venison pasty and a stoup of wine; which, upon tasting, Sir Richard found to be of a most excellent vintage.

He sought to inspire in her a wholesome fear of the bravery of youth, to attune her mood to the older vintages among men who alone could offer a woman protection and reliance.

If rumor be true, they also showed them how easily their Hun conquerors had been misled and hoodwinked in the matter of good vintages buried and set aside against this very day.

Tripping up the Avenue a day or two ago in his new straw hat and blue serge suit it was hard to believe that he was not a summer man of this year's vintage.