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Use water-down in a sentence

Definition of water down:

  • (verb) make less strong or intense; "water down the mixture"
  • (verb) thin by adding water to; "They watered down the moonshine"

Sentence Examples:

Although we were now in the zone of light annual rains, it was evident from the extraordinary irrigation system that agriculture here depends very largely on ability to bring water down from the great mountains in the interior.

They threw dynamite into the canoes, and when the dynamite gave out, they threw hot water down upon us.

The Pyrenees shipped two heavy seas as she was swung off and put once more before it, and the first mate expressed a desire to have all that water down in the hold, if only it could be introduced without taking off the hatches.

That was a mean trick you played upon me when you hurled that water down on me last night!

In other cases the plan was adopted of providing a continual falling of water down the downcast shaft.

Five pans and pails of water were tilted, sending a flood of water down on the heads of the surprised "pirates."

We put the dirt in the hopper and simmered the water down to salt.

I have to water down the increasing richness of his epithets.

Ahead was a mass of foam and a long dash of water down a shoal.

Often it's like a cold douche of water down my spine, the thought of it.

Simmer in two quarts of water down to three pints; strain and add one teaspoonful of cayenne.

Our kings ruled from far above the great fresh water down to where the salt sea kisses the white sand; our slaves toiled in the fields to produce us food, and in the rocks to give us store of metal for the chase and war.

The final point, which breaks the case of water down and determines her utter confusion, is curious, since it shows that people in the Middle Ages were fully alive to the perils of sewage-contaminated wells.

Duncan taught father to throw water down the shaft to absorb the gas, and also to drop a bundle of brush or hay attached to a light rope, dropping it again and again to carry down pure air and stir up the poison.

"Get the Elephants to squirt water down the hold," suggested Ham.

And then the monkeys slid down from the roof and grabbed hold of the pails and threw water down the hold.

And there was a quart of snakes to every pint of water down there!

The English seamen lifted him up, and gently poured the water down his throat.

Paul moistened his lips, and by degrees got them far enough apart to pour some water down his throat.

Ivan started to his feet; but already the nurse was by the bed, forcing cognac and water down the Princess' throat.

Grenville felt assured, however, the water down in the cavern would suffice for their needs, if no better could be relied upon, when once their jars were empty, while gathering fruit would not be wholly impossible under cover of the night.

They got the water down without any mishap, however, and it was eagerly welcomed.

At full flood the force of water down this narrow gorge must be rather tremendous, it is said to be forty fathoms deep then, and the captain told me, that when steaming up at fourteen knots, they could sometimes barely make way!

The new courage went out of me like water down a chute.

She would have liked to squirt water down his brown, handsome, oblivious neck.

They stopped the effusion of blood with bandages torn from their linen, and poured some water down her throat.

On coming out his skin would be shining like ebony, and he would squeal with pleasure as I rubbed water down his back.

Boil slowly in three or four gallons of water down to three quarts; strain, and add six pounds of white sugar.

He moistened the hot bandanna for the burning forehead and poured the rest of the water down the throat of the sick man.

Prying open his mouth, he poured a large mouthful of water down the dry throat.

Four ounces of the bark boiled in decoction in two quarts of water down to one quart.

Hurriedly he drew his canteen and poured a little water down his throat.

Horton insisted on stopping at a garage for fear the car would catch fire, and our chauffeur in a rough-and-ready manner poured cans of water down the window spaces to do what he could to cool the car.

And he deliberately poured a quart of ice water down Punk's neck.

Pour a tablespoonful of cold water down the spout to settle it.

The spoiling dropped off her like water down a duck's back, and auntie never found out it had been there at all!

Inspiration, deprived of its old intelligible sense, is watered down into a mystification.

"Where we stood, at the foot of the rapids, the stream took a winding turn up the mountains; but we had the whole mile of foaming rapids before us, seemingly pouring its mass of waters down on our heads."

When I came round, however, I found myself no longer hanging by my hands, but supported sitting on a bench, with many people round me, who had opened my teeth with some iron instrument, and were pouring warm water down my throat.

"Hoist out of action, sir," reported one of the men, as he threw the contents of a bucket of water down the choked tube.

They couldn't keep the water down, and they rammed her into a mangrove forest to save her.

We loosened the clay with sledges, and Marco watered down the pipes with a hose, to cool them.

Some sailors took the full buckets and threw the water down the hatchway, where they thought it would do the most good.

From the magnitude of this river, it is evident the country at one time must have been well supplied with rain, as it is a deep, broad, and stony stream, showing how rapid must have been the flow of water down it.

With the forest cover removed, there is nothing to obstruct the flow of water down the mountain sides.

He had enlarged the rude cistern and led a rivulet of clear water down to it.

They could hear the falling of heavy lumps of stone, but as there was no great rush of water down the old course of the stream they knew that they had not succeeded in breaking through the wall of rock.

After he had been bandaged in this manner, he planted himself on one knee in the middle of the room, and requested some gentleman to place the phosphorus on his tongue and pour the water down his throat.

The fans become flatter towards the shore, and extend under the water down to the greatest depths of the lake; on the north shore, where a wide plain lies, the lake bottom might be expected to sink more slowly.

The cottage chimney took fire one day in his absence, when the alarmed neighbors, rushing in, threw quantities of water upon the flames; and some, in their zeal, even mounted the ridge of the house, and poured buckets of water down the chimney.

They poured pan after pan of boiling water down the pump shaft without attaining the end they were seeking, and were about to give it up as a bad job, when Mac felt the pump handle move with a sucking sound.

Boil the meat to shreds and the water down to two quarts.

Having steadily pursued this process, and accompanied it by pouring warm brandy and water down his throat, in the course of an hour he was quite sensible, but experienced horrid pains for several weeks before his final recovery.

Cook the beef and bones in the water down to two quarts of liquid.

These hills separated the valley of the river from an open well grassed, but extremely stony back country; from which creeks carried the water down to the river, through gaps and openings between the hills.

Forcing water down the throat of a person in a syncope might cause sudden death.

This morning we found that our articles were abused, and we took three of the before-mentioned men and tied them up to a post in the prison, and poured cold water down their arms and neck, for the space of half an hour.

I am making parallel ridges for alfalfa, sending a full head of water down to the end of the field between each ridge.

This was like a small streak of ice water down the spinal column, but I was on my mettle and not to be discouraged.

He would not water down his creed to conciliate the half-hearted or to disarm the prejudiced.

He has tied a string to its tail and tethered it to a stone in the water down yonder.

The first jet of icy water down his back will wash away the affectations and rouse the primitive man.

He sluiced the last ripple of water down the stairs, stood up and stretched himself, as though cramped in the back.

A glass of cold water down his back, under pretence of extinguishing him, ended in the aggressor being put out himself.

Was the red stuff in my veins to be watered down to pallid Martian sap?

Last year we piped water down to the wharves, so our boats could fill their tanks right at their berths.

I gulped the water down with avidity and I ran; I had to do it quickly, as quickly as possible.

The Percy Memoir of 1801 prunes and waters down this passage.

They managed to get a little brandy and about a gill of water down his throat.

As we returned, however, one body was in the hands of the attendants, who had taken it into the river and were just in the act of pouring the sacred water down the throat preparatory to the final scene.

The women wanted to call to them, but they were bashful, so they threw a little water down on them.