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Use wry in a sentence

Definition of wry:

  • (adjective) bent to one side; "a wry neck"
  • (adjective) humorously sarcastic or mocking;

Sentence Examples:

The aficionado made a wry face.

The redhead made a wry face.

He managed a wry, deprecatory smile.

The poor baronet made a wry face.

You lout, do you make a wry face?

The blanched lips twisted into a wry smile.

Jack strode up with a wry eye on Juno.

He made a wry face at a cat on a gatepost.

Cried the doctor, laughing uproariously at his wry face.

Said an infantryman, with a very wry expression of face.

Grimness had left it, and a wry courtesy remained.

And he wreathed his thin lips into a wry grin.

He had a wry, secret smile for his specious sophistry.

The Frenchman pulled a rather wry face, and remained silent.

She lowered her gaze, and made a wry deprecating mouth.

The weasel-like face of the Templar contorted in a wry grin.

The woodsman made a wry face at the mention of this delicacy.

Cadaverous takes the pill with a wry face, and coughs it up again.

He remarked with a wry smile, indicating his bloody and disheveled state.

"We know what that meant, matey," said Dick, making a wry face.

A wry, unaccustomed smile for a moment illumined her dark, gypsy-like features.

"Of you and your gibes," said the baker, with a wry mouth of disgust.

Barney sat up, making a wry face, and staring about in a bewildered way.

For a few days the young couple, with wry faces, drank unsweetened coffee.

With a sudden wry smile, Esther fished in her bag and produced a latch-key.

He has thick, coarse, dark hair, just grizzled, wry bushy eyebrow, a wide mouth.

And on that uncomplimentary comment King Karl slept, his face drawn into a wry smile.

Ichabod looked up at his friends with a wry smile, that was touched with grimness.

She drew in her lips and puckered her pretty face into a wry misgiving expression.

"Do you, boatswain, mind your sails and cordage," said old Jacob, with a wry smile.

My ancient forebears made wry faces at each other and hopped down from my shoulders.

She made a wry pucker with her mouth, as though to advertise her ignorance of dressmaking.

He frowned back, a wry crinkle passing through the tan at the corner of his eyes.

She gave me a look of surprise, made a wry face as if it hurt, and then smiled bashfully.

Said the young German slowly and with a very wry face, and then he turned to Eileen.

Blake with a wry grimace and putting her hand to her breast as if to appease disturbing qualms.

He accepted the summer with a wry grimace, reading in its irksome demands a chance for real requital.

I told Sophie of my visit to take the fichu, and she made a wry face over the lame girl.

It may be well understood, therefore, with what wry faces the Spanish plenipotentiaries ultimately signed the document.

"Rather shall another ghost keep him company;" and his wry neck moved horridly in the wan light.

She sat just outside the door, indifferently watching the starlit sky with twinkling eyes in a wry face.

In her raffish, rakish world poverty and wry, eccentric-tempered people abounded, and were just part of an enormous joke.

"And his ambition for me was that I should enter the Canadian legislature," said he, with a wry face.

From time to time he would interrupt operations to make a wry face and, blinking his eyes, to lisp out rapturously, "Sour!"

There were Americans with their long wry features, large Russian families, English ladies, German children with French nurses.

"I certainly ought to be able to bear up a few months," laughed Walter, with a ludicrously wry twist of his mouth.

At sight of the Dane chief a ferocious smile distorted the wry face of the giant, and he bent to him mockingly.

It was a wry smile over a wry job, but he had come to his feet, and his spectacles were flashing formidably.

Once or twice it made wry faces at swallowing a mouthful of water, and choked a spluttered as if on the point of strangling.

Once or twice it made wry faces at swallowing a mouthful of water, and choked and spluttered as if on the point of strangling.

Inclining his head to one side, he shut one eye, held a hand to his cheek, made a wry, sniveling grimace and looked down.

A tankard was on the floor beside him, and he drank the flat remains from last night's measure with a wry face.

Her mouth had twisted into a wry grimace, and she was clutching the arms of her chair until her knuckles whitened.

The prudent made wry faces at his deeds; they thought him a predestined suicide, shielded by luck, and murmured, "While he lasts!"

Despite his previous boasts, the young man made a wry face at these Socratic preparations, while he drew his chair to the board.

Toby made a wry face, for, although better able to run than any of us, he considered that it was more dignified to ride.

They turn on three jokes only: the despair of the cuckold, the cries of the beaten, the wry faces of the hanged.

She passed judgment on his sketches and his heresy with a wry mouth and a twinkle of the eye that were eminently Scottish.

He straightened up with a groan and a wry face, partly feigned and partly caused by a "ketch" from rheumatism, and shuffled forward.

Will ye drink it, only because ye have no choice, with a wry face and a bitter tongue, blaspheming the hand that gives it?

I was to see them suffer and to learn to respect their gameness, and the wry, "grousing" humor which is their almost universal trait.

Seeing my wry faces, old Captain Carver expostulated, with a jolly twinkle of his eye, as he absorbed the contents of a sparkling crystal beaker.

Answered the host, making a wry face; "all that you desire shall be in your chamber as fast as my scullions' legs can bring it."

He drew the icicles one by one from his whiskers with a wry face indicative of great agony, and threw them down on the mat.

Slowly but surely we are growing very tired of dramatists who look upon life with a wry face instead of with a brave and bracing countenance.

Nurse Farrow made a wry face as though she'd just discovered that the stuff she had in her mouth was a ball of wooly centipedes.

He pulled a wry face at me, like any schoolboy, and cantered off on his spent horse, arms akimbo, and his irons rattling about him.

A woman, standing in the open door of a shanty on the outskirts of the town had made a wry face and thrust out her tongue at him.

A groan and a gasp was the reply, and the poor creature made such wry faces, and looked altogether so cadaverous, that Jacky was quite alarmed.

Professor Phaeton saw the point, and made a wry grimace while roughing up his pompadour and brushing his closely trimmed beard with doubtful hand.

The Doctor with a wry joke, swallowed his gilded pill, but no coating could dissimulate its bitterness, and his chagrin was plain for long.

He handed the empty tankard to his daughter, smacking his lips with a wry face, and drawing the back of his hand across his chin.

He joined the husband in a wry grimace at the loquacity of women, and simultaneously caught sight of a distant figure crossing a ridge somewhat north of him.

The old man smiled an odd wry smile and followed lamely after the long swinging stride of the commander toward the headquarters on the knoll.

The German commandant made a wry face when he saw their intention, and had already sent some of his men to order them to a more convenient distance.

Robinson made a wry face and pushed the door peevishly; it shut with a spring, and no mortal power or ingenuity could now open it from the inside.

His wrinkled old face was twisted into a wry grin, and he thrust a handful of banknotes into the hand of the surprised girl before he said a word.

Unsuspectingly he followed the young man up various winding stairs and through gloomy, intricate passages to a circular room, used by the Go wry family as a prison.

Although the midshipmen made some wry faces at first, after a few mouthfuls they went on eating monkey as if they had been accustomed to it all their lives.

For a second time that day she pictured the two swinging down the open road together; and for the second time she pulled a wry little smile.

Small, stocky, with an unruly thatch of yellow hair and a quaintly wry and homely face, he hid his shyness and his brilliancy behind a brusque manner.

He did not wait for an answer to the query, but plodded away; and Weston sat still a few minutes longer, with a wry smile in his eyes.

The boy lugs in the bag, casts it over the counter with a wry face, and straight commences to unlock it and unloose the iron chain through its rings.

Enormous clouds of smoke from the burning of Wry were driven in the faces of the Russian and Prussian columns, and partly hid the maneuvers of the French army.

I, who've grown old enough to make a wry face at the theory of perfection in art, dryly remarked that I knew spheres of life in which bungling did still more harm.

On full reflection, however, her paper being much the best in point of sprightliness and verve, I decided, after making a conscientiously wry face, to absorb the saccharine matter.

The Incubus, his thin hands clasped on his knee, his sallow face twisted in one of its customary wry smiles, held to the edge of his chair with characteristic pertinacity.

A wry grin at his anonymous correspondent's unfriendly gibe was just twisting his lips when a double knock sounded on the living room door, which he had not completely closed.

And the young man tried to dissemble a wry face caused by a second pang, less sharp, it is true, but followed by internal rumblings which portended a violent tempest.

Before the dispensary stood a wondering and sympathetic group, in the center of which was the Basque making wry faces and groaning, and the ship's surgeon looking almost frightened.

The book is written in the common English of a San Francisco journalist of the era and so is filled with contemporaneous idioms and prejudices, as well as his own wry wit.

He pulls down the corners of his mouth in a wry deprecatory smile, eyes us obliquely under a crumpled brow, shrugs his shoulders, and shows us the palms of his hands.

There he stood with the wry, dazed look of a man who suddenly finds himself guilty of arrant stupidity, watching the cars whiz past on their way to the open country.

He wondered, making a wry face at the thought, whether she intended to record his actions in a book, giving him marks of merit or demerit according as the whim struck her?

Then she lighted the two candles that Alden Marsh had given her, and hurriedly undressed, pausing only to make a wry face at her unbleached muslin nightgown, entirely without trimming.

Felix, with a wry face, is about to reject this ungracefully-offered hospitality, and to say that perhaps it will be better for him to find a lodgment elsewhere, when an interruption occurs.

He wore an eyeglass, which, with the wry smile made necessary by its use, had the marked effect of intimidating his clients and driving them into indiscretions, admissions and intemperate discourse.

Now, under normal conditions my perverted and plebeian taste regards shrimp salad as a banality, but at that dinner I ate it with apparent relish, and tried not to make a wry face.

Nothing, however, was found but a few bags of dried ants, which, after eating voraciously of, but with wry mouths, they threw aside, saying the food was worse than "poor bull."

All the bears had to help, and although bound to act becomingly according to the forfeit, they made many a wry face as they carved up the body of their late royal master.