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Use antipathy in a sentence

Definition of antipathy:

  • (noun) a feeling of intense dislike
  • (noun) the object of a feeling of intense aversion; something to be avoided; "cats were his greatest antipathy"

Sentence Examples:

And what is hate but repulsion or antipathy, whereby we are forced to fly or recoil from it?

She would indeed have found it impossible to express her intense antipathy and sense of impending calamity.

It was an effort to stir up antipathy to the Holy See and embittering public opinion against it.

He had the Rousseau temperament, with its furious eloquence, its blind sympathies and antipathies, its splendid sophistries.

The only trace the passing hour would leave with him would be an unexpressed antipathy for Hilda.

I felt such an appalled antipathy to the body, that I could scarcely muster courage to pass it.

Again, the translator seems to have a peculiar antipathy to everything like poetical expressions or the euphonious arrangement of sentences.

Their doctrine on this latter point harmonized well with their antipathy to the emotional side of our being.

The subjects also had an antipathy to anything red, unlike tarantula subjects who are madly attracted to red.

The sects were not behindhand in their mutual antipathies, and were by no means gentle in their collisions.

However, National Socialism met a certain reserve or antipathy in Bulgaria because of widespread contagion of the Communistic blight.

What made the war possible is the fixed antipathy between impatient, ruling Germans and restless, subject Slavs.

The faults, moreover, of his Italian predecessors were of a kind to which his mind had a deadly antipathy.

One of his antipathies was a decided hatred to one particular melody, the well-known Irish air, Drops of Brandy.

I have no settled antipathy to the desiccated tissues of this worthy deep-sea voyager when made up into fish cakes.

Among the old stagers of the room, there is often strong antipathy to the insurance of certain ships.

Egyptian dogs have a great antipathy to foreigners, as we have already learned, and are not to be carelessly approached.

It is the policy of the Spanish government to cherish this antipathy; but nothing is to be feared from them.

Here Franklin was again overruled by Jay and Adams, whose antipathy to French and Spanish influence was insuperable.

The antipathy communicated to the metal by its being soaked for a certain time in an alkaline solution prevents impregnation.

Also, having grown to a size equal to the brown saddler, he began to reveal his antipathy for this animal.

Have you watched the growing antipathies of those that, in your secret plannings, you had destined to become sworn friends?

It is intelligible enough to me, now, that unformed fear: the ground of my antipathy has grown clear enough.

Political and racial antipathy, the old ineradicable and inexplicable hatred of north for south, helped on the religious quarrel.

A German bear, gigantic, snappish, awkward, into whose wooden head a sort of national antipathy against us seems to have entered.

With it all he felt a keen antipathy for these two plotters who had drawn him into their net.

And yet, with these antipathies, I recommend the neophyte to make himself in every thing as independent as he can.

There was a savageness of antipathy in her to the mode of life which her circumstances had produced for her.

It has in its natural state an antipathy to the light, and in the open day is quite moped and inanimate.

No danger of any kind can arise from it, no antipathies, no divisions, no imposture of demagogues, no caprice of despots.

He wished to free the change of religion from the antipathy of the peasantry which was at that time so prominent.

The imaginative force, the geniality and the wealth of picturesque incident of the greatest of novelists, disarmed his antipathy.

It is generally successful only in confirming the worst predispositions, and in precipitating animosity where latent antipathy had sufficed.

Arnold tells us that "Falkland disliked Laud; he had a natural antipathy to his heat, fussiness, and arbitrary temper."

It is well known that strong antipathies have long existed between the French and Irish Catholics in the city.

She held it away from her with an instinctive repulsion, born of her unconquerable antipathy to the touch of strangers.

A council of war was called, but the old general's antipathy for cowardice had grown to be almost a monomania.

They were chiefly ignorant and debased Irish families, and the good woman's fears were not wholly due to race antipathy.

The antipathy to sexual intercourse with individuals of another species, and the horror of incest, belong to the same phenomenon.

No man has ever sung of spiders or earwigs or any other of our pet antipathies among the insects like that.

They are all, moreover, bitterly hostile to Turkish rule, having the double motive of national and religious antipathy to support them.

Sharers of common glory in a great act of Emancipation, they also share together the opposition or antipathy of other nations.

The very first year, his egotism, which regularly aroused the antipathy of many Members, created personal embitterment as well.

Hyacinth in the beginning had merely excited the curiosity, not the antipathy, of the Japanese teacher and his scholars.

He burst into tears; his antipathy to public declamation appeared insurmountable, and neither frowns nor smiles could overcome the reluctance.

His antipathy had become almost an obsession, and he never saw her without flinging some gibing taunt in her direction.

Well, that isn't so bad, considering that we are sure of the antipathy of the whole Russian people for the Germans.

The French are the most economical of races, and the peasantry and bourgeoisie have a fundamental antipathy to the word luxury.

Ever since the Persian kitten of pedigreed fame entered into my life, I have had a natural antipathy for the felines.

The personality of the Prince denoted an overbearing imperiousness that seemed to challenge at once admiration and repugnance, affection and antipathy.

Douglas set the love of the Middle West for local self-government against its preponderant antipathy to the spread of slavery.

Even the Seeds of these two plants are so alike that one sometimes sows Antipathy when he thinks he is sowing Reciprocation.

Accordingly, viewing things in the worst lights, he has nothing against him but the momentary antipathy of a purblind generation.

Most of the reforms of the Liberator Czar proved a failure owing to the antipathy and machinations of his untrustworthy officials.

The instinct of antipathy against an Indian grows in the backwoodsman with the sense of good and bad, right and wrong.

Hook seems to have derived his qualifications for this office from his antipathy to arithmetic and his utter unfitness for business.

The one exception was Dave Hunter, who had developed so strong an antipathy toward Toby that nothing seemed to mollify it.

Byron quickly tired of her, and when importuned with her or her affairs, soon came to look on her with positive antipathy.

Under the head of sympathy are embraced the laws of contiguity or contagion, of similarity or homeopathy, and of contrariety or antipathy. a.

We feel kindly to them, but they draw back their hand from us; an antipathy estranges them, they pass us by.

We talked then of the antipathy of the peasants to compulsory communism, and how that idea also had been considerably whittled away.

In ordinary times, social and political ideas slumber in uncultured minds in the shape of vague antipathies, restrained aspirations, and fleeting desires.

I am struck with horror at the prospect of so much misery, and am actuated by the strongest antipathy against its author.

Many believe that others have the power to bewitch cows, sheep, horses, and even persons to whom the witch has an antipathy.

Herr Benz made no pretense of concealing his antipathy for the Prussian government, and proclaimed his full allegiance to the Socialist cause.

The antipathy between the Scotch-Irish as a group and the true Irish as a group is perhaps unsurpassed for bitterness and intensity.

In one place the moderator had appeared, in another the archdeacon: it was thus the more zealous partisans of either exasperated their antipathies.

Dowagers and turbaned mothers alone have preserved their old antipathy, and stoically watch their unfashionable salons be deserted by the youth.

Dislikes, disagreements, native antipathies are not to be abolished, human differences being ineradicable and human interests, even in an ideal society, being in conflict.

He had a singular antipathy to red caps, which he dexterously snatched off the heads of the working men without being perceived.

He approves all my defects, my childishness, my aversion to practical life, my antipathy to the utilitarians, my distrust of all desire.

The suspicions, alarms, antipathies, jealousies, which had long been smoldering among those in power, had at last taken shape in a definite act.

The white man of California forgot his antipathy to the Asiatic race and maintained friendly relations with his new Chinese and Japanese neighbors.

The man who would try to raise himself above the position of the mere pander to passing antipathies must widen his intellectual horizon.

Her eyes were as sensitive to light, her antipathies were as numerous, and she was as prone to faints and hysterics as her patroness.

Matthew Diamond had an Englishman's ingrained antipathy to the uncontrolled display of feeling, from which Powell's Welsh blood by no means revolted.

Methuen regards with implacable antipathy the volumes upon which my learned and ingenious friend would fain lavish the superabundance of his affection.

Above nine years of continual warfare had exasperated the tempers of both parties, and no opportunities of manifesting their mutual antipathy were ever neglected.

Time, travel, association, engrossing work, and economic prosperity have weakened many of these prejudices and antipathies, however, and the Southerner is becoming free.

Typhoid fever and appendicitis existed in Boyle's time just as did national disturbances and racial antipathies, but their nature and significance passed undiagnosed.

Do away with this absurd antipathy to clever women; give them our advantages of education, and they will outshine us mentally, as they do morally.

Forced to succumb, and stricken with silence, the disaffected nevertheless abated not a jot of their bitter antipathy to the party in power.

He knew the laird's peculiarities well; but in the thought of his mother had forgotten the antipathy of his companion to the word.

From this period dates that intense national antipathy felt by the English for the Irish race which has darkened all subsequent history.

It is a serious obstacle to their development; and as antipathies of race prevent their adoption of German, he recommends that they should take to English.

In studying the history of antipathies the doctor began with those referable to the sense of taste, which are among the most common.

With all his antipathy to the society of the whites, he was their stanch friend, and in many ways was of great service.

They seemed reserved to the point of sullenness, keeping by themselves and showing so much antipathy to any approach that they were let alone.

Sometimes, in order not to acknowledge myself guilty of fear or childishness, I sought other reasons for the antipathy I felt toward my uncle.

He began gradually to make more and more frequent calls at their house, skillfully overcoming the antipathy which Miguel had not the power to dissemble.

I congratulate both your lordship and your niece on your escape from a grave in the sea, for which landsmen, I am told, have a strange antipathy.

Saul's reply on this occasion is very pertinent, and shows his antipathy to David not to have been the causeless inveteracy of a disordered mind.

She asked advice and indulgence so childishly, was so gay, so amusing, so charming, that Elsa's antipathy to her increased and Erwin's rapidly lessened.

I laughed aloud, remembering how strange dogs meeting in the street to smell each other are swept by unexplainable antipathies and equally swift comradeship.

This antipathy to a cheap and healthful foodstuff is nothing but imagination, and ought not to be countenanced among the inmates of a well-managed institution.

His sorrow for this loss was unbounded, manifesting itself in excesses suitable to the general violence of his impulses, whether of affection or of antipathy.

The moonshiner's antipathy to revenue officers leads him to use firearms upon occasion, but homicide occurs also in intelligent communities where the general tone is high.

He could never get over his antipathy to Irish beggars, and all his mistress's influence was necessary to prevent the growl becoming a bark.

These two animals, of the same breed, of the same age, and destined to live in the same stable, had the liveliest antipathy for each other.

It has been now discovered that the worm has a great antipathy to oxide of iron, and wood impregnated with it is secure from its ravages.