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Definition of debauchery:

  • (noun) a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity

Sentence Examples:

The husband gradually went back to his former life of debauchery, in spite of all the efforts of Constance to keep him near her.

The baths ultimately became, according to the ancient writers, places of excessive and degrading debauchery.

Domitian also took pride in the fact that he did not bury alive, as was the custom, the virgins he found guilty of debauchery, but ordered them to be killed by some different way.

In the very day of your utmost danger, when myself and all the family were in tears, he filled the house with riot and debauchery.

In fact, he had distinguished himself not only by all sorts of debauchery, but by a revolting cruelty.

He has gone up in property and even political influence, but oh, how many poor souls have gone down, slain by strong drink and debauchery.

Profaneness and debauchery again prevailed, and the taverns were as well filled as the churches.

No slight incentives to debauchery have flowed down our country's throat from that sink of a land.

The large sums he had put by for Margaret gave him ample means for debauchery, and he sought for a moment's oblivion in the excitements of the hour.

Forgetting his murders and debaucheries, he sustained his courage with devotion when all other sources failed.

Age, disgust, and establishment for life, fix the heart and withdraw it from debauchery: but where are those who are converted?

You will see those abuses which all the world permits, those errors which custom authorizes, and those debaucheries, which an infamous fashion has almost constituted as laws.

Nor is Aristophanes better justified, by the reason which he himself offers, when he says, that he exhibited debauchery upon the stage, not to corrupt the morals, but to mend them.

Clair's soldiers that they were a wretched set of men, weak and feeble, many of them mere boys, while others were rotten with drink and debauchery.

To be immoral a certain amount of courage is required; but the curse of modern theatrical conditions is this corrupt debauchery.

At last matters came to such a pitch, that, forgetting my commercial concerns, a mania for debauchery and gambling came over me.

The evidence of Burr's debauchery, of his heartless vanity, of his utter disregard of the considerations which usually govern even the worst of men, does not rest upon the admissions of Davis alone.

As for the charge that Cook personally engaged in debauchery, it rests upon the tradition of savages, who had no more idea than wild animals of the restraint of human passion.

It is not debauchery that he has a taste for, but he must be doing something, and if wholesome occupations do not stay his appetite, he will be doing mischief.

The real power rested with the army, and the only check upon the tyranny and debauchery of the army lay in its own jealous divisions.

Widespread corruption, the open sale of high offices and of "justice," and general debauchery characterized their rule.

And Government money was furnished them besides to pay for the debauchery, and if they brought in a good case for prosecution they got a reward in money besides.

Their only pursuits when on shore were intoxication and worse debauchery, to be gloried in and boasted of when they returned on board.

His parents were very watchful over his behavior and sought by every method to prevent his taking to ill courses, or being guilty of any debauchery whatever.

This was language very likely to work upon Little's disposition, who had a great inclination to all sorts of debauchery, and no sort of religious principles to check him.

There are everywhere companions enough to be met with who are ready to teach ignorant youths the practice of all sorts of debauchery.

They give themselves up to debauchery without restraint, and what is yet more extraordinary, they fancy their vices are great qualifications, and look on all sorts of wickedness as merit.

And their work will be seen in the crime and debauchery and the hell of innumerable victims.

It is difficult to discern how much is true and how much is false in the hideous stories of debauchery handed down to us by the ancient writers, particularly Suetonius.

At that time vulgar wealth was the only distinction, and low debauchery the almost only amusement of the principal merchants.

They hang around their old scenes of debauchery and sense gratification, and often are able to influence the minds of living persons along the same line and plane of development.

Drinking, gambling, and debauchery were permissible, but must not be allowed to interfere with business.

Often enough they are by no means competent at their work, while some of them have for the time being been rendered practically useless through the effects of drink or other debaucheries.

The obedience of the children was rewarded by invitations to drink, which initiated them in debauchery.

And afterwards, how he had all at once broken out: he had associated with the most horrible people, and rushed into the most senseless debauchery.

And then because of his memories and his shame, he was glad when others joined them, men and women; and they had more drink and spent the night in wild rioting and debauchery.

The thought came to me only from myself, from my reveries, my daily pleasures, my taste for debauchery.'

When the king needed money to finance his debaucheries or to raise troops he had not considered the Marshal lavish.

I went away for a week, and in my absence you insulted me by debauchery with a creature like that.

At some time during those years of debauchery it had died, that subtle, elusive something, delicate as a flower; he had ruined it.

The riot of low debauchery occupied some; a relish for expensive luxuries spread among others.

Still remorse did not prevent him from plunging into the most revolting excesses of debauchery.

It was said of the Quakers in George Fox's time, after their character had been established, that, "if they did not stand, the nation would run into debauchery."

Drink and debauchery had long since destroyed the physical advantages he had possessed over other men at the time of his marriage.

Far into the night this debauchery continues, and I trust the authorities will soon clean it out.

The commentary on the whole thing is that the author of that book died in poverty, shame, debauchery, kicked out of society.

All this was set down to the debauchery of a rich old man, and everything was believed except the truth.

When the debaucheries of the festivals disgraced the city, they again refused to be "up-to-date."

I knew them, and had them in my eye, but followed them only at a distance; for the genius of the English cannot bear too regular a play: we are given to variety, even to a debauchery of pleasure.

Hector had passed a very stormy youth, full of debauchery, of clubs, of gambling, and of amours.

And what must the present mode of female education and manners end in, but in more ignorance, dissipation, debauchery and luxury?

Horace himself was a gentleman at large, with no other profession than the consistent pursuit of all kinds of debauchery.

The little energy and intelligence he had possessed at the outset were absorbed by a life of luxury and debauchery.

"What pleases us in a woman of the world who gives herself up to debauchery, is the contrast between what she is, and what she would like to be."

These excellent fellows generally introduce you to their families, where debauchery is carried on in a very simple, and almost patriarchal fashion, and where one does not run the slightest risk.

I thought these recreations better than gaming for money, or going forth to places of debauchery.

Two years later Alexander threw off the imperial control, and soon afterwards embarked on a career of debauchery and crime.

Here was the man of high birth, who, rich from his earliest youth, had given up his body to debauchery for the sake of extravagant enjoyment.

Adams had instituted the ceremony of marriage, and he assured his visitors that not one instance of debauchery and immoral conduct had occurred amongst them.

The wretches who are hired, at enormous wages, to tend the sick and convey away the dead, neglect their duty, and consume the cordials which are provided for the patients, in debauchery and riot.

I fear that there is within me an aptitude to the milder debaucheries which makes such deviations pleasant.

For example, in spite of all his debauchery, he continued to look like the Beloved Apostle.

Was this a people to stand in his way, to claim the protection and sympathy of foreign governments against their own bond, that they might keep their land for misuse and their bodies for debauchery?

This propaganda is rendered the easier by the existing associations of students who meet together for the study of literature, for fencing, gaming, or even mere debauchery.

The rider seemed to be about thirty years old, but he was really twenty-two; perhaps he owed this appearance of age to debauchery, possibly to the perils of the period.

"They fell to eating and drinking" of the provisions stored within the city, "committing in both these things all manner of debauchery and excess."

The austerity of the Conqueror had been conspicuous; equally conspicuous was the debauchery of his son.

Augustine speaks of these religious debaucheries as still practiced in his day in Phoenicia.

Here, too, were intoxication and debauchery, but they were restrained within some manner of bounds.

The Republic received a crushing blow when this jury was won over by money and the opportunity of debauchery.

The old man, with the white beard, who was their chief, was the only one who did not indulge in debauchery.

Ignorant and superstitious from education, they become ferocious from the murders they commit, and corrupted by the most horrible debauchery.

I'm going to remain all winter, perhaps, Janet; you must teach me ice boat sailing and let me into all the other debaucheries of the place.

Then she fell back exhausted, for these transports of vague love wearied her more than great debauchery.

Physically ruined by early debaucheries, he was a husband only in name, living only by and through the influence of music.

He was broken by debauchery and torn this way and that by two violently hostile parties in his own camp.

He was weak, self-important, selfish, fond of women, and endeavored to preserve all the airs of a man of good breeding in the midst of the grossest debauchery.

This is not to be wondered at when we take into consideration the fact that debauchery is the rule, and not the exception, among certain classes of people.

Finally, it was said, a thing quite horrible in a boy of sixteen, that his debauchery often extended as far as the Rue de Glatigny.

In some other countries, a certain number only were doomed to prostitution, as it is supposed, by way of a bribe, to induce the goddess of debauchery to save the rest.

She was fond of appearing dressed as a goddess; and she advised Antony to make war against the richest nations, to support her debaucheries.

The father is one of those who knows no better than that all pleasure is debauchery, and imagines, when he sees a man become his estate, that he will certainly spend it.

He was leaning on one elbow, holding in one hand, thinned with debauchery, a wide gold cup, enriched with pearls.

No, villain as he is, I should then wish him married, to prevent the consequences of his future debaucheries.

I tried to deny to myself that this life of pleasure was an illusion, and so I plunged into the most reckless debaucheries: I really would be ashamed to tell you of the things I did.

His wealth was soon exhausted in debaucheries and other excesses, and he had neither the inclination nor ability to return to trade.

His days were spent on horseback, or in the fencing room, and his nights in drinking, gambling, and all kinds of debauchery.

Among all his acquaintances he had not one friend on whom he could rely, and his reckless life of debauchery and dissipation began to weary him.

I am myself by no means sure that Greene's supposed debauchery is not, to a great extent, "copy."

In the evening, wearied with the labor of the day, they dispersed through the streets, and indulged in every kind of debauchery.

There is said to be more deformity among them than among any other people; and all classes are subject to the complaints which result from debauchery and the use of opium.

The veterans of our own Civil War bear abundant testimony to the debauchery of youth during the four long years of that struggle.

The spectacle of universal broad-day debauchery, which was then exhibited, beggars description.

He was thinking of the son he loved and despised, of the soft human metal that had been hammered into debauchery by this other man whom he had trusted.

The result was that mischief, debauchery, and outrage ran riot, and in the inevitable fights the citizens were generally beaten.

In a word, the artificial culture of the human sexual appetite has given rise to a veritable high school of debauchery.

His life was spent in debauchery, the gambling table and plots to overthrow any government where a leader in opposition to the ruling power would promise him a political office.

These effects are clearly visible if what began as a pleasure leads to excess and debauchery.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, it seemed he had always known that the Count would die by violence long before debauchery ruined his health.

He warns him against wine, gambling, and debauchery, teaches him geography, and points out to him what is worth seeing.