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Use debauchery in a sentence

Definition of debauchery:

  • (noun) a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity

Sentence Examples:

In the chief cities of the cantons, debauchery and dissipation were rife.

The inhabitants of the cities make gain their only business, and debauchery their only pleasure.

It organizes the dealers in drunkenness and debauchery into powerful societies for mutual protection.

In Judah as in Ephraim drunkenness was a national vice, and the nobles abandoned themselves to disgraceful debauchery.

He fancied himself a deputy; he was haranguing an assembly, loudly denouncing debauchery, prophesying national ruin.

And do the lumber barons were unhindered in their infamous work of debauchery, bribery, murder and brazen fraud.

Why should a domestic staff be suffered in indulge in bouts of unconscionable debauchery during its leisure time?

Drunkenness and debauchery reigned paramount.

They were as far from dissipation and debauchery, as they were from violence and carnage.

In this boarder drink and debauchery had completely beaten out of shape what had once been a very noble figure of a man.

The craving for vile debaucheries seizes austere people and base desires grow rampant in the brains of respectable men.

Independence Day, which degenerates into a perfect orgy of debauchery, was not then in vogue.

If each and every person was not granted food, shelter, and a profession by which to feel worthy (if indeed there were worthy professions, a question that she posed to herself) all of these socioeconomic systems were nothing to her but debauchery.

The palace was one scene of debauchery and revelry by day and by night.

Hayes afterwards died of a consumption presumably brought on by his dissipated habits and by his debaucheries.

He would fight and quarrel for a trifle, and spent his time in debauchery and riotous living.

The whole thing exhaled an air of debauchery that would make a wooden Indian blush.

He was plunged into every sort of excess, there was no debauchery which Bracken could supply that was not his and their rapid method of existence was soon the talk of the county and continued to be so for ten long months.

"Educate the people, and you will find that a steady diminution of vice, debauchery, and criminality must set in."

Why is it, old man, that people don't invent some other pleasure besides drunkenness and debauchery?

Although not thirty years of age he had plumbed the lowest depths of vice and debauchery.

His expression had been senile, his face imprinted with the record of debauchery.

A third gave himself up to gross debauchery, and confessed it, with ineffectual sobs and tears, to his chosen Guru.

Faces seared and crumpled with weight of years and nights of debauchery.

We are aware of your industry and temperance, and that you are not addicted to any vice or debauchery.

History has taken care to transmit to our knowledge the licentious tastes of a monarch who was not averse to debauchery.

I am speaking of comedy, which could not subsist at all without our approving of these debaucheries.

He grew every day a monster more abandoned to unnatural lust, to debauchery, to drunkenness, and to murder.

Often amiable in disposition and physically attractive, they either marry and bring forth a new generation of defectives, or they become irresponsible sources of corruption and debauchery in the communities where they live.

His reckless wildness of life and his town debaucheries had at last touched his bloom, perhaps.

Nor was he the sort of rounder to dissipate his energies in all-night debauchery.

Rake now signifies a dissolute man, a man worn out with disease and debauchery.

Money gathered by public corruption was squandered in private debauchery, while a sullen and helpless nation looked on.

It was then we realized that a wild orgy of indescribable debauchery was in progress.

It had been, in the early times, a place reeking with crime and debauchery.

Their idle days they spend in drunkenness and debauchery, and he wishes something done for them.

It is a record of wanton crime and shameless debauchery, of intrigue and scandal both in public and in private life.

He was blinded by flattery, ruined by debauchery, and hated by the people.

Worn out with debauchery, he died at the age of fifty-six, a loathsome, unwieldy, and helpless mass of corruption.

Matteo hated business, and was addicted to the grossest debaucheries.

Being possessed of plenty of money, it may be imagined that he experienced no difficulty in finding associates willing to minister to his appetites, and to assist him in forgetting the dangers that threatened him, by dissipation and debauchery.

The temples of false deities, too often defiled by debauchery, are too often also dishonored by frightful sacrifices.

There is much debauchery in speaking willfully.

The air is loaded with the exhalations of disease and the fumes of debauchery.

Nothing but restraint would keep him at a distance from the haunts of brawling and debauchery.

We now see humanity tricked out in rich attire and staggering to its doom through general debaucheries.

The proposal was received with the greatest good humor, as it promised to afford a new fund of entertainment to persons who had now no other resource for mirth but what could be derived from ridicule or debauchery.

Though his receipts were spent in debauchery, Arthur managed, as a general thing, to fill his place through the day faithfully; and since the sudden demise of clerks in the establishment, it had become absolutely necessary.

Russians explained the change to them by the fact that vice and debauchery had been confined mostly to the idle ruling class, the old aristocracy, and these things had passed with the passing of that class.

He was a man equally noted for his pride, his violence, his debaucheries, and his hatred of the English nation.

They woke "repenting of their negligence" and "totally wearied of the vices and debaucheries aforesaid."

It would be absurd, however, to imagine that drunkenness and debauchery are the only agents in moral heredity.

The regent died of his debaucheries in the midst of their work.

Two things saved him: first, he loathed drinking and debauchery; secondly, he was in the habit of reading.

And so the slumming traveler, lusting for obscure and fascinating debaucheries, finds little in Vienna to attract him.

The worshipers then eat fish, meat and grain, and drink liquor, and thereafter indulge in promiscuous debauchery.

Drunkenness and debauchery were common at court.

In the wildest revels and debauchery they spent their ill-gotten wealth.

When a woman was dying from the effects of her husband's cruelty and debauchery from drink she asked him to come to her bedside, and pleaded with him again for the sake of their children to drink no more.

What, has not the pencil been long enough and too long consecrated to debauchery and vice?

Saturday evening the constable goes round into all the taverns of the city for the purpose of stopping all noise and debauchery, which frequently causes him to stop his search, before his search causes the debauchery to stop.

And only a dreadful pallor robbed it of the deeper signs which debauchery had impressed.

Nothing but drunkenness, debauchery, gambling, and arrogance on the part of the authorities.

Under his dispensation the town is said to have been turned into a place of debauchery.

A life of reckless debauchery and robbery ends with Hemp.

This was one of the festivals which the Attic people kept with the greatest pomp, and was an occasion for debauchery.

A son becomes a drunkard; his drunkenness and debauchery utterly wreck his health.

It is a well-established fact that luxury brings debauchery, and that debauchery occasions degeneration.

It is not alone the large cities that furnish beautiful girlhood to lives of shame and debauchery.

He became a slave to debauchery, and his caprices were as cruel as they were ungrateful.

Was he very miserable; had he perhaps sunk into a stupor of debauchery?

He spent his days in sloth and sensual stupor, and his nights in the wildest riot and debauchery.

Seven hundred and eighty-one miles of filth, debauchery, anarchy, dynamite and bombs.

He gathered loose women into his house, and carried on orgies of debauchery in his wife's presence.

In the adult, laziness, debauchery and cowardice are to be noticed.

Our ship was now wholly given up to every species of riot and debauchery.

That in those countries where they do not drink to excess, they are very much addicted to debauchery.

This is why the bog of debauchery engulfs so many men of a naturally good nature.

The riotous scenes of drunkenness, debauchery and murder became unspeakable.

They openly profess debauchery, for the usual reason, that of conquering the flesh by exhaustion and satiety.

Arrived at their destination, the male slaves of robust frame are often forced to fight ferocious animals in the circus for the amusement of their masters; the young women and girls, even the children are subjected to monstrous debaucheries.

They will starve three days, and complete the week in revel and debauchery.

Many believe that this religion gains so many adherents because it is sensual, and allows all kinds of debauchery.

The whole universe groans and bleeds beneath the triple yoke of Roman ferocity, debauchery, and cupidity!

Some died of sickness, and many from the results of drunkenness and debauchery.

Hardly any recollection remained to him of what happened during the rest of that night of drunkenness and debauchery.

The book was read with avidity by the public, who welcomed its explanations of the obviously growing debauchery.

"Remain faithful to your vow of chastity, you who were given to debauchery!"

"Oh, the man's infernal hypocrisy only deepens the blackness of his debaucheries and swordsman's prowess!"

Such persons dream of adultery, gluttony, debauchery, and crimes of every kind.

This prince was known chiefly by his ferocity, debauchery, and prodigious strength of body.

Great towns contain rich patients; debauchery, excess at the tables, and the passions, cause their maladies.

In such situations Women of the Town shall no longer become instruments of seduction and debauchery.

Forcibly, and by address, getting possession of any woman contrary to her will, obtaining her consent to marriage, or shameful debauchery, and carrying her from her abode; whether the design is accomplished or not.

They are the dealers in commonplace, the readers of obscene works, the originators of every debauchery.

The debauchery of their oppressors was shameful.

What time our nobles can spare from their debaucheries has been lately given to discussions on the conduct of the Emperor in retiring to Ravenna, and will now be dedicated to penetrating the basis of this rumor about the Goths.

There was nothing plebeian even in his debauchery; there was an art and a refinement in his very excesses.

He fell into the ways of debauchery, even before he was old enough to be really a libertine. ...

He led a life of open and voluptuous debauchery.