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Use empathy in a sentence

Definition of empathy:

  • (noun) understanding and entering into another's feelings

Sentence Examples:

So-called 'born' mechanics, maybe, whose understanding of machinery is a form of empathy we've never suspected.

It will be a long time before you can master that, but receptive empathy is your natural trait.

They will ask questions for more information, express sympathy or empathy, and begin to offer suggestions.

What they noticed were her humanitarian feelings and deep and abiding empathy for those who suffered.

Do you feel, really feel, a sense of compassion or empathy for people who face poverty and misfortune?

For example, empathy is similar to and also different from identification, projection, compassion, sympathy, love, and encounter.

For example, the movement of empathy is like the currents in the sea; the heart is like a pump.

I'm afraid I'm too long on empathy and too short on objectivity to fool with that kind of thing.

Were this not true empathy would be impossible, and without empathy an artistic emotion is purely intellectual and associative.

There is a great deal of empathy between people who are not only of the same age, but genetically identical.

For instance, reassurance without empathy or sympathy would be false reassurance or, in other words, would not reassure.

Lanny felt a strange, electric empathy as he touched the cold metal, as if it were a familiar part of himself.

Part of it may not be empathy, but simply be precaution and an insurance for the event of personal misfortune.

What are your chances of breathing life into these shadow forms without some common backdrop with which to share a basic empathy?

For instance, interpersonal empathy always involves movement into another's perspective and as a form of movement it has directions, dimensions, and degrees.

In illustration such empathy is impossible unless the work is wholly and ultimately synthesized as to volume, color, line, direction, size and subject.

Her gaze carried only synthetic solace, but I was probably her fifteenth patient of the day, and maybe she was running low on empathy.

Between such couples the development of great warmth, empathy, mutual understanding and support, can contribute significantly to the enrichment and growth of the individual marriages involved.

He had led troops too many years not to have learned how rapidly a commander can establish a feeling of empathy, even on the first day of a new command.

What followed was an episode with me apologizing, receiving a maternal smile and a towel and a level of empathy I'm not sure could have been reached any other way.

In this sense, and referring back to patients with whom an expression of empathy is problematic; liking may be understood as a less personally committed form of caring or loving.

With her sympathy and empathy, and my driving force and so on, the job of licking these young Primes into shape is, as your idiom has it, 'strictly our dish.'

The inanimate which could not copy and transmit impressions of the world or one's relation to it, were to him, at that moment, capable of an empathy and directive that bypassed words.

On his finger as material branding in her being and then in gold her rings wedded him in empathy and friendship which they believed would last with the longevity of their symbolic tokens.