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Use empathy in a sentence

Definition of empathy:

  • (noun) understanding and entering into another's feelings

Sentence Examples:

Despite his sympathies for Stallman and Stallman's position, Morin felt empathy for those troubled by Stallman's discordant behavior.

For example, when descriptions of interpersonal empathy were scrutinized, it became evident that in all cases there were physiological, psychological, and social components.

Your spouse, who is unfamiliar with what transpired during your group sessions, may react defensively and without empathy to your desire to talk about your feelings.

The pillar, according to empathy, pleases you by arousing and gratifying your mastery impulse; and many other architectural effects can be interpreted in the same way.

Other changes include increased physical strength, though not to the extent of a Kin's, along with heightened empathy and endurance, both of which exceed a Kin's.

Again, we may refer the moral and social sentiments to a native sympathy or empathy; but here, also, we should find, in the concrete, a mixed medley of particular responses.

And no one, I suppose, doubts that the notion of power is derived originally from the consciousness of our own exertions: read, by sympathy, into the actions of other men and animals and, by empathy, into the movements of trees, stones, winds and waters.