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Use empathy in a sentence

Definition of empathy:

  • (noun) understanding and entering into another's feelings

Sentence Examples:

She liked wordless empathy.

Angst is an inescapable part of empathy.

That initial greeting with its disarming undertones of empathy and innocence had accomplished its purpose.

Gabriele felt ashamed of herself for groaning about domestic chores, and she felt deep empathy for her neighbor.

The behavior was strange, and she was half-tempted to throw it out had unwanted empathy not infected her thoughts.

His empathy with any person or animal in distress always caused him pain nearly as great as that of the sufferer.

To have empathy for others was such a chore and in some cases was only gained with the crack of a whip.

If she had morality it was that of empathy and to measure a thing based upon it giving her subject for rumination.

This was apparent in his total lack of empathy regarding her wishes, and the merciless ignorance of her speechless plea.

Realize that there are ways of resolving most problems and that doing so often is easier with the sympathy, empathy, moral support, friendship, or direction of a counselor or therapist than by yourself.

Aesthetic perception and especially aesthetic empathy, like other intellectual and emotional activities, are at the mercy of a hostile mental attitude, just as bodily activity is at the mercy of rigidity of the limbs.

A path leads from identification by way of imitation to empathy, that is, to the comprehension of the mechanism by means of which we are enabled to take up any attitude at all towards another mental life.

Those few individuals who are cruel and insensitive are not worth the anger they provoke, for they are the children of ignorance and have not lived through pain and strife; for some, empathy is not inherent, it must be learned.