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Use gambit in a sentence

Definition of gambit:

  • (noun) an opening remark intended to secure an advantage for the speaker
  • (noun) a maneuver in a game or conversation
  • (noun) a chess move early in the game in which the player sacrifices minor pieces in order to obtain an advantageous position

Sentence Examples:

It began to be interesting to watch his opening gambit.

The Widow's gambit was played, and she had not won the game.

A good gambit this, and well into him from the start.

I have a new queen's-knight gambit I want to try on you, anyhow.

The idea was more than just a gambit to attract Ashe's attention, it was true!

They are pursuing the prestige gambit directly and indirectly.

It was a little conversational flourish, a gambit in the polite game.

"Is that meant as a conversational gambit, or an honest observation?"

And wouldn't she have waited until we got closer before trying the noise gambit?

The stories open, as a rule, with some traditionally accepted gambit.

His eyebrows went up, but he remained silent, waiting for her gambit.

She was a little surprised at his gambit and could think of nothing but a kindly murmur.

Conversation consisted of routine gambits and responses until the dessert.

It was a girl's normal gambit.

It was a welcome gambit, and Walker accepted it eagerly.

Blunt's next gambit was to set about learning the language.

He opened with what, as a chess player, I may call the lie gambit.

This was a familiar gambit, and Philip gave his usual reply.

Evans, of the Royal Navy, invented the Gambit which now bears his name.

The pawn so sacrificed is called the "gambit-pawn."

The last move constitutes the Evans Gambit.

In the latter case the Opening becomes the Scotch Gambit.

They selected for their opening move that subtle one known as the Evans Gambit.

Was her usual opening gambit.

Gambit dropped her chin and returned to practical business.

Gambit when the wheels sank deeper than usual.

Gambit nodded her head and laughed, as if he was a boy whose talk meant nothing.

Gambit pushed him away with great roughness.

Gambit when she assured me that this was the usual crowd of London.

Gambit, as we reached the top of the stairs.

Gambit lit a pipe of tobacco and began to smoke, begging me not to mind him.

Gambit called me in the morning, I was still tired.

Gambit led the way, and I followed.

There is always a temptation to use the easy gambit.

This giving up his studio was merely a kind of gambit.

This too was part of the gambit.

This time the gambit was interrupted.

Frankly, I would have used the blood-brother gambit myself.

"It was our gambit, and we were checked before we started."

This is sometimes called the Gambit opening.

Not that he invented the idea, but he saw that it was the gambit to play.

Roger realized that his opening gambit had been a mistake.

That was what I expected, this was the common gambit.

If so, the places opening is more of a gambit, less safe but more attractive.

Millward and I pondered long over intricate situations arising from Evans gambit.

In the feudal world of academic research, the gambit worked.

As it stands, it is not a bad gambit.

That would be Cavendish's gambit; a reduction of the charge.

The admission proved an attractive gambit.

Paul had followed every step of this gambit.

What is the best ninth move in the Evans gambit?

Both gambits have been countered.

Desperately, he tried a final gambit.

All these gambits are like a night attack.

He tried over several gambits in imagination.

It is a game of chess: Italy knew the gambit as soon as Austria moved against Serbia.