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Use gaslight in a sentence

Definition of gaslight:

  • (noun) light yielded by the combustion of illuminating gas
  • (verb) To mislead someone such that they doubt their own memory, perceptions, or sanity.

Sentence Examples:

By gaslight the scene is exhilarating.

Night and gaslight greatly increased my libido.

Tatters of mist blew sluggishly past the gaslights.

They are to the Greek plays as gaslight to sunlight.

Brilliant blues, like cobalt and ultramarine, appear more purplish in gaslight.

The poor filbert of gaslight burning into floor after floor of slits of hallway.

Through the slits of the drab Venetian blinds, gaslight streamed into the winter dusk.

They flashed and scintillated in the gaslight, and threw out a thousand brilliant rays.

The flooding gaslight from the fancifully wrought roof poured down upon the tranquil scene.

Its gilt lettering glittered, and the gaslight revealed to me the reissued poems of Swinburne.

Away from the glare of gaslight this extraordinary Hungarian aspired after the noblest things.

The Doctor untied and unrolled the little packet, then looked at it by the gaslight.

Through the broken slats of the Venetian blinds he could see the yellow gaslight within.

The gaslight from within illumined his features, now bright with triumph, as he looked upward.

The smaller streets and the markets, are literally inundated with gaslight especially on Saturday evenings.

The gaslight fell yellow on it and the little statue seemed to swim, to oscillate and illumine.

And she looked up at his face which was illumined by the gaslight from the room behind.

A lamplighter came round the corner, whistling, and, one by one, the row of gaslights beneath were extinguished.

The room was pinned about with other sketches, which showed with fantastic indistinctness in the shaded gaslight.

The high and sinister houses appeared unspeakably and disgracefully mean to him in the wintry gloom of the gaslights.

Where the stage is lit with gaslights it is important to provide a separate downward ventilation for the footlights.

The flickering gaslight shone on mandolins, pistols, watches, and clothing, which had suffered the ordeal of the spout.

The hair was getting thin on the top, and the gaslight brought into gleaming conspicuousness a few gray hairs.

When the carriage stopped before a large brick house, whose double windows shone resplendently with gaslight, Erik was fairly dazzled.

Asked the steward, opening his eyes to their utmost capacity, and looking as bewildered as an owl in the gaslight.

No stars came out, but flickering, fluttering gaslights appeared, and around each post was a great, gray, fluffy aureole of mist.

As we have still a few hours left us we will accompany them, and make a study of Spanish life by gaslight.

Holder had mounted on a chair to look close at the stuff by the gaslight; and this was my bogey!

The window curtains had long since yielded their fresh color to the sunshine and hung dingily in the gaslight.

Rows of unshaded gaslights burned above long bare, board tables extending along the walls on three sides of the room.

A tablecloth of glass recently completed shines with a satiny, opalescent luster by day, and under gaslight shows remarkable beauty.

Fancifully the two silhouettes went through their parts within the lighted square as cast by the gaslight upon the lawn.

Page and Frankie Dean, somewhat disheveled, retired, to appear trig and trim and glossy in the gaslight, ready for more gaiety.

Above a violent blue necktie there rose a pasty face, terminating in a quiff of amazing dimensions, which glistened greasily in the gaslight.

He left the door wide open, and the gaslight streaming in revealed to him the aspect of the cells arranged for Australian voting.

As each gaslight was passed the flash came over the cadaverous face opposite him, and sparks of fire kindled momentarily in the stony eyes.

There was bright gaslight, and the members had a clear opportunity to observe all that occurred; and all agreed that imposture was impossible.

A batten had just been lowered, and the group of gaslights high up among its iron crossbars illuminated the stage with a wide beam of light.

In front of him he saw, in the gaslight, a tallish man, walking with a slight stagger, and carrying a white goose slung over his shoulder.

The air of many theaters during a performance becomes overheated and stuffy, pre-eminently so in the case of theaters where illumination is effected by means of gaslights.

On the floor, between the hearthrug and the desk, lay the dead man, the blaze of the fire and the gaslights playing on his features.

The noise of the heavy blows redoubled the frenzy of the terrible creature in the kitchen, still tramping round and round under the blazing gaslight.

She pulled up the window almost abruptly, nodding to him with a smile, the singular ghastliness of which was, presumably, referable to some effect of gaslight.

She must again have overslept herself, for the evening had come on, and through the window she could see the glimmer of gaslights in the street.

The two fiddles, the cornet, and the clarinet were shrieking as though for pain, and the malicious superabundance of gaslight was fiendishly sneering at their tortures.

For some little distance the gaslight seemed to soil the absolute purity of the moonbeams; but gradually their lily-white prevailed, and calmly rested upon the landscape beyond.

In the haze hung quivering constellations of sallow gaslight, and through it gleamed an embroidered frontal, and the silken backs of praying priests, lit by candles four.

A sheet of sensitive paper, albumen, gaslight, or platinum is then inserted, the frame closed up and exposed to the light until a very dark print is obtained.

Often, indeed, he sinks very much below even the bishopric, and seems to have no notion of earthly pleasure but such as breathes gaslight and the fumes of wine.

She was a lithe, radiant shape out of the Grecian mythology, now poised up there above the gaslights, and now gleaming through the air like a slender gilt arrow.

The climate is so debilitating that even energetic thought is out of the question; and unfortunately the only inspiring hour, the cool night, I cannot utilize on account of gaslight.

My lungs are not clogged with smoke, my brain not addled by eternal hurry and interruption, my eyes not dimmed by fog and gaslight into premature blindness.

The theater has been gorgeously re-decorated and overlaid with a profusion of gold, which stands out in all the bold effrontery of gilt beneath the blaze of a thousand gaslights.

His artist lodgers would sometimes reason with him; they would point out to him how impossible it was to paint by gaslight, or to sculpture life-sized nymphs without a model.

To this we must add the great neglect of economy as well as health in substituting unhealthful gaslight, poisonous, anthracite warmth, for the life-giving light and warmth of the sun.

Several times in the year service is performed under the dome on Sunday evenings by gaslight; and an additional organ for this service has been set up in the south transept.

There was a queer, excited thrill in her pulses as she leaned back, watching the gaslights gleaming through the fog, and the people passing to and fro beneath the gaslights.

Certainly that was her father, sitting in almost the last seat, leaning his head against one of the pillars, the shabbiness of his coat showing plainly in the bright gaslight.

A heavy, solid mahogany chest of drawers stood near the window, and Paul, aided by the gaslights glistening amongst the polished tinware in the shop opposite, went through every drawer.

Peter Baron, as he sat in his corner while the train stopped, considered, in the befogged gaslight, the bookstall standard of literature and asked himself whose character had fallen to pieces now.

It is a generally received opinion that all stage wardrobes are made up of tawdry rags, and that the landscapes and palaces that look so charming by gaslight are but mere daubs by day.

Our altercation had not thus far served to arouse any of the inhabitants and on that stuffy landing, beneath the flickering gaslight, we stood alone, a group of two which epitomized strange things.

The various aspects of electrical illumination, gaslight, flashlight effects, searchlight, etc., no doubt can be solved pictorially, but they should never be applied unless the character of the picture absolutely demands them.

They made a strange picture, out in the unfrequented street, the dim glare of the gaslight above them, and the redder flame of the match making odd tints and shadows in their faces.

Priscilla had taken up her muff, and was stroking the white fur, her eyes downcast upon her hand as it moved to and fro, the ring upon its forefinger shining in the gaslight.

The impurities produced by respiration tend to accumulate about the persons who have evolved them, although it is true that in rooms heated by gaslight, a large amount of hot and impure air collects near the ceiling.

It vented itself, in part, in a desire to see how the occupant of the next box received his pleasantry; to ascertain which he glanced round the partition, and immediately, by the gaslight, recognized Martin.

This was the most cheerful hour of the day, for under the soft inspiration of the gaslight, conversation flowed more freely, and all the incidents of our past lives were rehearsed to attentive listeners.

A very close observer, however, might have seen his eyes dilate and even flash with some sudden emotion when his brother's wife passed him and her brilliant diamonds, his gift, sparkled in the bright gaslight.

The gaslight, shaded from the face upon the bed, but shedding a garish light upon the rest of the room, touched nothing luxurious, nothing which its present occupant could have realized in connection with herself.

Yesterday evening was fine and really hot, and the combined brilliance of a lovely moon and of the gaslight on so many bridges and buildings made one feel one's self anywhere rather than in foggy England.

It was wretched everywhere, and the wet pavement glistened in the gaslight, while the oppressive warmth of the almost impalpable rain lay heavily over the streets and seemed to obscure the light of the lamps.

He was renovated and refreshed, his soul was strengthened, and his countenance waxed cheerful, and he began to feel like himself again, under the brown canopy of metropolitan smoke, and among the cabs and gaslights.

It was wretched everywhere, and the wet pavement glistened in the gaslight, while the oppressive warmth of the almost impalpable rain lay heavily over the streets and seemed to obscure the light from the lamps.

No gaslights illuminated the streets, here and there a feeble oil lamp helped to make the darkness visible, when the oil was not frozen: the roads were deep with mud, and everything outside was cold and cheerless.

Early in his speech he had waved aside the umbrella which a supporter was holding over him, and regardless of the rain, he stood out in the full glare of the reflected gaslight, a ponderous, powerful figure.

Standing in front of this motley crowd, so much in front that the brilliant gaslight fell full upon their eager upturned faces, might have been seen a tall girl of about sixteen, and two boys a little younger.

The various shades of purple and lilac, dark blues and dark greens, lose much of their brilliancy by gaslight, while orange, scarlet, crimson, the light browns and light greens, gain brilliancy by a strong artificial light.

At length, as you continue to descend, you see a peep of yellow gaslight and hear a jostling, whispering noise ahead; next moment you turn a corner, and there, in a whitewashed passage, is a machinery belt industriously turning on its wheels.

The Lords have even the inspiriting advantage, denied to the House of Commons, of open galleries where ladies can sit in the full glare of day or of gaslight, and can encourage an orator by their presence and their attention.

The morning was delicious, full of light and freshness, and the torpid countryside through which the train swept at full speed suggested a gentle yet piquant contrast to the urban, gaslight themes which they were discussing.

A series of experiments, in which seeds of various plants were sown under exactly the same conditions, one set being exposed to daylight and one to the mercury gaslight, showed that the latter grew much more rapidly and luxuriantly.

Various methods have also been proposed for utilizing the chimney, even when no stoves, etc., are connected with it, by placing a gaslight within the chimney to cause an up draft and consequent aspiration of the air of the room through it.

The children meanwhile would forgather on the front hall stairs, the peaked flare of an olive of gaslight that burned through a red glass globe with warts blown into it, bathing the little group in a sort of greasy fluid.

I have known nurses who would sit with a wakeful infant under a powerful gaslight till after midnight, and then would express their surprise that the baby persisted in gazing at the flame instead of going quietly to sleep.

Her hardy, supple nature was dispirited beyond its power of reaction, and now and then the remembrance of the Sundays of last summer caught her, till the pain came in her throat, and the gaslight spread into shaking stars.

I had occasion to fetch in from the garden the specimen now before me, and, when brought into the gaslight, a large slug was found in the midst of the grassy foliage, and a smaller one inside one of the bell flowers.

His nose is torn by the iron ring he once was made to wear, and his eyes are bloodshot and streaming from the strong gaslight; but their expression is not bad, it is kind and intelligent like that of an old dog.

This special court was not lit by any gaslight, but a man had brought a rude, ill-contrived lantern, and by its dim, flickering rays the slight form and thin earnest face of the singer could be fitfully seen.

He unlocked and opened it, his back screening the operation, and when he turned around he held in one hand a canvas, unframed, about twenty inches square; the rich coloring and the outlines of a massive head were brought out by the gaslight.

Behind the dark foliage a swarm of fireflies illumines the gloom, until to the looker-on in the river the depths of the solitary island take to themselves the fantastic guise of a great city far away, with its gaslights twinkling merrily.

After that they would wait till night came, then burn a peculiar little lamp with a peculiar little smell, and, in the full glare of the gaslight, stand about on chairs, with slippers, and their eyes fixed on true or imaginary beasts.

The wet pavement glistened in the gaslight, and a moist warmth, that kind of warmth that chills you with sudden shivers, the oppressive heat of impalpable rain, lay heavily over the streets and seemed to obscure the light from the lamps.

This hall is lighted in the evening by a row of gaslights placed outside the ground glass of the dome; this light is concentrated and thrown down by strong reflectors, communicating thus the most brilliant radiance without the usual heat of gas.

While she had been speaking, pouring the boiling water into the coffee-pot meanwhile, Arty cutting lemons into slices, the two lovers discovered by the flickering gaslight got out of a hammock slung across the end of the verandah and came forward.

He was accordingly sent in general to a garret, and other travelers have told us the same; one on board the steamers quite confirmed this account, and told us he considered it a piece of great luxury when he had a gaslight in his room.

The difference is this: in the town the gaslight and eternal clatter distract a man like me who is plagued from within; here I find some concord between the inside and the out, only the owls in the inside are more grotesque and horrible.

The Major was still looking at him quietly, but with protruding eyes, when the front door was flung open, releasing a flood of gaslight on the face of the fading mist; and another figure in pajamas sprang or tumbled out into the garden.

She stood up, dainty and sweet in her pink gown, and played her violin, with the gaslight shining down into her brown eyes, and her lace sleeve slipping back and forth over her white arm as the bow whipped to and fro.

And as they walked on again, though they were linked together, she certainly appeared less desirable to him than she had done when she was circling round the hall in Wilson's arms with her bright draperies glowing between the gaslight and the sunset.