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Use gaslight in a sentence

Definition of gaslight:

  • (noun) light yielded by the combustion of illuminating gas
  • (verb) To mislead someone such that they doubt their own memory, perceptions, or sanity.

Sentence Examples:

There came a blinding gush of gaslight.

His splendid buttocks shone in the gaslight.

Her eyes flashed, glittering in the paltry gaslight.

The brilliancy of the gaslight chafed my nerves.

Under the gaslight he reclined at ease, staring upward.

We blondes have no chance by gaslight, against you brunettes.

Hiram was blinded by the brilliancy of the gaslights.

Under the gaslight they seemed even harder and more unsympathetic.

There were no gaslights, no paved street near, no one stirring.

He stole noiselessly in the bright gaslight across the room.

The brilliant gaslight shone on a scene of recklessness pitiable indeed.

Someone was turning out the gaslights, and the porter yawned ostentatiously.

Like the arch coquette of this land of gaslight and glowing colors?

In any case, the cold, blue gaslight would have made it seem pallid.

And it flourishes by gaslight; by day it is garish and forlorn.

Incandescent electric light, as well as ordinary gaslight, contains a yellow tint.

Their beards and their bayonets by gaslight are a grand military spectacle.'

Extra chairs were obtained, also a large new stove and fixtures for gaslights.

Everybody was talking, looking spruce and neat and finished, in the transforming gaslight.

He did as he was directed, and seated himself in a rocker under the gaslight.

As darkness is favorable to crime, so the invention of gaslight has conduced to morality.

We do not need whale oil so much, because we have kerosene, gaslights, and electric lights.

In the gaslight and gloom and the narrowness of the room, all seemed unreal.

The gaslights flared away in the streets and shops; the roads were lined with wayfarers.

The carriage was full of glittering playthings, which sparkled every time a gaslight shone on them.

A very easy experiment will convince us of the difference in color between skylight and gaslight.

The conservatory blinds are down, and the gaslights are burning, while the window is wide open.

I was very happy at changing from work by stifling gaslight to the light of day.

The green and blue were such convertible colors in the gaslight that no one took any notice.

The surrounding gardens looked pretty by gaslight, and the scent of roses pervaded the evening air.

Again there were evergreen wreaths on the walls, and the stiff iron gaslights were bristling with holly.

It was his habit to sleep with the gaslight burning feebly, near the head of his bed.

The little alcove was empty but for a couple of expectantly staring portraits, forlorn in the gaslight.

In the flickering gaslight the Indian saw this, and rightly guessed that there the money was.

The jewels glittered in the flaring gaslight, and Aaron fondled them as though they were living things.

However, at last they arrived in the wings, where gaslights were burning blankly on the whitewashed walls.

Becker chafed under the twenty minutes additional street-car ride, eating his dinner by gaslight even in August.

Seen by gaslight the stones lacked brilliancy, and she thought the ring itself awkward and heavy.

The great portal was adorned by statues and plants and illuminated by two clusters of gaslights.

Therefore, when I alighted, I slipped round behind the sledge and scrutinized it thoroughly under the gaslight.

In the dun gaslight of the corridor her sharp profile looked eager as the face of a hungry bird.

The guards stumbled up the galleries, their forms swaying unsteadily in the faint flicker of the gaslight.

Very little heat results from an electric light, while from kerosene lamps and gaslight much heat is produced.

The light of a feeble gaslight fell upon her face as she spoke; her eyes were raised pleadingly to his.

The glaring gaslight gave him a deeper paleness and cut the lines of his face to a sharper edge.

At numerous points it was conquered by the orange glare of the outnumbering gaslights in the windows of shops.

In a street running into the Forum, there began to shine two rows of gaslights of a greenish color.

Here and there chandeliers were being lighted for the concerts, blazes of gaslight flared among the green trees.

A woman, closely muffled up, but visibly of fragile build, was standing on the landing under the gaslight.

The eyes of the murderer in the darkened room had been fixed upon me under the gaslight, while he waited.

Finery that is quite resplendent by gaslight often appears tawdry and poor in the rays of the morning sun.

He himself was thinking of Isaac's face under the gaslight, as he had seen him stepping away from the taxicab.

The walls had been prettily decorated with holly and evergreens, and the red berries glistened in the gaslight.

His eyes might have deceived him in the omnibus; but here, in the crude gaslight, he could not be mistaken.

All around me was a sea of swarthy faces with insolent, sinister eyes that flashed and glittered in the gaslight.

A light fog enveloped everything, and the gaslights and lights in the shop windows showed ghostly through it.

Cautiously he rounds the buoy, noting the gaslight crown shining yet, though pale and sickly in the growing day.

At a distance, the camp resembled a large and populous city by gaslight, and it was truly a magnificent spectacle.

The shops, that were not shops for millionaires, nor even for the Quite Comfortable, all had their winking gaslights.

When he saw his old friend, Hugo the mastiff, trotting into the gaslight, he began to bark his delight frantically.

Passers-by elbowed him at every turn and cast inquiring looks at his silent face, which the gaslight rendered pale.

She was leaning from the box, the diamonds in her hair flashing under the gaslight, and she beckoned anxiously.

The man looked up the steep steps to where a flicker of gaslight sifted on the broken mosaics of the vestibule.

He lay and watched the slim green figure, the beautiful bright face, as it disappeared in a mellow flood of gaslight.

The windows were tightly closed and only the feeble glimmer of gaslight was emitted through the cracks of the shutters.

He sprang round, and I could see in the gaslight that every vestige of color had been driven from his face.

Those who revel by gaslight are not fond of returning home before midnight, and Clare was no exception to the rule.

When I got abreast of the long iron railing I caught sight of the figure of a man standing under the gaslight.

The large chandelier, with its dove and the olive leaf, is gone; the beautiful gaslight taking the place of the candles.

Almost to the moment he came into the room, which was as bright and cheerful as gaslight and firelight could make it.

Night had fallen, and under the glare of the gaslight Laurel saw wicked men and ribald women tramping the streets.

"Name of Steel," whispered the other, consulting the card, as the gentleman advanced up the steps toward them, the gaslight gleaming in his silver hair, and throwing his firm features into strong relief.

The reason is that the dress is intended to show certain colors which exist in the sunlight; but these colors are not contained to the same degree in gaslight, and consequently the dress has a different hue.

In the row of houses opposite Emeline could see slits of gaslight behind lowered shades, and could look straight into the second floor of the establishment that flourished behind a large sign bearing the words, "O'Connor, Modes."

On taking the apparatus into the dark room and viewing the impression by gaslight, it will be found that the markings, which are quite clear at one end, have entirely faded out by the time the middle division is reached.

A low, deep sound breaks from the enormous throat, the spectators hold their breath, the huge, flexible limbs are gathered for the leap, and in the gaslight and the dead silence man and beast are face to face.

It was a great relief at last to feel pavement under the wheels, which they could do in the broad places where wind had swept the street bare; and gaslights looked very kindly, flaring along the line of way.

After climbing and descending these narrow, dirty streets by daylight and by gaslight, and watching the local characteristics for a few hours, one is only too happy to take a boat back to the ship, and leave all behind.

Another five minutes, and I had almost determined upon trying to steal down towards the door, where the reflection from the gaslight made the end of the passage quite bright, while where I stood was in a fast-deepening shadow.

I watched her mount the first few steps of the staircase, with one hand shading her eyes from the glare of the gaslights, and the other holding up her wraps, which had come unfolded and were falling around her.

On the last landing above the first floor, she saw, by the low gaslight at the end of the corridor, an unknown figure pass the foot of the stair: could she have anything to do with the marvel of the day?

Of the electorate whom they are supposed to serve politicians have a vague conception, drawn from the hurried aspect of vast crowds of poor men seen by gaslight after dinner in huge halls, and in the course of all the distractions of a speech.

I always preferred the sunshine, and have tried to put other people there, if only for an hour or two at a time, even if I had to do it after sunset from a platform under the gaslight, with my name billed at the door as entertainer.

We had very little light, except gaslight and daylight, in our street; the sunshine seldom found its way to us, and, when it did, people were so little used to it that they pulled down the blinds for fear it should hurt the carpets.