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Use impend in a sentence

Definition of impend:

  • (verb) To threaten to happen; to be about to happen, to be imminent | To hang or be suspended over (something) | to pay

Sentence Examples:

Even the war, for the time being, gave place to the nearer calamities impending.

It was not in him to obey a command, to see impending death.

Or it might have been the shadow of impending tragedy.

Avery stood still, feeling a sick horror of impending disaster at her heart.

Lizzie was very quiet and without interest in what was impending.

The shadow of impending disaster seemed to have found its way into Phipps' bones.

It trembles only at a danger definite and impending.

He was safe, of course, and still that sense of impending danger would not leave him.

It was only for the gifted eye of Burke to foresee the storm that was impending.

She did not withdraw her hand; but turned away a face flushed as the impending twilight.

He was fast declining in health when the insurrection of 1745 was impending.

I was conscious of some terrible unknown impending danger.

She was laughing again, oblivious of the impending tragedy.

She saw the impending frown, and knelt at his feet.

The air had the crisp scent of impending snow.

John's had rescued young females from impending ruin.

Ben was sleeping easily now; the instant when his life hung in the balance still impended.

Now some impending terror cast its cloud over him.

The call of the controller was always impending.

You will recall that it was death by drowning that impended.

Some horror is impending; better know it than this terrible suspense.

The Declaration of Independence was impending: he was ready for it.

There was no trace of fear of any impending tragedy to mar the proud serenity of her face.

Now, my lords, I will receive that sentence which is impending.

Tyranny impends in red wrath: help for you is none if not in your own right hands.

Something of the impending storm was already manifest.

A vague feeling of impending misfortune stole over Ezra.

She had no conception of the impending danger, or of what his coming might mean to her.

The first of September, therefore, found us confronting an impending debt.

It is worth rescuing from the ruin impending it.

In his dream he had awakened with a sense of impending danger.

Two or three retirements were impending, the whole position was precarious.

By such a marriage Josephine hoped to avert the divorce that she saw to be impending.

Englishmen hardly dared to think of the fate that seemed impending over their country.

More effective is a consideration of the impending penalty for neglecting to do so.

The early and total collapse of the rebellion was impending.

It must be in honor of some great impending event.

Great crimes then apprehended, and great evils then impending, were to be prevented.

At least that was the first sign they had of the change that was impending!

Take, for example, periods when there are many successive days of examination impending.

Kate's play paled in dramatic interest to the possible "situations" that seemed impending.

The impending shock killed his partner, for he died before the crash came.

Civil war was now impending in the colonies.

Three times in one day was I delivered from impending death.

The sense of the impending was strengthened by the alarms of some of his best friends.

The ghost stood over me, impending like a doom.

His companion clasped his arm as if to be protected from some impending danger.

He, too, felt a vague apprehension of some impending misfortune.

It was barely a yard wide, and the impending roof did not permit of one's standing erect.

A fatal day was fast arriving, and she knew not how to avert the impending storm.

The rescue of her sister from some impending calamity?

Yet she trembled with that deadly chill before a sense of impending fate.

The impending war had been taken as the signal for their departure from the doomed city.

The people are warned of disaster or impending danger by various signs.

Rogers was talking about the impending confirmation service.

"In this part of the world," he wrote, "I am afraid that a great revolution is impending."

A cable arrived one morning announcing an impending dissolution.

Whatever had been his forecast of impending disaster, the streets held little hint of it.

The overthrow of English law he looked upon as the impending crack of doom.

The shadows of an impending doom began to fast gather about Him.

A warning message was sent to save the child from the impending danger.

The three trees seem to feel the impending danger.

I again gave my opinion that war was impending.

I felt my blood freeze with the fear of some impending crime.

Was the tempest that had just passed a signal of the ruin which impended over me?

In the presence of impending tragedy a sudden sense of the ridiculous swept the two girls.

There are few miseries like that of an impending separation.

A battle was impending, and they needed more horses.

A sudden hush came over the throng, for they saw that there was trouble impending.

These were being cleaned, aired, and put in order against the impending battles.

His client braced himself for the impending examination.

With a sense of impending tragedy I took her in my arms and led her to a chair.

Who can tell what passed through her mind at that impending moment?

Asked Christopher, with a sudden desire to avert the impending responsibility.

If such a thing happened, the impending disaster would be worse than intolerable.

A battle of the giants, with loss and possible ruin for one side or the other, impended.

When an important division is impending, the labor imposed upon the Whip is Titanic.

There would be no rest, no certainty beyond the impending moment.

He knew the inevitable doom that impended over him.

Some weather change impended, and at first he felt vaguely uneasy.

For some days there had been growing signs and vague hints of a big attack impending.

I made a last and desperate effort to get rid of the impending job.

For a dread fate is impending over himself, as well as those he has promised to protect.

The child was not well; I think I told her of your impending departure too abruptly.

Asked he, now satisfied that some calamity impended.

He thrust into his hand a roll of paper containing a full account of the impending peril.

Her dread of the impending interview was like a physical illness.

There was a suggestion of impending danger to Crystal in what the young man had said.

One can't think or talk of anything but this impending disaster.

Perhaps that morning sleep saved Vixen from an impending fever.

The Bethany circle dreamt not then of their impending trial.

Sweeping the vicinity with his glasses, he had spied the impending tragedy on the hatch.

On this particular evening, he had a strange, unusual sense of some impending peril.

The impending night appeared to concentrate in his eye.

These victims were all unprepared for the vengeance which impended.

A crisis is impending for all of us, and we need you.

Yet neither of them knew how to avert the calamity that appeared impending.

In any event the impending meeting called for efforts on her part to appear at her best.

She was not turned to the past, but to the immediate, impending hour.

Only, with such a doom impending, why waste time in these childish efforts to avert it?