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Use impend in a sentence

Definition of impend:

  • (verb) To threaten to happen; to be about to happen, to be imminent | To hang or be suspended over (something) | to pay

Sentence Examples:

Gilman had been the Democratic candidate for congress the fall previous, and considerable interest was manifested to hear what position he would take regarding the impending conflict.

And Cicero must have anticipated the fate which impended over him if Antony were not decreed a public enemy.

Every intelligent person in the world felt that disaster was impending and knew no way of averting it, but few of us realized in the earlier half of 1914 how near the crash was to us.

He came at last, humbly and gently, even in the face of impending suffering and death, to accept everything life had to give him.

For commonly those who make this attempt only add fuel to the flame, and hasten the impending ruin.

He felt sure that such a storm was impending, and he was also quite certain that its greatest violence would break upon him.

As she spoke she had an ominous sense of impending peril; but she was too angry to avoid even the risks she saw.

Morris, who had drawn his knife and had prepared to leap with magnificent daring upon the wolf, turned with widening eyes, instinctively aware of impending miracle.

He could not understand the flood of emotion, the vague sense of impending and dramatic events that stirred him to the quick.

He talked vaguely about an impending crisis and a man who had some information to dispose of; said the man had come to him because he was known to be a firm friend of the Trans-Western, and so on.

The impending rebellion was not to him, as it was to the nation at large, a new event in politics.

Both her father and herself realized the nature of the impending situation, but neither of them spoke of it.

The unfortunate princess, doubtless, has not yet been told of her impending fate, though she may have heard of it by rumor.

John had regarded the impending death of his father more as a loss and a misfortune than is common.

There was something arresting and curiously dramatic about the whole performance, something that hinted of impending tragedy.

From this spot, our view of the lofty bridge was most striking and impressive, and the houses and churches of the city, impending over our heads on both banks, had a most sublime effect.

Inquired Don Luis, who was eager to get away and attend, as speedily as possible, to the impending assassination of the young engineers.

And as certain signals had been arranged with Bud, whereby he could summon them to his assistance in case there was any symptom of impending trouble, there did not seem to be any need of worry.

Brodie was running a big mining business; but when the Maine was blown up, he abandoned everything and telegraphed right and left to bid his friends get ready for the fight he saw impending.

They chased it downward as it swept back, and again ran up swiftly before the impending wave, which sometimes overtook them and bore them off their feet.

In one of the bends of the river, where the channel made a deep curve under impending banks, they suddenly heard yells and shouts above them, and beheld the cliffs overhead covered with armed savages.

Steam and electricity have given the race dominion over land and water such as it never had before; and now the conquest of the air is directly impending.

The interest of the impending pursuit not only absorbed the general attention, but even made my sister liberal.

She was a particularly tiny and fragile woman, and much anxiety was felt as to the result of the impending event.

Now, as then, she waited for something to happen, and this something was a fact of dread, a shape of terror, which must be ignored as long as its impending presence was not directly before one's eyes.

When at last they left the desolation of improvement, and came out into the natural country, the sun was already low, and the forest of pines along the glowing, horizon was like an impending storm.

No unusual movements must be made in the trenches, and there must be no indication of the impending assault until the barrage is dropped.

She could then watch the rise and fall of wages earned by individual employees from the point of view that a steady fall in earnings may be the first indication of an impending breakdown in health.

Lee had received no warning of the impending calamity, and for the time was much overcome by the announcement.

Quiet settled on the camp; and I sat turning many things in my mind besides the impending battle.

The very timbers seemed to dread their impending doom: with a mighty crash they yielded to the force of the waves; for a moment the ship righted, and then sank beneath the foaming waters.

You know I have received much kindness from the Rajah, so I could do no less than warn him of impending danger, and then the fact that you were with him made me doubly anxious to reach you in time.

She raises her hand as if to ward off the impending blow, and her voice is sweet and gentle.

When I looked toward the one I had borne, yellow with rust, I trembled in the weakness of the flesh at the trial I felt impending over me.

Sylvan and Cora lunched alone, and spent the afternoon together in the parlor, for they had much to say to each other after their long separation, and much also to say of the impending marriage.

It was rumored that war was impending, and the officers tried hard to persuade him to remain and share with them the fortunes of war, if they should be ordered to take part in the fighting.

It was undoubtedly this impending peril which scared the enemy's Headquarters Staff and upset all its calculations.

The promise which heads this paper was uttered in full view of an impending agony which should crush religion and civilization into powder.

While all the members of the party were cheered by hope, none forgot that a dreadful peril impended.

He had no time to worry about his actual ills, since his whole mind was given to the fear of those that were impending.

A general election impended, and he had been requested to offer himself as a candidate in the Conservative interest for that ancient city.

Carnegie looked aside at her often, his dear little Bessie, thinking, but not speaking, of the separation that impended.

On the previous night numerous messengers had hastened to advise Buck Patterson, the city marshal, of Calliope's impending eruption.

Did the fate of Nigel depend upon whether the sensual or the ambitious part of the young American came out "top dog" in the worry that was impending?

A President of the United States, justly appealing to this doctrine, in emergency arouses the heart and courage of the patriotic citizen, even in the presence of impending war.

Had there been any prospect of escape from the impending scandal by means usually employed by men in my position, I might have given my thoughts less rein and been saved at least from crime.

At any other time I should have gone to her with words of comfort and good cheer; but now my ambition was so aroused by this impending adventure as to permit me to think of nothing else.

I said, and I opened the door, nerving myself up to sustain the blow which I believed was impending.

As a matter of fact it was only in the months while the Chicago Convention was still impending and for a few days or weeks after it had actually taken place that the panic of the Republicans lasted.

He knew not whether it was for their escorts or for them that he felt the greater pity; and an added load for his heart was the sense of his partial responsibility for what impended.

James was no radical, but he believed Jeff knew what he was talking about when he predicted an impending political change, one that would carry power back from the machine bosses to the people.

For the last two or three years of his life he was haunted by a fear of impending blindness.

It should be taken as a timely warning of impending danger to all the industrial interests of the country.

Not that he cared so much for that, but he did not see his way clear to finishing his task by the first of August, and the consciousness of impending defeat weighed heavily upon him.

Protect her from the harm which I know must be impending and of which your visitation is the warning.

It must be made clear to the court that at the time of making his statement the witness was under the full conviction of approaching or impending death.

He lowered his chest to the limb, wound his legs around it and for a second lay there while he tightened and set his legs, as one will tighten a belt against some impending strain.

The clerks were not especially cheerful; the impending change meant for them, at best, a change of masters, and for many of them, the loss of employment.

All his troubles, all his cares, all his impending sorrows, vanished into thin air, compared with this unforeseen and sudden visitation.

Reluctantly I accepted from the Colonel an invitation to dinner, for the feeling was still strong in me that some danger was impending.

I don't mean to say that I became then conscious of any impending change in my mentality and in my attitude towards the tasks of my writing life.

The shock of the belief that instant death impended was somewhat softened by the knowledge that the crisis was deferred for a time at least, though it was impossible to guess for how long.

Danger still impended over me; the bloody purpose was still entertained, but the hand that was to execute it was powerless in all places but one!

My second reason was that I thought myself near enough to control of the convention to be able to win control by creating the atmosphere of impending success.

Those years, as we shall hereafter see, were crowded with events; but for a generation he felt an abiding conviction of impending destiny.

At brief intervals the falling snow would cease, and we could see more clearly, except that the impending night began to cast over all a general obscurity.

And all this vaguely disturbed Edwin, and reminded him of his impending battle and of the complex forces marshalled against him.

She turned her eyes round, as if to look for some branch which she might grasp, and save herself from her impending fate.

When such conflicts were always impending, it was essential that the resources of the nation should be at the disposal of the Government.

The bees had noticed this impending calamity long before I had, and had already set about averting it.

The moment he could see clearly that something serious was impending, that moment he and his companions would up steam and make for the shores of Gloria.

Two of the men stepped forward, and as they advanced, the girl, for the first time realizing her impending fate, screamed aloud and turned to fly.

He appeared sincerely grateful for the effort we had made to warn him of the impending attack, and seemed unable to express his thanks when we offered to aid him in the defense of his village.

The commanders of both armies were conscious of the importance of the impending contest, which perhaps explains the extreme caution they exercised.

From all which it was evident that the impending elections would afford a pretty accurate test of the strength of the respective political parties in the city.

For, as this society saw an impending danger of their dissolution, they formed a deep conspiracy against him, and he was murdered.

Elaine alone remained absolutely motionless, rigid with attention, if not also with suppressed excitement at something she felt impending.

What interesting talks one could have had with these men, as a stranger, and with no impending dinner and no white waistcoat.

Even men of the world speak of the world-wide restlessness as pointing to some impending event of world size.

Little does she dream, that her beauty is the sole shield imposed between her father and impending ruin.

The most important object in an impending abortion is to recognize it at as early a stage as possible, so that it may, if possible, be cut short and prevented.

At last the cat came to a very fine castle, and found there but few servants, to whom she said: "What are you doing, good men; do you not perceive the destruction which is impending?"

There, after pointing out the certain consequences of Alabama's impending action, I made an earnest appeal for peace and harmony, and with success.

Only now it did not pass away, and all the evening she seemed to be haunted by a peculiar sense of impending misfortune.

Here he turned into the avenue of chestnuts, and with the lighted windows of the Hall before him, walked slowly toward the impending interview with his grandfather.

The dangers of the rocky beach could not quite be isolated in the minds of the little fish, so that they felt a general sense of impending doom whenever they swam more than a few feet from home.

It added to the strange feeling of impending calamity which had been hanging over the business world during the summer and had broken at last into the fierce storms of disaster of the past two weeks.

Their comrades in the boat could not desert them, so they rowed up the river into the very jaws of impending danger.

If her family were made aware of the event impending, she knew the explosion of indignation would be terrific.

The Queen wrote that the news caused her much uneasiness, and that she felt certain that her Minister would not leave her at a moment of such difficulty, and when a crisis was impending.

Then I know he struck her, for she fell with violence against the sharp corner of a table; and that blow upon her breast hastened the doom that was already impending over her.

Most of the western powers were openly discussing the impending partition of the Turkish Empire, but Germany was opposed to it.

The Greeks remained quietly in their places, paying apparently no attention whatever to the impending and threatening presence of their formidable foes.

As a rule, they were jolly and even when danger was impending, they felt a certain confidence and assurance, but not so tonight. "What makes us feel so on the bum tonight, do you suppose?"

A dreadful vision rose before me of an impending fall and crash, in which our domestic happiness should vanish, and our prospects for our boy be wrecked, just as we had begun to build them up.

Proserpine, who was seemingly deeply offended, might bring upon him ruin and defeat, and the hearts of his soldiers were weakened by dread of impending evils.

Escape from an impending danger is different, as one is not certain that the danger would end in death; for there are few kinds of peril that produce the conviction that death must be the event.

She felt dazed with exhaustion and the storm that was brewing within her, and beheld everything with indifference, for her mind was continually dwelling on the impending battle with her father.

Other-Day now left the council, took his wife and his gun, and went to warn the whites of the impending danger.

It was in this month of March that an event impended which caused a considerable flutter among the dancing population of the Forest.