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Definition of impend:

  • (verb) To threaten to happen; to be about to happen, to be imminent | To hang or be suspended over (something) | to pay

Sentence Examples:

They could foresee the arduous tasks and inevitable sufferings of a great war, but had no warning of an impending calamity far worse than those which even war, though always attended with horrors, usually entails.

This he levelled at me, and I, seeing that a danger of whose magnitude and nature I could form no exact estimate was impending, caught up instinctively one of my prisoners, and held him as a shield between myself and the weapon pointed at me.

It was not a long walk to the alfalfa, but by the time she got there Lenore's impending woe was as if it had never been.

Anyway, the boy fell into the snare set by the mischievous young ladies without a suspicion of his impending fate.

The lady had been gracious, certainly, and she must have seen in his eyes, as women can see so well, that he was in love with her, and that a proposal was impending; but she had not given him the encouragement he wanted.

All is lost if the factions are not arrested in their wickedness by fear of impending chastisement.

The underwriter, who had been trying to minimize the amount of impending loss, regrets his premature pessimism.

The thing, of course, was discussed very much, more perhaps at the time of its discovery than during the interval of technical adaptation, but with very little realization of the huge economic revolution that impended.

More than a few times had it fallen to Frank Bird to drag his cousin and chum, Andy, back from some impending danger.

In some parts the cliffs almost seemed to impend over the valley; but to the west, in a soft golden haze, rose summit behind summit, and over them all, loftiest and most remote, towered the mountain called the Pan de Matanzas.

They took their places, and Bard surveyed the room carefully, as an actor who stands in the wings and surveys the stage on which he is soon to step and play a great part; for in Anthony there was a gathering sense of impending disaster and action.

English, French, Russian, Arabic, Hindustani, Spanish, Italian; these are the great world languages that most concern the future of civilization from the point of view of the Peace Alliance that impends.

Ben himself was neither aware of this nor of the fact that his heart was hammering wildly in his breast and his blood racing, like wild rivers, through his veins: he was only thrilled and held by a sense of vast, impending developments.

There are reports current of an impending strike of brewery workers in the North.

They seem to have had an inkling of opposition impending, and they had worked with remarkable vigor.

That a crisis is impending is shown by the attitude of the great powers toward the papacy.

"I had abandoned it even before I heard of the impending French marriage."

Local papers began to make mention of an impending strike when no such word had as yet come to the smelter operators.

It would have seemed as though no other grief could be the portion of Ellen, but another sorrow was impending over her, which, while it lasted, was a source of distress inferior only to Herbert's death.

Let us revere that sacred uncertainty which forever impends over men and nations.

On the next day, these forebodings of impending calamity were most unexpectedly realized.

In the face of consequently impending interruption he hazarded a trifle of admonition.

This incident affected me more than the former: it seemed to be couched with anxiety, as if some danger impended; but at the same moment two young officers came in, and seeing no vacant places, seated themselves opposite to me at the same table.

Michelson waved aside the impending recitation with a sweep of his hand.

I am afraid, you in particular think you have reason to complain of me for your own and your wife's confinement in prison, to your great expense, as well as hardship, and for a prosecution still impending.

They had had ample warning of impending trouble, just as we had; and before the running cattle reached them about half a dozen of their outfit rode to our assistance, when we made another effort to turn or hold the herds from mixing.

Two possibilities come up close and stare each other angrily in the face; the possibility of great disaster impending, and of great victory over it within grasp, if there be a reaching hand to grasp it.

"Sir," he said, "the despatches we carry have to do with the impending action."

Panic, that nameless associated mental terror of the unknown and the impending, which on Earth spreads fever-like through multitudes, had arisen amongst the Martians, and hurrying crowds were hastening in a wild retreat from the City to the hills.

Pantomime, it was thought, was doomed, as its decease at this epoch seemed impending.

It spoke of impending dangers; they seemed, indeed, to be thickening around her.

Even such a night as this, however, comes at last to an end, and the prospect of action must have been welcomed by the men on both sides; of the women with so horrible a fate impending one can hardly bear to think.

The latter, unaware of the impending misfortune, had, with its young, eaten plentifully and fallen asleep.

He went to him at daybreak and told him of the impending danger.

Surely there was a purr to her voice, odd, unwonted; and surely her pupil already cringed under a lash that impended.

It was at this meeting O'Connell first brought forward his plan for dealing with the impending famine, a plan which met with no favor from those in power, there not having been a single suggestion put forward in it which was taken up by them.

They were in middle life, in the full enjoyment of their powers, and it was the confident opinion of those who knew them best, that they were sure to become conspicuous leaders in the impending conflict.

The road seems to lose itself every moment in the bowels of the mountain, but as you proceed, you find a new avenue of escape, and a more fantastic group of impending rocks of a yet more entrancing beauty than that you had left behind.

Lulu had her greatly desired visit to Cliff Cottage, and enjoyed it nearly as much as she had hoped to; a good deal less than she would if she could have quite forgotten her past misconduct, and its impending consequences.

Bert was particularly pessimistic, and muttered dark hints of an impending strike in the railroad shops.

While the Act of 1881 was impending, an abatement was granted of more than twenty per cent.

In the conflict then impending its dissolution was merely a matter of time, unless indeed the North should prove strong enough to preserve it by the might of its arms, seeing that the North still clung passionately to the idea of national unity.

The event of that year was not the "Bill of Abominations," great as was the national excitement which it produced; nor was it yet the then impending political struggle between Jackson and Adams, but the unnoticed meeting of Lundy and Garrison.

She was silent now, for her heart was heavy with the premonitions of impending trouble.

Indeed, the clergy at this period were most active in promoting the interests of religion, and most successful in their efforts, little anticipating the storm which was then impending over their country.

Yet the girl, unconscious of the doom impending, kept her eyes steadfastly fixed on the book.

Then the mother of Abraham came to him and implored him to pay homage to Nimrod and escape the impending misfortune.

What comes up into consciousness is therefore very naturally a fear or dread of impending disaster, very like the poignant anxiety that one feels when stepping up in the dark to a step that is not there.

This precaution was however altogether unnecessary, as that fearless people had not sufficient policy or foresight to think of uniting with their neighbors in order to secure themselves from the impending danger.

With such impending dangers are our men distressed; and yet there seems but grudging, slight encouragement for those who seek to stay the onslaught of the foe, by scientific measures of precaution and hygiene.

She felt restless, and a feeling of some impending calamity oppressed her.

She went into the bathroom, washed her eyes with cold water, put on a clean collar, against the impending visit of the Staff Doctor, and then stood at the window, looking across at the hospital and feeling very lonely and responsible.

The impending tragedy in the family had robbed her of all the joy in her suitors.

Giving his last instructions to Pedro, who, by this time, had returned, he rode out of the compound and took his way to the Bungalow, where all that he held most dear in life was, perhaps, sleeping, all unconscious of the impending danger.

He knew that there was a great struggle impending between England and her French rival upon the other side of the world.

Humphrey, whose skill in finding his way in the dark, and whose powers as a guide had been tested before now, was sent on in advance with a handful of men, to give warning of any impending peril to be passed or encountered.

After the long discipline of the Revolutionary War, and the experience of the weakness and impending anarchy of the Confederation, they understood, far better than we, the dangers to which every government is liable, from within and from without.

Just as this danger impended, the air which acted in giving buoyancy to the boat, by some accident, began to escape.

She had never in her life felt so horribly oppressed with a sense of terrible things impending.

A prescience of something ominous impending seemed to grip her very heart.

The morning of an impending battle: the Continental leader exhorting his men.

Many also gave up details and relinquished their leaves of absence to take part in the impending crisis.

The one is irrevocable, the other is, as termed by men, impending.

The decree that is impending, however, is such that prayer and entreaty can succeed in averting it.

"I came away," the Ambassador afterward said, "with a sort of stunned sense of the impending ruin of half the world."

As his eyes rested on the fingers there came to him a swift, unreasoning prescience of impending tragedy.

If the heroes are covered with dust, a drought is impending; if with sweat, they foreshadow rain.

No news spreads more rapidly than that of the impending fall of a chieftain.

There may be only a fear of impending insanity or of approaching death, or of apoplexy, in simple cases.

Still, matters were proceeding peaceably enough at the moment, and there was no indication of impending trouble.

A strange force held David silent, an indefinable feeling that something tremendous and unexpected was impending.

Our peace of mind was being racked by another impending aggravation of our predicament.

Which is why I write you to offer what I have offered, and to say that if my private fortune can carry you through the disaster which is so plainly impending, please write to my attorneys at once as they have all power in the matter.

We are like men under the glamour of some great change impending.

His look was one of regretful sympathy because of the unexpected accident rather than of fear of his own impending fate.

When the silent consent is changed to fierce remonstrance, revolution is impending.

Fear shrinks from the impending wrath, love rests in the unchanging goodness.

For a time the situation seemed inextricable, and one cardinal prophesied the impending downfall of the papacy.

They rose with her and as she stood there almost overcome with grief and shame and the strain of long suspense and apprehension, yet thinking only of their safety, the sadness of her position and her impending fate went to Tom's heart.

Debts and dates are two things which are famous for movement, and in between her periods of repose in her own house and of activity about town Susan seized every chance possible to impart the impending state of every one's affairs to her neighbor.

Though he would not admit it even to himself, the camera man was oppressed by the shadow of a possible impending fate.

In addition to the other perils surrounding our lads, the gloom of impending night was upon them, and they could only dimly distinguish the towering cliffs against which they expected shortly to be dashed.

Now he thought he saw impending duty in his sister's somber eyes and poise.

Without, the heavens were dark with the portents of impending social convulsions.

A sad expectancy and presentiment of impending disaster oppressed whole communities.

There was something in the very air which told him that important matters were impending and though he believed that they had not expected him to arrive just at this time he wondered whether he might not be utilized now that he was here.

There was no impending misfortune or danger that she could point to or forecast with certitude.

The girl was looking radiant, for in the excitement of bargaining for land she had forgotten, not the little procession to which men lifted their hats, but the heavy sense of impending loss it had laid upon her heart.

Soon there were whispers of an impending gigantic attack away down in the south, and for several days before the opening of it our shelling was considerably increased, while the infantry made a series of raids.

His belief in presentiment was very strong, as also visionary warnings of imminent danger or impending calamities.

The election is impending and a meeting of the electors has been called for the following day.

No one could have carried the tidings so soon, but the air was surcharged with the consciousness of an impending crisis.

He knew the miscreant richly merited the threatened retribution, and yet he wished it were not impending.

Everyone listened apprehensively, as though to hear the first message of the impending storm.

Thus, whenever tract values rise and development impends, good productive land, which the country may well miss later as populations grow and food supplies for them thin out, goes permanently under pavements and construction.

Their advent had been expected, and the little town awoke to the imminence of the impending battle.

Dark moved forward steadily, keeping a telepathic "radar" out to warn him of any impending attack.

As it was, I was by no means happy at the prospect of what was in store for us, asking myself uneasily whether quite all had been done that it was possible to do to prepare the ship for the impending ordeal.

Often have these birds, poised in the blue ether, looked down upon red carnage like that now impending.

Many of these are thousands of feet in depth; and the road that enables me to reach their bottoms is often no more than a narrow ledge of the impending cliff, running terrace-like over a foaming torrent.